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Sweet Dreams

  As visions of Vegan Cakes danced in her head…

Vegan Gumbo

These delightful little gems are straight from our garden. . . . . . . . . . . . . After brainstorming all sorts of possible uses for the peppers, I decided on something I’ve been wanting to try for a while– Gumbo. I found a recipe in one of my mom’s cookbooks and […]

I am Cheesecake; Hear me Roar!

Hello to everyone in Blogland! My name is Cheesecake… except I’m not really cheesecake, because I am made out of tofu. But please don’t discriminate against me, as I taste even more delicious than “real” cheesecake (and I am much healthier for you!). Here I am in all my glory. Don’t pay any attention to […]

When food becomes Art

I have an affinity for arts and crafts. I also happen to love cake. Sometimes these two interests combine, and when they do, here is the result: Above, a cake I decorated for our new neighbors Happy Easter! A Jungle-themed party I threw Cupcakes for my mom’s class (she’s a Special Ed teacher) Red velvet […]

Nursery Rhyme Time

This little vegan went to market. This little omni stayed home. This little vegan had chocolate cake and a creme-filled cupcake. This little scavenger had none. This little vegan got 4 chocolate bars. And these little piggies got none. (Do you see a trend?)

New Start Veggie Garden

I’m hungry! What do you have for me to eat? Sorry, Henry. Nothing for you. My friend and I tried out a new vegetarian restaurant this past weekend, called New Start Veggie Garden. The small plate has noodles cooked in sesame oil, and the big plate has red bean soup with rice balls, tofu lasagna, […]