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Texas Caviar and Watermelon Salsa

. . . . . .. Amidst the mounds of brisket, ribs, pork-laden beans, and other offending foods you’ll find at the typical Texas barbecue, there’s one dish that is actually vegan. Here’s my family’s recipe for the dish known as Texas Caviar: Texas Caviar INGREDIENTS: 1-1/2 cups chopped, seeded tomato 1/3 cup thinly sliced […]

Taking a break from the food posts to show off my new stuff

When I saw this shirt at Urban Outfitters, I was jumping up and down in the store. (Maybe not the best way to discredit the stereotype that vegans are oddballs!)   Oooh-Aaah… I can use it to carry my groceries so I won’t waste paper/plastic :o). Cute bumper sticker– I don’t own this yet, but […]

Yet another Thanksgiving post

We’ve all been there– someone discovers that you’re a vegan and feels the need to shout it out to the world (or at least the room): “Hey everybody, look at the freak!” Suddenly you’re being bombarded with questions and comments from every direction. “How do you live on just salad greens?” “Don’t you miss good, […]

It’s NOT all about the pie

Something unfortunate happened that almost ruined my Thanksgiving. I had to stop and reflect and say to myself, “Katie, what is this day REALLY supposed to be about?”  The unfortunate “something” was the burning of a freshly-made apple pie. I peeled about 5 pounds of apples, cut them, seasoned them with sugar and all sorts […]

I'm Thankful for…

My wonderful family and friends, including all of you terrific bloggers… My amazing life… Being able to enjoy a delicious, cruelty-free Thanksgiving feast… And these two munchkin-heads ;o) Food pictures will be up soon!

Veganism is for Lovers

If the above bumper sticker is true, then I need something to which I can give all this love of mine… That’ll do 😉

I’ve Adopted a Girl!

I’ve adopted a beautiful little girl named Luna– a redhead with dark eyes, pale skin, and a yellow beak. Wait, Katie, did you just say “beak”?! Yes; you see, Luna is a turkey. But don’t be jealous of my new baby (pictured below). You, too, can adopt a turkey this Thanksgiving season! Yes, you! Just […]

Survey Says…

I was tagged by Vegmomma to do this survey that everyone else seems to have already filled out. So here I go… 1. Favorite non-dairy milk? Vitasoy light original. This was the ONLY brand available to me when I went vegan (while living in China), and even now that there’s an abundance of others available […]

Decisions, decisions…

  Einy Meiny Miney Mo… Oh just pick one already! Wait… what does Katie have?     Ack! Why does she get to have cupcakes when we’re stuck with these bones? No fair!     Do I want Cookies-n-cream or Tiramisu? It’s too hard to choose! I’ll just have both!  

3 Bean Vegetarian Chili

You can still make chili when it isn’t chili! *Ducks to avoid the tomatoes being thrown at her lame pun* But then again, extra tomatoes could be useful for the following recipe… so keep throwing! I was so sad that I couldn’t make it to the Austin Chilifest that I decided to bring the Chilifest […]

Where did the Little Vegan go????

It’s still me, The Little Vegan! *Waves animatedly* But I felt like a change, hence the decadent new blog title, “Chocolate Covered Vegan”.

Return of the Pumpkin

A.k.a. “What happened to the leftover canned pumpkin that wasn’t used in my crustless pumpkin pie” Pumpkin bran muffins Not the most fascinating specimens to behold, I’ll grant you, but they sure tasted good!

Don’t worry, make curry!

As I’m sure I’ve written before, being in college affords little time to cook (unless, of course, you are in culinary school). My newest solution for those crazy college days? Curry!                             Katie’s Curry Ingredients: (I’m not listing amounts because it depends […]

Family Stuff

To start off, here are the last two pictures of my trip to Boston and NYC: Picture #1 is of a scrumptious coconut curry-seitan meal I ordered from Quantum Leap, near NYU. Quantum Leap’s menu doesn’t list desserts, but the day I went they had four types of vegan cheesecake– chocolate, key lime, coconut, and pumpkin! […]

Portabella Pizzas, Take Two

I so enjoyed my portabella pizzas from a few weeks ago that I decided to make them again. This time, after covering the mushroom caps in sauce, I liberally sprinkled vegan parmesan on top (Last time, I used Follow-Your-Heart cheddar, which was great). Then, I put the portabellas in my toaster oven for about 10 […]

Candle Cafe, mi amor

I absolutely ADORE the Candle Cafe, in New York City (its sister restaurant, Candle 79, aint too shabby either!). This photo of my dinner does NOT do the restaurant justice (it’s in a to-go box because I ate it in the airport before going back to Texas). But it’s the only photo I managed to […]

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