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Isn’t it supposed to be the MAN who forgets the anniversary?

Well, not in this case– I forgot my own Veganiversary! I became a vegan more than eight years ago, after being a vegetarian for a year. I’d kept putting off going vegan, until finally I gave up dairy products for Lent… and never went back :). As I say in my profile, these have been […]

How ’bout them Giants?!

My friends will take advantage of ANY excuse to have a party (hey, that’s what college is all about, right?). Superbowl Sunday, therefore, was no exception, especially since many of my friends play football. Once again, it was time for me to bake! Wanting to bring something different from my contribution to the last football […]

Banana Margaritaville

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; For two years of my life, I lived amidst palm trees, waterfalls, swimming pools, and sand, in a two-story apartment, painted pink. This wasn’t Hawaii, nor was it Florida. No, this was in Shanghai, China. I basically lived in a resort […]

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