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Enjoying the sun, Enjoying the food

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Another lovely day here in Texas– in the 70s and sunny; great for being outdoors.
(Have you noticed that I like to start my posts with commentary about the weather?)

Today was definitely a perfect day for a smoothie, so that’s exactly what I made. Except… I put a little too much ice in the smoothie, and it ended up like an icee. But I ate it in a bowl and it was delicious all the same!

You all should know by now how much I looooove my Mr. Food Processor ;o)

Nothing beats a cool banana icee on a warm day.

Dinner was also perfecto– pasta with broccoli, sprinkled with vegan cheese.


So that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ll be back soon with more food, and I promise to try NOT to mention the weather!

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  1. Billy says:

    The 70s?! I’m jealous. Seattle needs some of that weather.

  2. Vaishali says:

    The banana icee sounds delicious. Glad you have good weather- we’ve been quite lucky here in Maryland too. Not the 70s, but almost 60. Can’t complain!

  3. Romina says:

    I’m super jealous! My thermostat isn’t even at 70.. it’s constantly at 65… brrr…

    Mmm. Pasta, can’t get enough pasta!

  4. Theresa says:

    I like hearing about the weather around the world! And, weather really dictates what I eat, so I think it makes sense… it explains why an icee was a good idea.

  5. selina says:

    oh texas! its only 40s here this week.

    dinner looks good. add in some sun dried tomatoes & im in LOVE!

  6. Leng says:

    You must have had a nice day today. Here in California today was around the 60s.
    I can’t wait until Summer time rolls around.

  7. Liz² says:

    haha, I love how you always manage to turn your mistakes into awesome unique dishes with cute names! I would totally eat a bowl of icee on a sunny texan day. 😀

  8. Jennifer says:

    I think anyone who lives someplace with weird weather SHOULD start their posts that way. When I read about how it was 70 one day and 30 and snowing the next in Texas, I know that we Missourians are not alone. 🙂

    Yum! A banana icee!

    Oh and that pasta and broccoli, so simple, so yummy.

  9. Lizzy says:

    That icee sounds wonderful!!!

    And your dinner… yumm!! Nothing beats pasta & broccoli. I had spinach tortellini with broccoli last night 😉

    Enjoy the weather!

  10. Rural Vegan says:

    70’s and sunny??? Are you trying to rub it in? =) Well, I’m glad you are enjoying it to the fullest with banana icees! Your pasta looks delicious too, btw.

  11. Billy says:

    I don’t know, 110 sounds good right now. 🙂

  12. Virgo Girl says:

    My turn, The 70’s! You lucky duck. I’m trying to soak up some stubbron Nyc sun. The icee looks yum 🙂

  13. Billy says:

    Better get working on those five facts for the vegan tag. 🙂

  14. Vegan_Noodle says:

    Texas weather is definitely something worth mentioning these days… this is one of my favorite times of year! All the azaleas are starting to bloom, so beautiful.
    I haven’t had a smoothie in like two weeks!! High time. And your dinner sounds very appetizing right now!

  15. Alisa says:

    Those both look awesome! Seriously, how can anyone not love broccoli?

  16. Mihl says:

    It’s still cold over here. I am waiting for the spring to come.

    Your pasta might de-freeze me 🙂

  17. Bianca says:

    Isn’t it lovely out right now?! It’s finally spring! Well, not yet…but close enough. It’s 74 here. One of the advantages to living in the South, I guess.

    And nothing beats whole wheat pasta and broccoli! So healthy! So tasty!

  18. Ruby Red Vegan says:

    Yum, broccoli has never looked better! AND your icee really puts me in the mood for a coffee icee (I am proud to say that I am decaf-ing it every day now). I should figure out how to make one. 7-11 (the convenience store) came out with a new coffee slurpee but I definitely won’t be putting that in my body.

  19. Ashasarala says:

    I’d get all mad and tell you how jealous I am that you are having great weather, but spring is just around the corner from me, so I’ll be happy for you instead. 😉

    I am in love with my food processor too. It works incredible wonders!!!

    Smoothies are great even in cold weather. I’ve been having fun with my new juicer too…

  20. Garden Freak says:

    the funny thing about that is you could grab snow that looks exactly like that icee, off my back deck about 3 weeks ago… 8 and 9 inches of it at a time…. so when i see your wonderful refreshing drink, it makes me cold… but now seeing that you have FANTASTIC weather where you are, i can see why you’re making them… i am very jealous of the warmness.. it was about 50 today i believe.. which is NOT beach weather, and what is not beach weather is not good weather in my opinion… ha ha .. anywho, as you can see, i changed my blog address… just had to… keep up the great food blogs..

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