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One more Easter Post

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I was so excited about the apple pie that I forgot all about showing off our Easter breakfast. We enjoyed homemade waffles… but they weren’t just any old waffles. No, no– these were BUNNY waffles!!!

After breakfast, my cousins hunted for plastic eggs. I hunted too– but in true vegan fashion, I hunted for carrots!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Those bunny waffles are adorable!

    I love that you hunted carrots, how fitting. Looks like you guys had a fantastic Easter.

  2. Sam says:

    I love the bunny waffles!!! I’m going to see Jason Mraz, then Billy Joel a week later. My mom and I love going to concerts together!

  3. Kumquat Peekapoo says:

    Ha! I love those carrots! Your family rocks!

  4. Romina says:

    Omgosh!! That looks so cute!! Especially hunting for carrots, hehehe.

  5. Simple and Divine says:

    BAHAhA! This is so cute… It should have been, “In true VEGAN BUNNY fashion” lol. Man I love carrots so! They are the best, and carrot soup is my favorite E.V.E.R. My recipe for it is Vegan and I think I’m going to post it tonight! I have a HUGE post coming soon, with a BILLION pictures, in btw studying but you’ll LOVE this soup! Happy Saturday my dear! <3

  6. Ruby Red Vegan says:

    Oh my goodness, I would say that awesome bunny waffle iron is a good excuse to make homemade waffles any day of the week! They look so cute and yummy! When I was little, we had a Mickey Mouse waffle iron. Aww.

    I love the carrot Easter “eggs” – if anything shows your vegetable pride, that does!

    And wanting to try Disney World tofu is definitely a valid reason for wanting to go there! I don’t want to give anything away about my next few posts, but I will say that not every restaurant is talented with their tofu, though. But good vegan food is one of the primary reasons I want to visit Portland for the first time, and NYC and Chicago again! That’s just our foodie nature. 🙂

  7. almulou says:

    Me encantan tus recetas.

    ¿Cómo fue tu trabajo acerca de la poesía?

    Un abrazo,


  8. amy says:

    the bunny waffles are so cute and I think huntig carrots is much better (and funnier) than huntig eggs 🙂

  9. Virgo Girl says:

    thank you so much for the irish soday bread recipe! Love the waffles 🙂

  10. Anke says:

    hehe, I love those carrots. and it’s never too late for an easter post (I have one more, too :-))

  11. Alice (in Veganland) says:

    Bunny waffles! you sure know how to make me smile…

  12. laura jesser says:

    Fun! I love the plastic carrots!

  13. almulou says:

    Tú debes saber mucho español, porque “La casa de Bernarda Alba” no es fácil… si tienes algún problema, dímelo.

    Un abrazo,

  14. Lizzy says:

    So jealous, this iron is so much cooler than my boring hearts-one =p

  15. mustardseed says:

    Wait…now you lost me. I don’t like my pie crust to come out in stretchy flakes like a savoury chicken pot pie, I like my pie crust to be solid and crumbly like a hard cookie! You know what I’m talking about right? Like, when you stick a fork in the end crust it breaks off like a butter cookie and it’s solid and you can pick it up and eat it…

    Argh language barrier.

  16. Vegan_Noodle says:

    I adore those plastic carrotS!! Where did you get them. And the waffles, too cute for words.

  17. tofufreak says:

    whered u find the waffle iron? its so adorable . i love anything waffle-y (i have a numbers and letters iron, a hello kitty iron, and a heart shaped iron, haha)

  18. Veggie says:

    hilarious, i love your bunny waffles!

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