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Henry the Attention Hog

How exactly am I supposed to read the newspaper now, Henry? “I won’t leave until you pet me!” A dog’s life Get ready– In my next post, I’m going back to my chocolate-covered roots!!!

Five facts before dinner

I’ve been double-tagged, by Vegmomma and Billy, to share five things about myself. It was rather difficult to come up with five more things that I haven’t already shared in my other surveys. But here they are– five new facts about CCK: 1. I think panda bears are so cute, and I went through a phase […]

Circle Of Friends

Remember how I mentioned I was going to a party on Tuesday and I’d write more about it later? Welcome to later! The party was for a group, called Circle of Friends, that pairs children with special needs with a buddy and plans fun events. This past Tuesday’s event was a karaoke and dance party. […]

Enjoying the sun, Enjoying the food

Another lovely day here in Texas– in the 70s and sunny; great for being outdoors.(Have you noticed that I like to start my posts with commentary about the weather?) Today was definitely a perfect day for a smoothie, so that’s exactly what I made. Except… I put a little too much ice in the smoothie, […]

Vegan Sausages

When I became a vegetarian, it was at a time in my life (middle school) when my mom still prepared most of my meals. Mom was not really too happy to hear me announce I would no longer be eating her barbecue chicken, roast beef, or smoked ham. “What on earth am I going to cook […]

I’m so Thankful

Yes, I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet. But it might as well be for how thankful I am. First of all, I am so extremely thankful that I started this blog because it’s enabled me to “meet” so many amazing people. Every little comment and every email message I get just makes me so happy. […]

Vegan Cupcakes take over my Spanish Class

Spanish literature classes can be pretty hard-core at times (imagine reading and analyzing Shakespeare… not in your native tongue!). One day last week, to give us a break from all our work, my sweet teacher planned a Poetry Party. Along with turning in our essays that day, we also brought drinks, music, and food. I, […]

Housekeeping note

I’m finally getting around to making a blogroll. So I’ll be adding names, in no particular order, for the next few days. I’ll catch up with comments on your blogs tomorrow… and I’ll be back with more food tomorrow, too. But since I don’t want to leave you without anything today, here’s a cute picture […]

The weather's being weird again

Yesterday was nice and warm– I went for a long run outside, and a few friends and I even ate lunch in the sun. Not today, though! It’s pouring rain, and more snow is predicted. *Sigh* I wish the weather would make up its mind! Oh well, at least the cold weather gives me a […]

Wacky Weather/ Comforting Cooking

It’s official: Mother Nature has lost her mind. Yesterday it was 70 degrees here in Dallas, bright and sunny, and I was wearing shorts. Today? Why, today it is 39 degrees and snowing (just a few flakes, but still…). Yup, Mother Nature’s really lost it this time, the poor dear. When I got out of class […]

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