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Fabulous Fifties

Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy a theme party? It’s so exciting to get dressed up and pretend to be someone else… in some other place… at some other time. A few weeks ago, my family was invited to a friend’s 50s-themed 50th birthday party. The hosts went ALL out; they even rented a juke box! Look […]

Happy… Sad

Someone asked me, “CCK, how can you be so happy all the time?” My answer: It must be the chocolate, which gives you endorphins. So eat your chocolate, everyone! That being said, I do occasionally feel sad. Every time that I leave my volunteer job, I feel an overwhelming rush of sadness and helplessness. Don’t […]


Sometimes I discover a food so delicious that I just want to eat it ALL THE TIME! There’s only one problem with this—if I’m not careful, I end up in a food rut, consuming my same favorite foods every day. Not only does this limit the variety (and thus the nutrition) of my diet, it […]

My Cousins Invade Genghis Grill

The last day of my cousins’ visit to Texas went by in a whirlwind. We swam– Oh yes, we DID venture into the cold water! We took a long walk around my campus (SMU). We met up with some of my friends, who LOVED the twins. And then we went to Genghis Grill! While my parents and […]