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Back to the Secret Oatmeal Vault

Raise your hand if you like banana-nut bread. . Ok, put your hands down. . Raise your hand if you like banana-nut bread oatmeal. What’s that? You’ve never had it? In that case, here’s a recipe I created for ya (actually, the recipe is so simple that I don’t think I can really claim I […]

Bugs Bunny would be Proud

As a special-education teacher, my mom works hard. Every day, she and many of her co-workers go above and beyond the call of duty. They arrive at school early, stay late, skip lunch breaks, and even bring paperwork to do at home. Ask my mother what transpired on American Idol last night, and I can […]

Come on, boys– You can do better than that!

My guy friends love going out to eat with me. It’s not because I’m a stellar conversationalist, nor is it because I am pleasing to look at. Nope, the reason the guys like going out to eat with me is because, unlike many girls they know, I don’t just order a salad! (Pretty ironic, considering […]

Weird Searches

Weird searches that led to my blog, Take 3. As always, my comments are in italics. And sorry for the messed-up numbering/formatting… 1. chocolate covered stress 2. chocolate chocolate bananas 3. do chocolate covered bananas rot 4. how you doing chocolate? (how YOU doin’?) 5. oh holy chocolate (my favorite swear word) 6. gimme chocolate […]

The Secret Oatmeal Files

My friend, Allison, whom I met though facebook, comes up with the most decadent oatmeal concoctions EVER! Alas, Allison does not have a blog. (I keep telling her that she needs one.) However, she informed me that she’d be happy for me to pass along her recipes via my blog. So, for the next few […]

Blend, Baby, Blend!

I should seriously consider changing the name of my blog to “Things that Go into Katie’s Food Processor.” Easy Eggplant Dip 1 eggplant 1 tomato, diced 1 red pepper, sliced 1 onion, diced 2-3 teaspoons minced garlic Salt and a small dash of pepper Slice the eggplant into round slices, 1-inch thick. Bake in the […]

Howdy, Neighbors!

Yesterday and today boasted idyllic weather. Out for my morning run, I witnessed nature’s finest on display– chirping cardinals, scampering squirrels, flowers in full-bloom… someday I’m really going to have to drag my camera along when I run! All too soon, the temperatures’ll rise to the stifling 100+ category. But I’m not going to dwell […]

Forever Young

One year, like many other women, my mom reached an age at which she decided, “That’s it; I don’t want to get any older.” “From now on,” she announced, “I am going to turn 26 every year.” That May, my younger sister made her First Holy Communion, and at one of the rehearsals, the nun […]

Sisters by Chance. Friends by Choice.

My sister and I haven’t always been the best of friends. Poor girl; when I was two, I used to bite her! (Not very vegan of me!) As young teens, our relationship wasn’t much better. Perhaps it’s the fact that we’re so close in age. But, thankfully, we’ve matured and have become great friends. When […]

Dinner at P.F. Changs

Although the restaurant does serve meat, P.F. Chang’s vegetarian options are plentiful. The menu boasts its own vegetarian section, with dishes like Coconut Curry Vegetables, Stir-fried Buddha’s Feast, and Chang’s Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps. All of these items are completely vegan– the restaurant uses mushroom oyster sauce in place of fish or chicken stock for their […]

Porphyrous Passion

Yes, I could have just said “Purple Passion.” But the post sounds much more erudite this way, don’tcha think? (Of course, I just took it down like 5 vocabulary levels when I wrote “don’tcha.”) For a reason unbeknownst even to me, I have a fascination with purple foods. Imagine my delight, therefore, when I saw […]

A well-ROUNDed diet

What do you do when a pizza craving hits, but you don’t want to make a crust from scratch? Thanks to Romina, from Vegan Eating for One, I now know the answer– you use a tortilla! Italian meets Mexican for the perfect meal. The guests at my tortilla-pizza fiesta included mushrooms, spinach, Hunts tomato sauce, […]

My Mother, My Best Friend

With my dad on a business trip and my sister still in school in Boston, it was left to me to care for my beautiful mom on Mothers’ Day. No problem– I could handle it! I told my mom to sleep as late as she wanted and to call my cell phone when she woke […]

Still in the Mood?

(For peaches, that is) I hope so, because another “Just Peachy” recipe is coming your way!But first, I know you all really want to hear about my day yesterday. What’s that? You don’t want to? Haha too bad– you’re going to anyway! Yesterday’s schedule: Wake up. Eat pre-run snack. Go for long run. Eat breakfast. […]

Peachy Keen, Jellybean

Quick– from what movie is this quote? Kudos to you if you said Grease! But enough of the movie trivia; you came here for food. So food is what I shall provide. I modified my aunt’s popular fruit crumble recipe to make it vegan, and I brought it along with me to a party. Everyone loved […]

Help those in need

I’ll resume my regular posting tomorrow, but this is too important an issue for me to not take time and address it. (I posted this yesterday, but I’ve updated the post, so I’m reposting.) I want to call attention to the horrendous cyclone that recently hit Myanmar (commonly known by its former name, Burma). Reports […]

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