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Porphyrous Passion

Yes, I could have just said “Purple Passion.” But the post sounds much more erudite this way, don’tcha think? (Of course, I just took it down like 5 vocabulary levels when I wrote “don’tcha.”) For a reason unbeknownst even to me, I have a fascination with purple foods. Imagine my delight, therefore, when I saw […]

A well-ROUNDed diet

What do you do when a pizza craving hits, but you don’t want to make a crust from scratch? Thanks to Romina, from Vegan Eating for One, I now know the answer– you use a tortilla! Italian meets Mexican for the perfect meal. The guests at my tortilla-pizza fiesta included mushrooms, spinach, Hunts tomato sauce, […]

My Mother, My Best Friend

With my dad on a business trip and my sister still in school in Boston, it was left to me to care for my beautiful mom on Mothers’ Day. No problem– I could handle it! I told my mom to sleep as late as she wanted and to call my cell phone when she woke […]

Still in the Mood?

(For peaches, that is) I hope so, because another “Just Peachy” recipe is coming your way!But first, I know you all really want to hear about my day yesterday. What’s that? You don’t want to? Haha too bad– you’re going to anyway! Yesterday’s schedule: Wake up. Eat pre-run snack. Go for long run. Eat breakfast. […]

Peachy Keen, Jellybean

Quick– from what movie is this quote? Kudos to you if you said Grease! But enough of the movie trivia; you came here for food. So food is what I shall provide. I modified my aunt’s popular fruit crumble recipe to make it vegan, and I brought it along with me to a party. Everyone loved […]

Help those in need

I’ll resume my regular posting tomorrow, but this is too important an issue for me to not take time and address it. (I posted this yesterday, but I’ve updated the post, so I’m reposting.) I want to call attention to the horrendous cyclone that recently hit Myanmar (commonly known by its former name, Burma). Reports […]

I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello

(My dad would be so proud of the Beatles’ reference in my title.) A long time ago, I worte a post in which I lamented the fact that my favorite soy puddings were being discontinued. But oh, the joys of the internet– I recently found a website that still had these puddings in stock. So I […]

Run run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the soft-pretzel man.

Stressful morning. Awesome afternoon. This AM, I was in full Spanish-mode as I prepared for my 10 o’clock Spanish Literature exam. Four essays later (yes, FOUR), it was time to de-stress. In the afternoon, I met up with a friend, and together we embarked on a fast-paced run to get rid of all that exam […]

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