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May I introduce you to one of my new friends?

My friend is named “Smart Tex Mex” by Litelife. Said friend is very delicious when eaten in a burrito, mixed into pasta, or even eaten plain. Below are some meals I’ve enjoyed with my friend: (Tex Mex chili, cooked bulgur, a baby apple, and frozen veggies that I mixed in a wok with Italian seasonings […]

Fetch me my slippers!

Molly says, “Get your own damn slippers. I’m busy.” Moral of the story? If you want something done, do it yourself… or ask Henry! He’s always eager to please. If those eyes got any bigger, they’d pop right out of his head!

Skinny Bitch burns food in the Kitch

(My yet-to-be-published, future bestseller) If you’ve ever made wheatberries, you know that they take a looooooong time to cook. So when I want some for dinner, I’ll usually start making them around breakfast-time. Here the berries are, ready to commence their cooking journey: Little do they know, they’re about to be massacred… Katie’s Recipe for […]

Somewhere over the Rainbow

The other day for lunch, I made one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in my life. Yes, it was that good. Katie’s Rainbow Sandwich 1/4 cup refried beans a few handfuls broccoli slaw (I’ve subbed mixed greens or spinach, too) 1/2 cup peach salsa 1 pita pocket On both sides of an Ezekiel 7-grain […]

Peace, Love, Cupcakes

A few weeks ago, my mom hosted an end-of-the-year party for all of her teacher friends. Guess who was asked to make the dessert… You get three guesses, and the first two don’t count! That’s right, it was me ;o). And guess what dessert I made… (Once again, the first two guesses don’t count!) It […]

Scrambled Tofu

I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I Am. But Scrambled Tofu?  Why, that’s a whole different story! I like to run in the mornings, so the last thing I want to do upon my return is to slave away in the kitchen in front of a hot […]

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Remember that one person from high school who seemed to have it all—the looks, the brains, the popularity? Well, if you went to a certain high school on Long Island, New York, then the person you’d be remembering is my dad. Voted most popular and most athletic in high school, he holds two Ivy League […]

Eat Your Vegetables

Did you know that today is Eat Your Vegetables Day? The Adventures of Broccoli Girl Once upon a time, there lived a little vegan who was quite fond of broccoli (and chocolate… but that’s another story for another time). When this little vegan was not yet two years old (and not yet a vegan), her […]

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

For our very first date, Mr. Vitamix 5200 and I decided to go out for ice cream. Except, thanks to Mr. Vitamix, we didn’t have to “go out” at all! While browsing through the Vitamix cookbook (it comes with the blender), my eye caught a recipe for vitamix soft serve ice cream.  It looked so easy– […]

The Biggest Break-Up of the 21st Century

(Well, ok, maybe the second-biggest, after Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.) For years, I’ve been happy, in a monogamous relationship with a certain Mr. Food Processor. However, I’ve recently decided to end my relationship with Mr. Food Processor* because I’ve met someone else.Who is this elusive “someone” else? Why, it’s this guy: Sure, Mr. FP and I […]

Smooth(ie) Operator

What’s cooking at the abode of the Chocolate-Covered Vegan? Why, something chocolate-covered, of course! Just your run-of-the-mill, chocolate-covered strawberry smoothie (featuring strawberries and chocolate almond milk as the main players… sometimes I throw a banana in there, too). Yeah, yeah– everyone knows how to make a chocolate-strawberry smoothie. But I don’t have time for an […]

I’m so proud of you, Charlie!

Judging by the comments I received on yesterday’s post, I guess I should abandon my pot pie stew recipe and go back to making regular pot pie. It seems I have a plethora of blogging friends who would be delighted to take the crust off my hands. But anyway… Remember this little guy? This is […]

When is a Pot Pie not a Pot Pie?

Pot pie was one of my favorite dinners when I was a little girl. As soon as I was served, my fork would plow into the scrumptious filling, as if there were a bottomless pit where my stomach should have been. However, long after I’d finished eating, the poor crust of the pie would remain, […]

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over Ace of Cakes

Pool Party! For my boyfriend’s little sister’s birthday, I cooked up a batch of vanilla cupcakes (courtesy of Vegan Cupcakes take over the World), and decorated them with a summer theme. I was running out of time, so I used Pillsbury vanilla frosting. Pillsbury Frosting?! Surprise! Many of the Pillsbury frostings–even the cream cheese and […]

The Cupcakes are Coming

******We interrupt this blog for an urgent report from your local Cupcake Station.****** Projected forecast: 100% Sweet, with a high chance of frosting and possible sprinkles. Sugar-rush warning in effect until further notice. Be advised to stay inside, with forks, plates, and an extra stomach readily available. Here’s a sneak peak:  

Tag Tag Tag

Scrapbooking is one of my all-time favorite hobbies (along with cake-decorating, running, playing sports, reading, dancing… ok, so I guess I have a lot of all-time favorite activities). Having done quite a few of these “Tag” posts (I never tire of ‘em—I LOVE being tagged!), I thought I’d be a little different this time. So […]

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