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Move over, Miss American Pie. Make room for Miss American Cupcake!

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Y’all didn’t think I’d go to a party and not bring cupcakes, now did you?


I really didn’t have much time to make/decorate these guys, so I had to abandon my plans for fondant Uncle Sams and Lady Liberties. No one seemed to mind; I went home at the end of the night with an empty plate, as usual. (Both the frosting and cupcake recipes are courtesy of Vegan Cupcakes take over the World.) 

Thank you for defending me!!! 

Edit: I posted a response to the anonymous comments.

Thank you so much to everyone who defended me in the comment section of the last post. I literally had tears in my eyes from reading all of your wonderful comments; they made me so happy and grateful for your kindness.

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Sanja says:

    Those cupcakes are stunning!

    Katie, I really hope you are not spending one more second thinking about those rude commentors. Anonymous and lonelysound are so not worth your time – especially not since the comments come from someone who thinks eating cupcakes is a way to get healthier!

  2. CeciLiA says:

    Wow, so pretty~~ my favorite is the blue cupcake with lots of stars on it (on the top left hand corner) … Katie, since you torture me so much with your vegan cupcakes – I went online and bought myself a copy of VCTOTW! ^^

    Sigh, I’ve now bookmarked all the ‘must-try’ recipes in all my cookbooks – the problem is getting myself to make them, I’m so lazy .. ugh!

    Oh btw, IGNORE those rude ‘anonymous’ comments – I’ve seen such person making rude comments on other blogs out there, I’m pretty sure you notice that as well :0( Those people are usually the ones who have an eating disorder – I mean who goes around blogs to check on how many calories/fat/carbs one is having?! Sometimes they just have to believe that skinny people EAT too, they don’t starve themselves to be one … Sheesh!!

    Oh my, sorry for the LONG comment :0P Have a great day!!!

  3. Erin says:

    Sorry about all the drama-rama on your last post! (I’m a little slow on the uptake these days.) Stay true to yourself and those you love and don’t let anonymous internetters get you down! And keep making awesome goodies for us to drool over 🙂

  4. Allison says:

    You’ve done it again!~Made beauuutiful cupcakes that I just want to jump through the screen and eat!(but it might be hard since they’re so pretty!) :0) Thanks for the frosting ideas~the raspberry idea sounds perfect for a wedding!

    I hope you’re having a great day, girl despite all of those negative comments…I feel like the lucky person to be able to *know* you and have you as my friend!!

  5. Lizzy says:

    Cupcakes!!! Ha ha, I would’ve loved to see fondant Uncle Sams and Lady Liberties =p

    And you’re more than welcome! You’re such a good person and incredibly nice (even though it’s “just” the internet) and I feel fortunate to be able to call you my friend =)
    And in general it drives me nuts when people comment anonymously with nothing nice to say. And in this case I was like “Woah, where did that come from???” I mean seriously, LIVE AND LET LIVE! Apparently this person didn’t watch Bambi often enough to learn that “If you have nothing important to say, say nothing at all” (not sure if that’s the exact quote in english) but it pretty much sums up what MANY people of all ages still have to take to heart!

  6. Lizzy says:

    And I agree with Cecilia about the eating disorder thing. I have the feeling that “anonymous” falls under this category so don’t let it bother you!

  7. Ricki says:

    Gorgeous baking, as always! Love the little hearts.

    Seems I missed the storm over here as well, and sorry for the hurtful comments. Maybe I don’t know you in “real” life, but I can also see just from your beautiful face that you are glowing with health and sweetness . And I wish I had half the energy that you do! 🙂

  8. debra says:

    Hello – Just another (hopefully less controversial) anonymous chiming in here.

    I visit your blog every so often, and one thing I’ve really noticed is how many of your readers say you’ve inspired them to try veganism – just by showing it to be a really positive, easy, tasty, energising and healthy way of living.

    Please don’t forget what an extraordinary achievement this is.
    As another vegan (and one without much of a vegan community nearby ), it makes me really happy.- Best wishes, Debra

    As another vegan, this makes me really happy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think that a lot of the anonymous comments are coming from the fact that this blog is named: “How to Gain Weight on a Vegan Diet.” People (myself, included) find this blog thinking they are going to get tips on how to gain weight, but they don’t. It also doesn’t appear that Katie has gained any weight on a vegan diet. I don’t mean that meanly, I’m just observing.

  10. Green Eyes, Green Heart says:

    Those cupcakes are nothing short of stupendous! (Not that I expected anything less, of course…)

    It’s easy to defend/stand-up for other vegans, because it basically goes without saying that we’re all compassionate, kind individuals.

    Roll with the punches, kiddo. 😉

    ~Erin @ “Vegan & the City”

  11. Katy says:

    Those cupcakes look amazing as always!

    And I totally missed the completely rude and uneccesary comments made last time, but PLEASE do not waste a single second being upset by them. You know that you are very healthy and take great care of yourself. So what one stupid (and anonymous and ignorant) person thinks doesn’t matter at all. That person was very wrong and we all know it.

    You’re beautiful and don’t deserve to be told otherwise. Have a great day!

  12. ChocolateCoveredVegan says:

    Yeah, I don’t like my URL. I initially made it up as a joke (I never expected so many people to read my blog), but now I don’t think it’s funny. I’ve actually wanted to change my URL for a while, but I’m afraid of losing readers. Still, I think I will get around to changing it someday soon.

  13. ChocolateCoveredVegan says:


    Thanks for the wonderful comment!!! You are so sweet :o).

    Like you, I love the blogging community because I don’t have a very big vegan community around me either in “real” life.

  14. Lauren says:

    Your baking is always so cute! Great job on the cupcakes! 🙂

    Oh, and I didn’t know what you were talking about so I looked at your old post comments.. and from one skinny vegan to another, I know exactly how that feels..I get that almost everyday wherever I go.. and its even harder to deal with in’s really sad but we’re tough vegans and i know you’re better than their silly pointless comments! 🙂

  15. Bianca says:

    Cuteness and a half! I just love all your fondant cupcake cutouts. Someday, I’ll get around to trying that out.

    BTW, just went back to see what the issue was (I must have missed the original anonymous comment), and wow…what bitches. You are not too skinny. You are adorable. And I just marveled yesterday about how huge your servings sizes are. You’re obviously supposed to be a petite girl.

    Just ignore those crazies. They’re probably like 300 pounds and just jealous!

  16. ~randi~ says:

    omg!! Katie these are so cute and precious. You are a talented baker my dear. The blue icing is most amazing shade I’ve ever seen. Is most food coloring vegan? Or do I need to look for a certain brand?

  17. aTxVegn says:

    Man, I miss one post and all hell breaks loose! First of all, the cupcakes are so patriotic and festive! Secondly, about that last post. It’s almost creepy how “concerned” Anonymous is about your health and looks. You are such an amazing and accomplished woman and I’m sure the envy of many. Don’t give those negative comments a second thought.

  18. Traci Anne says:

    You’ve done it again, K – these are gorgeous!!!

    Also, I totally missed the drama in the last post! As for anonymous, it’s hard to tell if they’re being condescending or if they have good intentions, you know? You express right at the top of your blog that you are thin because of genetics, not veganism – clearly you eat healthy, balanced meals and exercise regularly! A person’s weight does not necessarily reflect their health, and that goes for ALL sizes! Anyway, I adore you! (And thank you for your recommendations of mock meats!)

  19. Binx says:

    These cupcakes look soooo yum 🙂

    Just to pipe in about the rude comments:
    Most importantly, you know that you are healthy, active, happy, and are getting plenty to eat (and somewhere that coward knows it too). When I was younger and somewhat struggling with my weight I would sometimes see thin girls and assume they starved themselves, because that gave me an excuse to not be that thin. My guess is that is exactly what ‘anonymous’ was doing. In some way I think she/he was trying to be helpful, but what an insult it ended up being. You look and are very healthy.

  20. Jenn says:

    Aw, those cupcakes look so delicious. I may have just eaten lunch, but now I could totally go for one of those. Right. NOW!

    I must have commented before the anonymous rudeness began on your last post, but I just went back and read through it all – I know others have said it, but we all love your blog and your incredibly kind personality, Katie. The blog is filled with healthy and indulgent recipes that make my mouth water every time. You’ve got nothing to worry about :o)

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