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Peperonata Post

Peperonata is a Southern Italian dish, and it’s normally made up of stewed peppers, onions, and tomatoes. I concocted this recipe, with roasted peppers, about a year ago, and it quickly became a family favorite. Cold, hot, main dish, side dish, appetizer, topping… peperonata is always good! Seasoned and ready to roast. Sitting pretty on […]

As visions of sugarplums did not dance in her head

When I started my blog, I was trying hard to gain weight by consuming tons of vegan junk food. If you read my early entries, you’ll find many posts about sugary desserts, and even some posts that mention me having a snack of multiple pieces of cake (such as in this post). I was constantly consuming exorbitant […]

Babies on Board

I’m going back to the cruise pictures for one post because I must show off my adorable little cousins who came on the trip. This is my cousin (first cousin, once removed), Katie. Maybe I am biased, because she was named after me, but isn’t she the cutest baby EVER? And she’s definitely the happiest […]

Puppies it is!

I was happy to see such a great voter turn-out in Bloggerland. The people have spoken, and it looks like y’all want… Puppy Pictures! So here they are. Your typical Sunday morning will find Mr. Henry perusing the New York Times. Um, did I say “perusing”? Scratch that. What I meant to say was “sleeping […]

Fresh Fruit takes over the World

The Crystal Cruise line could easily rename itself “The Fruit Cruise” due to the plethora of fruit at every single turn: Fruit buffet table. Another restaurant, another day… but still the fruit makes its presence known. One of my favorite desserts, because of its beauty, was fresh fruit in a coconut shell. Sadly, you couldn’t […]

Cruising Along

The hassle of the plane rides was completely worth it… (Mom, sister, and me in Monaco. Note the castle in the background!) To cruise all night and wake up in such exotic locations as Greece, Italy, Croatia… it was unreal. Over the twelve days, we stopped in Monte Carlo (Monaco), Marseille (France), Barcelona (Spain), Livorno/Florence […]

It all began with a plane ride…

I’m not very fond of plane rides. But luckily this one (well, two– we had a short layover in London) was a nighttime flight, so I didn’t feel like a day was wasted. Mostly I passed the time on the flights by sleeping. But look what I picked up for lunch at Heathrow Airport: This […]

Ahoy There, Matey!

I am finally back! …And falling asleep. Darn you, Jet Lag! But I’m trying to be good and stay awake (besides, I loathe taking naps; I always wake up feeling more tired than I was originally). The last twelve days of my life have been beyond perfect. But there’s so much to write about, I […]

Where is Chocolate-Covered Katie?

She is in Sorrento, Italy– one of the most beautiful places (if not the most beautiful) she’s ever seen. And tonight we sail for Greece! Unfortunately, the internet on the ship is reeeaaally slow… but there’s so much else to do that I don’t have much time to be online anyway. Like right now– soon […]

Quickie Post

So what was I doing in my secret lair? And why have I been M.I.A. from the blogging world? I was packing! And at this very moment, I am in France!!! You see, I’m on a Mediterranean cruise! My grandma decided she wanted to treat the entire family (all my cousins too… good thing it’s […]

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