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This is the Oldest I’ve ever been!

I think eight is the best age– you’re old enough to have an awareness of the world and yourself, but you have no idea about the meaning of responsibility. If you say, “I want to be an astronaut when I grow up,” you’d hear this response: “Gee, that’s nice.”  But at my age? The response […]

The Chopstick Masters

Uh Oh. I, Chocolate-Covered Katie, used to be known as the Chopstick Queen… but it seems two conniving little rascals (a.k.a. my cousins, Dennis and Nathan) usurped that title from me while we were on our cruise. Take a look: What to do about this? Oh, okay boys, you can have the title. You’re much […]


A while ago, a friend told me I just *had* to see the movie, Ratatouille.  So I took her advice one night and, along with my parents (and Molly, who adores tv-watching), saw the film. The movie was adorable– just like my friend said it’d be. But I was left with a HUGE craving… for […]