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Hit on at Whole Foods… and a mushroom-y meal

The two things don’t really have much to do with each other, except that they both happened yesterday. In the afternoon, while on my weekly trip to Whole Foods, a guy hit on me in the bulk aisle… We ended up having like a 20-minute conversation, and then he asked me for my phone number. […]

On my Honor

I didn’t make the switch to veganism until high school, but I was chocolate-covered as early as first grade. It was then that I became a Brownie. No, I don’t mean the fudgy confection you eat; I’m talking about the Girl Scouts’ group.I loved my time as a Brownie… and I know I’m not the […]

Benefits of Blending Barley

It is the case with certain grains that if you attempt to season them, the seasoning just slips right off. The solution? Why, it’s my answer to everything these days: Blend it! Barley is definitely one of those hard-to-season grains. So the other night, I threw a serving of cooked barley– along with the seasonings– […]

This Gourmet Meal Brought to you by Chef CCK

Sometimes, it can be good when things don’t go as planned. Take the other night, for example. I’d planned on having spaghetti with tomato sauce as a quick dinner. But the powers that be had other ideas. When I opened the box of pasta, I discovered there was only about 1/2 a serving (1 ounce) […]

Making Popeye Proud

Not to mention The Grinch, Kermit the Frog, and Gumby. Remember Gumby? But this post is not about Gumby. Sorry, Gumby. One of my favorite things about running is that it gives me a chance to organize my thoughts. Here’s a look at what floats through my head as I run. Sometimes I think about my […]

Spaghetti Squash Love

Spaghetti Squash! Everyone seems to have a different way to cook spaghetti squash. Personally, I like to let it bake a long time, so the insides get all caramelized and sweet. My method: 1. Poke a few holes into the squash with a knife, then cut in half and place the halves right-side-up on a piece of […]

My Life in Cupcakes

This semester, as a fun elective, I’m taking an acting class. Here were the directions for our first assignment: “You may use any medium– song, dance, drawing, etc.– to present to the class a self-portrait. It is your opportunity to share who you are as a person. Be creative.” Pretty open-ended assignment, huh? I love […]

Another Day, Another Cupcake

I don’t have time for a long post today… so can I placate you with another cupcake??? Must run now. Will catch up on blog-commenting tomorrow!

Rain, Rain, and Lo Mein on the Brain

I often turn to spaghetti when I don’t have much time or energy to prepare a meal. It’s tasty, easy to cook, and there’s so much you can do with those skinny little strands. For dinner last night, I cooked up some Asian deliciousness in the form of Lo Mein. The whole dinner came together […]

You’re Going Down!

I think it may be an unwritten rule that every runner, at some point, will experience the dreaded wipe-out. Unfortunately for me, today was my day. I was minding my own business, just running along, when suddenly a puddle of EVIL mud jumped into my path and took me down. At least my fall took […]

Pumpkin Pie Mousse

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of the fall season is the pumpkin pie. If you don’t know this, then you must be living under a rock (my sister is living under a rock; she hates pumpkin pie). Since I don’t count pie crust among my closest friends, I’ve come up with a […]

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