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Happy Thanksgiving, Blogland!

Take a moment to go hug everyone for whom you are thankful. (I, for one, am going to hug my hand blender. No, just kidding. Truthfully, I’m going to hug my mom, dad, sister, doggies, and my computer screen. Why the computer screen? Because I am thankful for all of YOU!) Other things for which […]

The Melted Banana Trick

Step away from the sugar! One of my favorite ways to sweeten oatmeal is naturally, by melting in a banana. The banana gets all caramelized, and the oatmeal tastes amazing! The Melted Banana Trick Step 1: Cook up the oatmeal or another grain as you normally would. Step 2: In a separate bowl, melt however much […]

Three Ingredient Alfredo Sauce

(Well, four if you count the salt) I don’t know how I came up with this healthy alfredo recipe. Sometimes when I’m in the kitchen, creativity just takes over and I’m powerless to stop it! 3 Ingredient Alfredo (Makes about 1 1/2 cups) level 1 tbsp agar agar flakes (If you’re wary of agar flakes, […]

Double double boil and trouble… Something yummy this way comes

(Gotta love Shakespeare) Considering it’s almost Thanksgiving, I figured I’d better get my chocolate-covered butt in gear and post pictures of the cupcakes I made for Halloween. ‘Cause no one wants to see a picture of this guy come December 25th: Sure, he’s cute and all. But he’d feel just a *tad* out of place amidst […]

Pancake Sundays

When I was a little girl, my mom did all the cooking during the week. But on Sundays, it was Daddy’s job to take care of breakfast. Sunday mornings always found us eating like royalty– crepes, waffles, French toast… but there was no doubt as to my dad’s specialty: Pancakes. Fast forward many years. CCK […]

An apple pie a day keeps the doctor away

Or “What the Yankee Candle Factory would taste like if it were a food” (I don’t know about other Yankee stores, but the one near me always smells of cinnamon.) Here’s a summary of my post today: First, I am going to give you a recipe for a delicious Fall beverage. Next, I am going […]

Don’tcha wish your roommate was fun like me?

(The title of the Pussycat Dolls’ newest single) What can you do to lift the spirits of a friend who’s having a bad day? Offer a hug? Words of encouragement? A greeting card, perhaps? How about a personalized cupcake? After I made Halloween cupcakes (yeah, you’ll be seeing those on the blog shortly), I froze […]

Fall’s Favorite Curry: The Recipe

One of my favorite things to eat 🙂 Fall’s Favorite Curry   1 cup milk of choice Imagine No-Chicken broth 1/4 cup tomato paste 2 tbsp good curry powder (make sure to use one you know that you like; once I bought a different brand, because they were out of my favorite, and it was horrible! […]

Fall's Favorite Curry

My proclivity for not following recipes can be both a positive and a negative; some of my experiments turn out amazingly well, whilst others go horribly wrong. Today’s dish is definitely an example of the former. True, it may be filled with “B” ingredients (broccoli, butternut squash, bell peppers…), but as far as taste goes, […]

A Day in the Life

2011 Edit: Recently, I discovered that some people have been using this post as a guideline for how (and how much) to eat. That made me really uncomfortable; I’m not a doctor nor a nutritionist, and I never made any claims that the food from this post represented a balanced daily diet. Also, as the post is a […]

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