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Santa’s "Circle of Friends"

A few months back, I wrote about an organization for which I volunteer called “Circle of Friends.”  The group pairs children with special needs with a buddy, and it plans fun events for everyone to do together. At the Circle of Friends Christmas Party, we decided to have a cookie exchange. Below are pictures of […]

Vegan Mexican Wedding Cookies

Two weeks ago, my mom read about a town a few hours away, where the people were living in tents due to a recent hurricane. A church group was asking for cookie donations they could deliver to the area so the affected people could at least take part in some aspect of Christmas fun. Of […]

Bring on the Christmas Posts!

Christmas Week! Like most families I know, our family used to open Christmas presents super-early (translation: as soon as my little sister and I were successful in pulling our groggy parents from bed). But in the past few years, we’ve waited until after lunch to open gifts. My parents and sister say they like this […]

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings

Truly, It’s a Wonderful Life. (Molly and Henry think so too… See how lazy they’re being in the photo? That’s basically how they always act!) Once again, I’m acquiescing to requests to post more scrapbook pages (Cecilia! Emily! Sarah!). Does anyone else find that they take hundreds upon hundreds of photos at Christmastime? “Hundreds of […]

All I want for Christmas

This past week, I’ve written two posts that featured dollar bills. I’m really lucky that I have dollar bills at my disposal (the real ones, not Henry Dollars!). Plus, I have a loving family, two cute puppies, a big, warm house, all sorts of newfangled electronic gadgets, and way too much vegan food stockpiled in […]

Pop your Collar(ds)

By now, it’s no secret I love my hand blender. (What? You mean you didn’t know?) However, I must admit to being quite intimidated by some of the other appliances loafing around my kitchen. For instance? How about the Super Scary Slow Cooker! *Cue the Twilight Zone music to play in the background* But everyone […]

How to Fix the Economy

Step One: Elect an intelligent leader who has the ability to change America. Step Two: Get that morose-looking guy off the dollar bills, and switch our currency to Henry Dollars. Ok, I admit that this might not fix the economy… But, surely, it will boost morale! How can you not smile when you see this […]

Kale-ifornia Dreamin’

(Can’t say I’m not California Dreamin‘ as well.) I finally got around to making those kale chips everyone’s been talkin‘ about. I must admit that at first bite, these chippies weren’t really my cup of tea. They were too crispy, too crunchy, too… well, just not the taste I expected. But, as you can see […]

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something GREEN

I changed the saying. Brides everywhere, take note. “Things that are Green” Week Expect to see a lot of Mean Greens— kale, collards, zucchini, green pudding (what?!?), green dishware… then, of course, there’s everyone’s favorite form of green: George Washington gets a makeover.

Out of One, Many

Or, for those of you speak Latin, “The Opposite of E Pluribus Unum.” Today’s recipe is super-exciting because it’s flexible, so it yields itself to over a million variations. You get to be creative: Vegan Whipped Cream? Banana pudding? Pumpkin pudding? Chocolate-mocha-fudge? You can make all these and more from this one basic recipe! Working with agar […]

Harry Potter and the Elusive Agar

Harry Potter and Agar Agar flakes share an enviable talent in that both possess the ability to perform magic– Harry on wizards of the Dark Arts, and Agar on recipes in need of a thickener. Unfortunately, these two magic-makers share something else: they’ve both mastered the art of invisibility. Many of you left comments on […]


Hey, if Fergie can do it (Fergalicious) and Beyonce can do it (Bootylicious), why can’t I do it? Besides, it is in the humble opinion of this chocolate-covered girl that “Yumlicious” is a much more exciting made-up word than Rachael Ray’s word. Yum-o? How about Lame-o! Choco-licious Chocolate Pudding Makes 2 servings, about 1/2-cup each (but […]

If you are what you eat, then I’m a Butternut Squash

Ummm how creepy does this look? If I eat any more butternut squash, the above might become a reality. Guess I’d better embrace the look, since I’m not planning on cutting back any time soon… Google “how to roast a squash” and you’ll probably get hundreds of different answers. Below, the Katie Method: How Katie […]

Product Review Week: Lucy in the Sky with… Chocolate

I know my title ruins the LSD reference, but who needs drugs (or diamonds, for that matter) when you can have chocolate??? Let’s start with the bad first, so that we can end this chocolatey post on a positive note. I bought the So Delicious Kidz pops as soon as I saw them at Whole […]

"Sarah Palin is a Pumpkin"

Is anyone else highly amused by– and a little bit scared of– the searches that lead to their blogs? I have a ton of work due tomorrow (our last day of classes for the semester, before exams start. Where has the time gone?!), so no product reviews today. However, I do have time to leave […]

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