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Good News: Chocolate Nirvana now comes in a jar…

…and it can be purchased at a store near you! (Or online, if need be.) Don’t let the unassuming wrapper fool you; inside is the stuff of which dreams are made– dark chocolate-covered dreams, that is. To my fellow vegans: Remember Reeses cups? Remember Nutella? This is so much better! (Not to mention healthier.) Since […]

New Year, New Blog Features

Around the world, people observe the New Year by making changes in their lives– they vow to stop smoking, lose weight, be more social. Perhaps they debut a new haircut or throw out the “old” boyfriend (ok, that last example is rather harsh… but you know what I mean!). This year, I decided to join […]

Past, Future, and PRESENTS!

Yes, the most important aspects of Christmas are God and being with family. But I’d be lying through my chocolate-covered teeth if I told you I didn’t get excited about presents! I loved every single one of my presents this year, but on the blog I’ll highlight some that are related to veganism: The first […]

Happy 2009!

Happy Holidays, from my family to yours. And one last BIG “thank you” to everyone who participated in the Comment Drive. In the end, I decided to just make every comment worth 40 cents instead of 20, because it’s such a deserving cause. Hope everyone has an awesome New Year’s!