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Identity Crisis!

The question many people have been asking: What happened to Chocolate-Covered Vegan?  Do we really have to start calling you CCK now? Answer: I changed the blog title to “Chocolate-Covered Katie” because I didn’t want to sound exclusive, especially since not everyone who reads my blog is a vegan. I didn’t want it to seem like my blog was […]

Win a Case of 2010 New Larabar Flavors

To enter to win a case filled with the four new Larabar flavors (chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chip brownie, carrot cake, and peanut butter chocolate chip)… EDIT: Giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

Baby's Got a Brand New Blog

If you’re reading this, that means you really did follow me to WordPress and I was worried for nothing!  Yay!  I’m still working on my pages, including an FAQ page and a page that is entirely devoted to cupcakes ;).  But I’m super-happy to say that all my recipes are finally organized!  Anyway, thanks so […]

Oh Brother(s)!

When the Brothers Company asked if I’d like to sample some of their freeze-dried fruit crisps, I jumped at the chance. Here’s a look at what came in the package: (From top left: Asian Pear, White-and-Yellow Peach, Strawberry-Banana, Strawberry, Fuji Apple, Pineapple) Each bag of fruit crisps has around 30-70 calories and no added sugar, preservatives, […]

Summer Lovin’

When I was in fourth grade, my sister and I became obsessed with the movie Grease. For a while, we watched the tape every single day. That summer, my friends and I even put on a mini-play of Grease. I won the coveted role of Sandy… but we made my poor little sister play Danny! […]

Hottie Alert on MSN Homepage!

Or not… What happened to you, Joaquin? Does anyone know? How is it possible for someone to go from looking like this: to this: (children, avert your eyes!) Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go look for a new, hot vegan guy on which to bestow my affections. Casey Affleck, here I come! […]

This is the night, what a beautiful night, and they call it Bella Notte

Last night was amazing beyond words. The plan (or so I thought) was to go out for sushi at a local restaurant (they have brown-rice sushi—yay), then come back to my house and watch a movie, and I’d make chocolate mousse. But after he picked me up, I noticed we were heading in the wrong direction. “Isn’t […]

Mousse on the Loose!

My yummy Valentine Sweet chocolate Valentine You make me smile… On Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to choose: you can be kind to your sweet tooth and to your heart! You can have your chocolate (mousse) and eat it too. And the best part is that you can whip up this sumptuous chocolate dessert in […]

Fish are Friends, not Food

Do you have a childhood memory of a favorite book or movie? You know, the book or movie that you forced your poor parents to read/watch every single night? My favorite book was Snow White, and my sister’s was Where the Wild Things Are. Every night before bed, our poor mom had to read both […]

My Big, Fat Greek Yogurt

Ok, so it’s not really Greek. And if you want to get super-picky on me, it’s not really yogurt either. (It’s not made from dairy milk, and it doesn’t have any bacteria.) But I’m claiming “creative liberties” and sticking with my title, thank you very much. Whew; now that that’s out of the way, let’s […]

Get Your Grain On

Look who we’ve got our grains on now. (No, it’s not Michael Jordan. And no, it’s not Jennifer Love Hewitt, either.)

Barney Butter and Brownie Batter

A big, chocolate-covered “thank you” goes out to Jennifer of the Barney Butter Company for sending me a yummy free sample of Barney Butter so that I could see (and taste!) for myself what all the fuss is about. My verdict? I like this stuff!  But then again, I’m not exactly picky when it comes […]

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