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My Big, Fat Greek Yogurt

Ok, so it’s not really Greek. And if you want to get super-picky on me, it’s not really yogurt either. (It’s not made from dairy milk, and it doesn’t have any bacteria.) But I’m claiming “creative liberties” and sticking with my title, thank you very much. Whew; now that that’s out of the way, let’s […]

Get Your Grain On

Look who we’ve got our grains on now. (No, it’s not Michael Jordan. And no, it’s not Jennifer Love Hewitt, either.)

Barney Butter and Brownie Batter

A big, chocolate-covered “thank you” goes out to Jennifer of the Barney Butter Company for sending me a yummy free sample of Barney Butter so that I could see (and taste!) for myself what all the fuss is about. My verdict? I like this stuff!  But then again, I’m not exactly picky when it comes […]