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You Lie,

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Before I go out in the mornings, I make sure to check the weather so I know how to dress. has never steered me wrong. 

Today’s guide informed me that there was a 0% chance of precipitation at 8AM. Now I don’t know about you, but where I come from, zero means none. That is the definition of “zero,” right? Well, apparently and don’t agree on this point. I was a little more than halfway through my run when it began to pour buckets!   

What could I do?  The whole situation was so ridiculous that I had to laugh. If you’d passed me, you would’ve seen a very strange sight: a soaking wet runner, sloshing through the puddles and laughing hysterically the whole time. Granted, the rain only lasted a few minutes, but I was soaking wet for the last four miles of my run. Hey, it was a nice cool-down; at least the weather wasn’t cold.

(Then I might’ve cried instead of laughed…)

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  1. Emily says:

    The road less traveled is always far more scenic anyways!

    With Love,


  2. Kiersten says:

    That’s too funny Katie! I’m sure everyone driving by thought you were nuts!

  3. Jane says:

    i wouldn’t have thought you were crazy- whenever i get caught in huge downpours (which has happened way more than once) i laugh too! it’s just hysterical- you feel like you just jumped in a pool and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

  4. Vegyogini says:

    Yay, another give-away! I think it would be nice of Lewis of Larabar to befriend me since, so far, I don’t care for Larabars. Maybe he’d like to convince me otherwise.

    Hooray for all the cool loot you got!

    I’m not sure I’d have been laughing if it started pouring buckets while I was running, but bravo to you for having a great attitude about it!

  5. Erin says:

    Are you guys supposed to get snow tomorrow? Because it’s 70-something degrees today and snow tomorrow.
    TX is a crazy place to live!
    Larabar love!

  6. jrsimon56 says:

    Aw man! It’s rainin here in the city right now. But, not buckets. That is pretty hilarious. Yeah for all that calcium in your kale. Woot woot!

  7. Heh…that happened to me one day when I was walking my dog. When we got back home, we were both soaked. At least I don’t smell bad when I get wet…but the dog, that’s another story.

  8. selina says:

    i learned a long time ago to never trust i go straight to the local news station website for the weather.

  9. Erin says:

    Awww, you have a good sense of humor. I’m soaking and don’t like it (and it didn’t last 4 miles). It is cold here in my defense!!
    I love the chocolate covered meals! Yay!

  10. Running in the ran can be oh so fun! Love your lunchy! Where do you get your soba noodles girl?

  11. Vegan_Noodle says:

    It absolutely poured here today… but I think actually predicted that one correctly :-)

  12. Marianne says:

    Hey, I would have mixed the soba noodles the same way, mostly due to me not liking tomato sauce. Soba noodles rock!

    Too bad about the sudden downpour during your run. At least it didn’t last your entire run.

  13. Emily says:

    Aww, so sorry you got rained on. I completely rely on, too!

    Can’t wait for your next giveaway…enjoy your Larabar stash!

  14. Eddie G says:

    Yeah–I’ve given up on trusting Texas weather reports :)

  15. marafaye says:

    oOOH great Larabar loot!!

  16. laci says:

    looking forward to your giveaway! :)

  17. Vaala says:

    Hahaha, happens ALL the time here! So the weather forecasters here never promise that it won’t rain just in case (unless it’s scheduled to be really bad they usually say it will be “mostly” fine but we all know what that means!). I hope you didn’t get strong wind as well. I had that at the top of our local volcano – got to the top when it bucketed down and the wind was so strong it was pretty tricky getting down as I was going into the wind!

  18. Yasmin says:

    LOL! You are so evil to tease us like that with your awesome t-shirts :)

  19. NAOmni says:

    Great attitude about the rain!


  20. brandi says:

    don’t you love weather predictions? :) the last 5K I ran…it was pouring the entire time. I had water sloshing out of the front of my shoes with each step I took! sometimes it’s nice though.

    what a great Larabar pacakge! cute shirts

  21. Meg says:

    Sorry about the rain! Lucky you to get the Larabar loot! Love that light blue color.

  22. I ALWAYS check the weather before I head out to class too!! Usually it’s pretty accurate, but lately I have been dressing way too warm for how hot it’s been outside!!!

    And I loveee desperate housewives and gg too! :) Half way through this week’s desperate housewives episode…it’s so intense!
    That lunch looks tasty! :)

  23. Vegetation says:

    I empathize! It was meant to be hotter than hot here today. Instead it’s overcast and the breeze is icy cold!

  24. Ricki says:

    I never trust the weatherman! Sorry you got soaked–at least you took it really well! 😉

  25. Caroline says:

    Fellow addict here. They’ve steered me wrong more than once…boo.

  26. Leah says:

    Larabars… you lucky lucky girl!!

  27. Christy says:

    Sorry you got all wet. You were probably at risk of floating away :-)

  28. Kate says:

    That’s so funny! I’ve been there, done that, and I can usually be found hyterically laughing while doing it. I once ran through a terrible thunderstorm while I was on travel in Pensacola. I didn’t know where to go or where I was, so I had to keep running, despite the fact that I could see lightening hitting the ground around me. That was more hysterical crying that time, but oh the fun we have and the risks we take out there.

    All that Larabar loot looks fantastic.

  29. mihl says:

    Katie, you are a brave girl! I would have run straight home…or hopped on the bus if it was pouring like that.

  30. Kate says:

    oh hun! I SO share your pain!!! In Minnesota it’s just a given you can’t really trust what anyone tells you a/b the weather LOL. Last weekend it was 50, today. 20. cool. Kudos for you for sticking it out!

  31. Lauren says:

    Ugh, don’t you hate when the weather lies to you? :) Larabars = FANTASTIC!

  32. Sweetie Pie says:

    I’m glad you could laugh it off. When you find yourself a couple of miles from home, there aren’t really a lot of options except to just keep truckin’. It’s good that it wasn’t cold!!

  33. shelby says:

    I would laugh too! I remember driving to my appointment one day and it was POURING!!! I had to drive through puddles on the side of the road and they would scare me because it was dark and I couldn’t see them. So my car would jerk back whenever it hit a puddle. I was just giggling at the situation.

    LOVE your meal of the day. My nutritionist noticed that I like mixing things together in bowls a lot. I guess it’s just the textural thing.

  34. ttfn300 says:

    woot woot, what loot :) too bad about, they did me wrong too many times now i’m all about national weather service! at least there were smiles!!!

  35. Sanja says:

    Aw, I am sorry you got soaked. But I guess your body made a nice dose of endorphins from the running and the laughing. 😉

  36. If you were our neighbor we would have named you “Happy Wet Runner”. We name everybody, there’s “Walks a lot lady” (she’s always walking around and she’s about 200 years old), “Sweeps a lot lady” (she’s about 300 years old and a compulsive driveway sweeper) and then there’s “Banana Tail”. Banana Tail is not a human, he’s a dog. 😀

  37. Katie,
    I’m laughing because I included a Jocalat bar in the package I just sent you…so now you’ll have a few boxes + 1. :)

    Sorry about the rain, but you’re right. At least it wasn’t cold outside! Cold rain = unhappy Heather. I would have cried too.