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All the Way Arame

The seaweed is always greener… As a little girl in Japan, I’d often come across Nori, a popular snack food.  Nori is a thin, dried sheet of seaweed used for sushi, sprinkled on foods as a condiment, or just eaten plain.  My sister absolutely adored the stuff.  But me?  I detested it.  When we moved away from Japan, […]

Let’s see Hangawi Come

Sorry, Matchbox Twenty, for butchering your song title. Much of my most-recent vacation was spent visiting relatives in the northeast. I was lucky enough, however, to steal a few trips to the NYC. One such trip included a dinner stopover at Hangawi, a favored restaurant not only for the food, but also for the ambiance.  Upon arriving at […]

Cheesecake Mousse

With a recipe so decadent, who needs a creative post title? Call it cheesecake dip, pudding, fondue, or even vegan cream cheese frosting… whatever you want to call it, this concoction tastes awesome!  And with only four ingredients, it couldn’t be easier to make. This frosting can also be eaten as a pudding, dip, or even thinned out as a […]

Cupcakes: Reveal Thyselves!

After much persuasion, the shy cupcakes finally agreed to venture out from their hiding place. Did you find the Monopoly cakes in the Guessing Game Post?  They were Under the Rug. For the last Circle of Friends meeting of the year, we held Game Day:  Monopoly, Clue, Uno, Cards… and oh yeah, cupcakes ;).  As usual, the cupcakes vanished […]

Let The Games Begin

So many people told me they enjoyed the Guessing Game to find Whole-Foods Boy that I decided to do another guessing game! See this Monopoly cupcake? It turns out Mr. Cupcake (who is 100% edible, right down to his mustache) has many friends. Do you want to meet his friends? They want to meet you! But the poor cupcakes are […]

Z-z-z-Zico Coconut Water

Growing up as an expat in Japan has its advantages: Many a summer, on our trips back to the US, we’d stop over in Hawaii, and I have wonderful memories of lounging on the beach and drinking water straight from the coconut.  (I also have a memory of eating so much pineapple that I developed a cold sore… but that’s […]

K is for Kabocha

Did you ever play the Name Game? The one where you have to say, “My name is _____ and I like ______ (filling in the blank with something that starts with the same letter as your name)? Growing up, I got stuck playing that game a lot.  It seemed like every time I was with a new […]

Hey Hansel and Gretel: May I borrow your breadcrumbs?

When I’m at home, I have about 6 or 7 favorite running routes from which to choose on any given day.  This offers me the variety I crave while still providing the dependability I need.  Especially on school days, it’s important to know the ins and outs of my route so as to ensure I […]

Meet Whole-Foods Boy!

Which door is he hiding behind??? . Is it Door #1? (click here to open door 1) . Door #2? (click here to open door 2) . Door #3? (click here to open door 3) . Or maybe Door #4? (click here to open door 4) .