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Tofu: Is there anything it CAN’T do?

Walk on water, perhaps? Nope; got that down. Seriously, though, tofu must be the most versatile ingredient ever. Gone is the bland, eerily-smushy gunk you find in your Chinese takeout. It’s been replaced by treats such as: Velvety Chocolate Mousse International Breakfast Scramble …and now tofu can add something else to its already-impressive resume: Perfect […]

Just like Kozyshack Rice Pudding

Only better!! Mothers Day: I wasn’t with my mom for the actual day, so one random Sunday morning she was surprised to find creamy rice pudding, juicy fruit salad, and ice-cold oj resting lazily on the pillows when she awoke. Above, a feast of fresh blueberry-and-apple fruit salad, orange juice, and homemade rice pudding (I made the […]

My Cousin Vinegar

Maybe it’s because our family is from New York, but the movie My Cousin Vinny leaves us in hysterics every time we watch it. And I have a cousin who might just be the long lost twin of Marisa Tomei. Are there any movies you and your family can watch over and over again that remind […]

Kabocha Mousse, the recipe

After I wrote the post about kabocha, I received an email from a blog reader asking for the Kabocha Mousse recipe. Katie’s Kabocha Mousse Serves one, unless you’re insane and decide to share. If you can’t find kabocha, butternut squash and pumpkin work too. Kabochas are shy guys, but many Asian markets carry them. 3/4 cup cooked kabocha, mashed […]

in a fever hotter than a pepper sprout

In light of the forthcoming oppressively-hot weather, I figured I ought to write a post dedicated to keeping cool. How to Keep Cool in the Heat 1. Become best buddies with your blender, so that you can churn out cooling smoothies, icees, and ice creams without paying an arm and a leg to your local Jamba Juice: […]

Whole Earth Bakery: NYC

Whole Earth Bakery: a 100%-vegan establishment vast selection of gluten-free, oil-free, and wheat-free items no refined sugars used The venue, itself, defines the meaning of hole in the wall. Don’t let that deter you, as the food is delicious. Brownies, scones, turnovers, cakes, pies… I only wish I could’ve sampled more of the fare. Luckily, I successfully smuggled […]

What is "Health" anyway?

Thank you all for sharing such great insight in the comment section of yesterday’s post.  Although many of the comments made me stop and think, I wanted to share one in particular: Christine commented: “…we don’t win a prize for eating healthy.” It’s so true; God (or another higher power in which you may believe) is not […]

Sticks and Stones and Weed and Bombs

But names will never hurt me. (Channelling my inner MIA?) For the most part, I loved reading your comments on the Processed foods and Soybeans and Tofu post.  Maybe I should rant more often, because my complaints sparked some great responses! I must apologize, though, for the drama caused.  As I stated in that post, I was not attacking any blogger.  […]

Processed foods and Soybeans and Tofu– oh my!

Lately, around the blogworld, many bloggers have been getting into the raw-food movement.  I don’t think anyone would question the fact that raw fruits and veggies are healthy. However (and I really don’t mean to point fingers; I’m just venting, so please don’t take my opinions personally), some posts seem to have taken on a […]

The Princess and the Knee

CCK’s version of The Princess and the Pea.  Did you ever read that childhood story?  Was I the only one who put a pea under my bed to see if I could feel it?  (Please reassure me that I wasn’t!) My favorite story, growing up, though, was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Every single […]

Pearl Jam

Part One So full of wonders is New York City that I’m already on my third post… and I only spent three days there!  How many posts would I have to write if I’d spent a week?! Part One of the NYC Posts detailed my culinary adventures with my dad at Hangawi (as well as our cheesecake fest […]

Suddenly Souen

NYC: Part Two When we left off, we’d just been to Hangawi for dinner… and a cheesecake breakfast. Our story picks up on another balmy night in NYC.  After shopping in Union Square, Dinner Date and CCK needed some majorrefueling. Luckily, the dynamic duo came across Souen Organic Macrobiotic Restaurant. From the outside, Souen is quite unassuming—nothing like the […]

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