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a giveaway to show my thanks

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Thank you all so so much for the birthday wishes. I really felt like a princess, getting all those nice comments (the Facebook comments too). Now, a giveaway to show my appreciation!


How about 5 jars of Chocolate-Coconut Love (or any flavors the winner chooses)?


Leave a comment—on my Banana Butter post telling me your favorite flavor of nut butter (or dream flavor) and I’ll enter you just like that. No having to link back or make a recipe this time.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Marina says:

    Wee, I’m the first 😀
    My bf makes me feel lik a princess. He really takes care of me and pampers me, tells me I’m beautiful all the time. I know it sounds kinda corny, but he does that and it’s really sweet

  2. getting my hair done makes me feel like a princess 😀

    I want to know what you did for your birthday! Hope it was as fabulous as you :)

  3. Jessica says:

    Pedicures and fancy dresses make me feel like a princess :) Also, my hubby does a great job of treating me like royalty!

  4. I don’t think that yummy food would make it all the way to Saudi so I won’t enter the giveaway but I will answer your question.

    What makes me feel like a QUEEN (I’m a grown woman, no princess here!) is how much my sweet husband dotes on me. He makes me the center of his world and never stops letting me know in big ways and in small ways that I am the most important thing in his life.

    Whether it is getting up in the middle of the night without a word of complaint to get me a glass of water or filling the house with dozens and dozens of love letters, I always know that I am special to him.


    Excuse me, I have to go give someone a kiss now!

  5. Kate G. says:

    such a cute birthday picture katie!! happy belated bday girl!

  6. emielli says:

    Wow! You got so many presents, lucky girl. I think I love opening presents way more than the actual gift. My birthday is coming up in a month and 4 days, hopefully I`ll have gifts to open and not just cards.

  7. Devan Newman says:

    awe you look so gorgeous katie!!


    hope you day is wonderous and exciting!
    take care and smile big!!

    i feel like a princess when I get a massage :)

  8. Anne K. says:

    Aww, happy (belated) birthday! I love the pic–you are too cute! Fancy dresses make me feel like a princess :)

  9. elise says:

    happy birthday…heading over to enter that contest. i wanna win some yummies!

  10. Melissa says:

    Happy, happy (belated) Birthday wishes!!

    To answer your question: I really like taking a hot bath and pretend I´m at a very fancy spa (I have some bliss products to bring a little NY to Germany LOL).

  11. Maria says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes my dear 😀

  12. jcd says:

    You are one very lucky lady!

    I feel like a princess whenever I get the chance to dress up for an elegant formal dinner. I am a tomboy every other day, but when I wear formal dresses and have my hair done it makes me feel a bit more special.

    Oh, and when I went to Walt Disney World I was treated like a princess by everyone there – Donald Duck even kissed me! Mickey kissed me too… *big grin* It was like being a princess for a week.

  13. Very Happy Birthday to a very beautiful chica :) I am glad you feel loved and special. That’s what birthdays are all about, aren’t they, or they should be :)

  14. ~Jessica~ says:

    Wow, that’s a great assemblage of presents ~ I hope you really enjoyed your day and although it’s a little late (I was so confused by when your actual birthday was!) I couldn’t comment without wishing you happy birthday in hindsight.

    Nothing really makes me feel like a princess…I’m just not a girly girl in the least and princesses always seem so elegant and delicate, but running (racing in particular) and lifting weights make me feel like an amazon ; ) Yeah, a 5ft 3 amazon lol.



  15. Shelby says:

    I feel like a princess when I go to the salon. I love being pampered!

  16. Caroline says:

    Happy Birthday Katie :)

    Have a great day to start a great year…. and now over the to better than peanut butter posts for some princess goodness :)

  17. Jen says:

    Look at all your presents!!! lucky girl!! :) birthdays really should be twice a year haha…if only that were possible.

  18. Liz says:

    I hope it’s been fantastic for you, if anyone deserves to feel like a princess it’s you – you’re the sweetest, kindest person ever!
    I feel like a princess whenever I’m getting all dressed up – with or without somewhere to go!
    Again, happy birthday. Hope you’ve had an amazing time and you got exactly what you wanted, present-wise 😉

  19. psychoj1 says:

    I feel like a princess when I’m with my boyfriend :)

  20. lola says:

    Happy bday Katie!! by the way you look lovely with your hair short! i hope you had a great time :)

    and by the way, i feel like a princess when someone gives me a massage!

  21. MarathonVal says:

    Happy belated birthday Katie! I happen to love September birthdays 😉 (mine’s a week from today) – hope you had a great one!!

  22. Erin says:

    I hope you had a lovely birthday, Katie! I apologize for my very sporadic existence in blog world right now. I still love you and your blog!!
    And my mommy makes me feel like a princess!

  23. I feel like a princess when someone buys me flowers :-)

  24. Diann says:

    Thank YOU, Katie! I’m glad you had a great birthday. I feel like a princess when I get a massage, which is rarely, but really, the drive over, the actual massage, and all day afterward is heavenly.

  25. randomlymikey says:

    glad you had a good bday :) i haven’t felt like anything close to a princess lately to be honest. but i remember a time when just hanging out with my best girlfriends felt like the world was our oyster. those memories will always be cherished. off to enter the contest!

  26. Emily says:

    happy birthday katie! i hope you had a fantastic day today…you deserve it! :-)

    you are so nice…who gives gifts away on her bday?!

  27. Rachel says:

    Hugs and kisses:)

    Nice mountain of prezzies…it’s really sweet of you to have a giveaway on you birthday!

  28. GAH! I missed your birthday! Well, better late than never….

    This is your birthday song.
    It isn’t very long….
    THE END!

    Happy Birthday!

  29. broccolihut says:

    Ah man, how are we not FB friends? I think we need to rectify that situation…somehow I don’t think Chocolate Covered Katie would yield many results in the search box.
    Anyway, hope you had a fantastic birthday:)

  30. megan says:

    What makes me feel like a princess is being able to go shopping with my friends at the mall. Also Happy Birthday!

  31. Vegetation says:

    Catching up slowly once again!! (I only had 7 posts of yours to read today :P). A very huge Happy belated Birthday! I hope 22 is as wonderful as 21 was!

  32. Kelly says:

    Happy belated birthday! I hope it was marvelous!

  33. t says:

    Happy happy birthday!

    I feel like a princess on the rare occasion I do yoga. Or when I eat really delicious ice cream, from a cone!

  34. Daria says:

    Happy belated birthday! Glad you got to feel like a princess. :)

    I feel extra special when my boyfriend takes care of me when I’m stressed or sick. It’s great to have someone who will make you food and pamper you!

  35. Jenny says:

    happy birthday angelface!!

    I feel like a princess when I get a pedi :) love it!

  36. Emma says:

    I hope you had a great birthday Katie, look at all your pressies! Did you get anything nice?!

  37. Michelle says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Katie! I hope you enjoyed your special day:)

  38. Keegan says:

    I’m so off schedule. Happy Belated! Sounds like you had a great day.
    Pedicures are enough to lavish any gal, but when the hubby brings home wild flowers, freshly picked, then I feel like a princess!

  39. veganhomemade says:

    Happy belated birthday! I know so many September birthdays, you guys are a good bunch.

  40. ajoyinclass says:

    Happy Happy Day!!! I think I wished you Happy Birthday in a previous post, but you deserve a happy day EVERY day!!!
    I feel like a princess when I feel loved :-) Also, when I wake up and feel amazing about my body and my potential in this world.
    When I am in a play, movie, photo shoot — basically any time I am blessed enough to book something — I REALLY feel like a princess. truly, i’m so so grateful.
    And when my mommy and I fenagle our way into first class on planes sometimes…..that is pretty princess-y :-)