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How To Save A Life

Let me introduce you to the best birthday present I ever received: Henry! As an animal-lover, I’ve always loved going into Petsmart on Saturdays.  Well, loved and hated it at the same time.  You see, Saturdays are adoption days at Petsmart, which means the store is filled with adorable little critters in desperate need of […]

Too much food?

Sometimes I feel like my blog focuses way too much on food.  I didn’t initially start it to be a “food” blog per se; the food blog community found me! But I have so many interests other than food. CCK doesn’t just sit around and eat all day. Some of these other interests: Arts-n-Crafts, like scrapbooking or making […]

Quintessential Quintessence

This summer, my mom and I were lucky enough to spend quite a few perfect days (and one not-so-perfect rainy day) in NYC.  One of these perfect days included a picnic in Central Park.  Then we walked all over town, soaking in the magnificence that is New York City.  But all this “sightseeing” made us hungry. […]

Catskill Animal Sanctuary: Where The Blind Horse Sings

Whenever life gets hectic, my aunt (ever the free spirit) likes to say: “It’s time to get back to nature.” Twas a dark and stormy day… Sounds like the beginning of a ghost story, no?  But the vibrant, happy-go-lucky animals of this post hardly qualify as ghosts. Nestled into the Catskill Mountains of upstate New […]