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Spooky Babies

I ended up posting twice yesterday. If you missed the Peanut Butter Fudge Baby post, click here. Above, ready to be rolled into Peanut Butter Babies Moving on to Today’s post: I once read that the most elite runners think of absolutely nothing but their form as they run. Well, I guess that counts me […]

Chocolate Mudslide Oatmeal

To say I’m excited about Halloween would be an understatement. How can one not get excited when thinking about Halloween Cupcakes, cute black cats, jack-o-lanterns, and (the best part!) dressing up? During this time, nothing is exempt from my little Halloween-happy fingers. Nothing, not even my oatmeal. So this morning, for my post-run breakfast, I celebrated the holiday a […]

Halloween Hotties

Now that we’ve established the fact that I am not pregnant, I’m free to play the field.  Right? Hotties first: Please don’t close your hand!! Gives new meaning to the words “smoldering eyes” Grrr… One tough, arame-eatin’ seagull. Now that’s hot. (And no, Paris Hilton, I will not be paying you any royalties for using […]


No, I’m not pregnant. But someone is! I modeled my friend’s baby-shower stork cake after a button from Party City.   Below, with the button:   For the time being, I’d much rather make some of these babies: (Above, original hot cocoa babies and chocolate coconut fudge babies. Above, plain fudge babies keep company with […]

The Pumpkin Farm

Browsing through my recipes, one can see that I love pumpkin! From Pumpkin Pie Mousse to Pumpkin Pie Stir Fries, it’s safe to say this girl harbors a healthy appreciation for all things winter squash (and I know I’m not the only one!!). Oh yes, my blog is definitely chock-full of Pumpkin Recipes. So I […]

Would you like some Hay with your Chocolate?

Let’s begin the post with some Choco-licious Chocolate Pudding. Because anything is good if it starts with chocolate, right? But we’ll come back to the pudding later. First, Carb Month News: The photos so far have been adorable, fun, and hilarious. Take, for instance, my reader friend, Jennifer’s, photo: The carbs in hay do a nice […]

Mommy, how are Babies made?

The question that makes mothers everywhere cringe. Warning: the above is shockingly graphic for a childrens’ book. But it makes a hilarious addition to any college party. (The seniors read this book to us when I was a freshman in college. I really don’t know how I would’ve reacted if someone read it to me when I […]

Fur Babies

A fun day at the Dog Park for Molly and Henry