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Baby Got Back

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This is my car with its top off:


And this is my car from the side:

z 1011

But here is my car from the back:


You know what, Stan, if you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair, like your pretty boy over there, Brian, why don’t you just make the minimum 37 pieces of flair?

(Not my favorite movie, but I love the quote.)

I’ve had this car since I was 17. But sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to my first baby. And I’ll probably keep my next car “flair” free, especially since all the bumper stickers make the car stand out in a crowd. (Fancy a traffic ticket?)

Do you remember your first car?  Mine was actually a remote-controlled car! I turned 16 when I was living in China (meaning I couldn’t drive), so my mom bought me a toy car to be funny.

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  1. magdelene says:

    Your car is adorable! Especially the back 😉 I don’t have a car because cars are reallyyyy expensive here in Singapore, and I need to be 19(?) to get a license. meh.

    The photo kind of makes me want to have pancakes for breakfast…

    Maggie 🙂

    (ps: is it okay if i link you to my blog?)

  2. Ah my first car that was really mine was a 1994 Honda Civic… and I still miss it 🙁

  3. Jessica says:

    My first car was a 1990 Honda Civic (I got it in 2000), and the trunk didn’t completely close so I had to chain it down from the inside! It was most definitely a hoopty, haha! I also put a bunch of stickers on the back 🙂

    I had a boring breakfast of cold cereal this morning, but your pancake pic is making me wish I’d taken the time to make something more satisfying. Hmm…maybe for lunch?!

  4. Marina says:

    your car is so sweet! Why can’t you have it anymore? is it broken?

  5. Jenny R. says:

    oh my goodness bumper stickers!! I love them..your car is so fancy. What car are you getting next?
    My first car I inherited from my mom when I moved back home after university. I was a 1992 Toyota Camry. But I the one I have now I consider my real first car because it’s brand new and was mine from the start 😉 It’s a VW Golf and I love it b/c it has butt warmers. Every car in Canada needs butt warmers.

  6. My first car was a Little Red Corvette – one of those battery-powered kid cars that I used to ride up and down the sidewalks every day after school! Oh how I miss those days!

    The first car I could actually drive on the street is my blue-silver Passat 🙂 I love my car! Yours is super cute!

    I still need to hug a carb!! Soon soon!!

  7. Sünne says:

    Haha, I love your bumper sticker collection!

    My first car – I’ve only had one so far (okay, I share it with my mom but it’s got my initials (and originally it was also supposed to have my year of birth as part of the license plate) – is a black Opel Astra. I like it!
    Oh, I shouldn’t forget to mention I drove a Passat for a short time before but that didn’t feel like “my” car.

  8. I love flare on cars!!!
    But I have to say I love Office Space, though 🙂

    I had PETA stickers, grateful dead stickers and hemp stickers all over my car – lol

  9. Shelby says:

    I still don’t have a car! I drive my Dad’s Ford Taurus around though, I hate it with a passion. It’s like driving a boat! haha

    My dream car is a Pink Prius 🙂

  10. *Andrea* says:

    hahaha love the car pictures!!! so cute

  11. Jessica says:

    I think those pancakes look soooo good. I need to try asap!

  12. Daria @ Daria Can Cook says:

    Cute car! I bet the bumper stickers make it easier to find in big parking lots. 🙂

    “My” first car (it was a family car that mostly I drove) was a total clunker – an old Buick that died on me a few times. I’m very happy to live in a place with adequate public transportation now so I don’t have to deal with car issues. 😉

  13. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says:

    Love the ride with all the bumper stickers but you’re right probably ticket-prone. Enjoy your new ride whatever that brings ya Miss Hot Mama in your white convertible 🙂

  14. He he – I just posted about one too many hugs this month. Is that even possible? Honestly, I think not after seeing those pancakes again. Hmm, maybe I’ll whip up a batch for dinner. Love breakfast for dinner.

    Also love seeing you in your flair covered car (Office Space is one of CD’s favorite movies of all time!). My first car was a Chevrolet Celebrity. My Dad bought it for me at an auction b/c it was old and safe. A few months later, I was rear ended, and the car got totaled. Next up was a brand new Saturn – total lemon. Finally settled on a Jeep Cherokee – loved loved loved my Jeep. Nowadays, it’s a sensible Honda Accord. Kind of boring, but she gets the job done. 🙂

  15. Naomi says:

    love the pics and the bumper stickers esp the go vegan one!! haha….really gives it your own pizazz

    my first car was my dads old honda accord it was a great car! I just gave it away to kars for kids (donate) because it was on its last leg. now I have a grand jeep cherokee, love it!

    those pancakes look amazing!

  16. Love the bumper stickers! I wish I could have a ton but that would be seriously frowned on over here in the desert. I do have one though, it says Love Animals, Don’t Eat Them!

    Those brownie batter pancakes….words can’t describe how hungry that photo is making me!

    My first car was my mom’s old range rover, which I completely demolished in a horrible car accident on mother’s day. A 12 foot steel shot through the windshield and stopped 6 inches in front of my face. And when our compound’s security went to get my parents in the middle of the night they told them I was probably dead. (I was totally fine, not a scratch on me.)

    So, my first car didn’t last too long but I loved it. Then I had a Nissan X-Terra, a pontiac sunfire, and, my favorite, a Toyota Rav 4. That car was perfect! Small enough to zip around, big enough to cart around my dogs and all my horse stuff.

    Here in Saudi we have a rental Toyota Yaris (fun and zippy, my favorite way for a car to be) and a 1990 convertible mustang. That thing is a beast. It looks awesome, sounds scary and is really fun to ride in…but not so fun to drive. It has the turning radius of a aircraft carrier.

    By the way, I love that you are sharing pages from your scrapbooks! You are so sweet and thoughtful to compile your family’s memories like that, I bet everyone loves to flip through and see all the old pictures and remember the fun times you have all had together. 🙂

  17. Maggie says:

    I love the car! My first car was a 1990 Brown Honda Civic. It was so cute. I had Guster stickers on it and some other ones too I think. My car now is a 2008 Silver Honda Civic! I love Hondas. What is your new car gonna be?

  18. Melinda says:

    cute car, but the flair makes it really stand out. My car is really unique for the island here, but wasn’t as noticable in the States. As you get older, trust me, you do not want to be singled out that easily. My first car in 1996 was a 1987 subaru, loved that car, but I had to replace the transmission 2 times. Yes, that was more expensive than the darn car itself.

  19. Karina Pinzon says:

    Love the back of your car.. it carries so much fun personality! You’re pretty awesome, haha 🙂

    I am so going to make those pancakes, they look delicious. Who doesn’t want brownie batter ______?
    I could have brownie batter celery and enjoy it.


  20. Jenny says:

    dang mustang – that is one HOT RIDE! you shall have to pick me up and take me for a spin sometime 😉 le sigh, if only…

    Im still rocking my 1998 toyota corolla.. no automatic locks, no automatic windows – I like to call it vintage 😉

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