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Homemade Cashew Cookie Larabars

Cashew Cookie Larabars It all started with the Hot Chocolate Fudge Babies. I love them. You love them. Everyone loves them. And so the time is ripe to introduce another flavor: cashew cookie. I initially created these to be a replica of the Cashew Cookie Larabars. However, this homemade version ended up tasting so much better than the packaged bars! I might […]

Do you plan your meals in advance?

Since I started blogging, I’ve received quite a few emails like this recent one, below: Hey Katie! I’m a new reader and a new vegan too. And I have a question for you. Your meals always look amazing and so well put together. So my question is how do you decide what to eat? Do […]

Raw Mounds Bars

Who doesn’t love Mounds Bars??? I could’ve simply included these raw mounds bars as a variation in the Raw Macaroon post. But they’re just way too good to be a side note. Chocolate always deserves its own post, don’t you think? Besides, the Mounds Bar was one of my favorite candy bars as a kid.  (I also […]

Raw Macaroons

Completely raw macaroons that are entirely vegan and contain no added sugars… (Form them into balls, bars, or cookie-cutter shapes, like the Peanut Butter Babies.) Macaroon Babies 160 grams dates (1 and 1/3 c) (I use Sunmaid because they’re softer) 1/4 cup coconut butter 1/4 cup tbsp shredded coconut (I used unsweetened) Note: A few readers/bloggers have […]

Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness

  Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness I always want to help others but often get bogged down in the thought that “I’m just one small person; how much help can I really be?” And there are so many worthy causes out there that it’s easy to become discouraged and give up. People often get so overwhelmed at […]