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The Princess and the Cake

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Sounds much yummier than The Princess and the Pea, right?

And certainly much yummier than The Princess and the Knee

Happy Birthday, little sister!

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With the pink hue and the princess decoration, it almost looks like a carbon copy of the cake I made for her last year

My sister is a girl who knows what she likes.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sis! :) I have 2 brothers and we get along fabulously. I can’t imagine my life without them!!

  2. Danielle says:

    Happy Birthday to your sister :)

    I have 2 younger brothers that I get a long with most of the time (when they’re not being rambunctious)

  3. Sünne says:

    Aw, so sweet you baked your sister such a pretty cake! I wish I had your decorating skills! Really, you have to teach me scrap-booking and cake-decorating :)!

    When I was younger, I didn’t get along that well with my brother but with my sister. Now that both of them have moved out I really miss them equally. So happy they’ll be here for Christmas!

  4. Vanilla says:

    My sister…I don’t know. Sometimes I swear I could dump her in the river or something, lol.
    But then there will be nobody to give ma a massage when I’m sore…hum. Dilemma, dilemma!

    You’re so pretty, I love the make-up you have on (do you have any? It’s looks so natural!). And were you drinking?? That was one giant cup :p

    You’re such a great baker! This cake is so cute! Is the ‘princess’ eatable or it’s paper??? Because it’s so neat!

    And I hear you on the ‘old post going to waste’ thing…I spend hours to make a post and hate it when it goes to ”waste”./


  5. Kristie Lynn says:

    I have 4 younger siblings (2 sisters, 2 brothers), and when I lived at home we fought ALL THE TIME. Siblings know how to push your buttons and I think until you are all “adults” (for us it seems to be working out to in college), you don’t realize that it can be fun to have a real relationship with them. So right now I’d say my sisters and I get along really well and my brothers – well I’m not quite cool enough for them 😉 My youngest brother (in middle school) will still hug me when I first come home though which kind of melts my heart.

  6. Pam says:

    Happy Birthday Michelle! Such a pretty cake!

    I have a sister and brother… sis, I talk to just about every day and my bro…well we are 5 yrs apart, SO we only usually talk if we need something!


  7. The cake is BEAUTIFUL! Well done!

  8. joy says:

    I have 3 sisters and 2 I don’t like at all (that is awful to say but true) and one I am close with!

  9. Megan says:

    The cake is beautiful! I have a little sister who is 13 and she doesn’t like to get along with me (maybe she will change her mind when I get my driver’s license soon).

    Thanks for featuring my muffin picture! :)

  10. VeggieGirl says:

    Happy birthday to your sister!!

    And when are you opening up your cake-decorating business?!?! 😀

    I get along fabulous with both of my brothers – love ’em.

  11. Happy Birthday CCK’s sister!

    Wow what a beautiful cake… and beautiful sisters :)

    I have 2 younger brothers and I have always gotten along more with one than the other. But the other one an I still get along fairly well… although he likes to annoy me sometimes!

    I’ve lived away from them for.. oh man.. 5 years now. So it’s really nice to see them when I’ve been away for so long. They are awesome brothers.

  12. Amy says:

    I like the links to old posts because it just makes things more accessible. So if I want to look at the recipe you’re talking about I don’t have to search for it.

  13. Kiersten says:

    Happy birthday to your sister! You guys look a lot a like…but I’m sure you already know that.

    I have an older brother and sister. We have always gotten along great (although they drive me nuts from time to time). Apparently they used to fight like crazy when they were younger, but since I’m the baby in the family no one ever fought with me.

  14. Gorgeous cake, gorg sisters :)
    Backlinks…I totally agree! Between the recipe creation, the typing of the post, the photographing OF the food, the developing of the recipe, tweaking, tasting, etc…it’s ALOT OF WORK to FOOD BLOG so I totally agree about back linking!!!!

    My sister and I…close but we dont live close to each other at all so it’s hard. Sigh. Enjoy this time with your sis before you’re both married, living in diff states, with kids, etc…b/c it gets harder to find the time for each other.


  15. Jocelyn says:

    I like that you include old links in your post…makes up for anything that I pissed when I didn’t read blogs :):)

    Happy bday to your beautiful sister!

  16. Katharina says:

    That is such a beautiful cake! And your sister is gorgeous. You both look so much alike it’s incredible. I am always in awe of how family members resemble each other so much. Crazy science and genetics! Have a wonderful day 😀


  17. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce says:

    I’m so glad that you link back to your old posts pretty often…it’s perfect for someone like me who just started following blogs again and missed out on lots of great posts! Plus that way you don’t have to explain things over and over again, just insert the link and peeps can read more if they so desire! Aw you and your sis are beautiful, that cake is amazing! You are so talented.

  18. Abby says:

    Your sister is gorgeous.. happy birthday to her!! I was a christmas baby, too.. my parents never ever ONCE used holiday paper for my presents.. they tried to make it as special as possibly. Her cake is perfect, btw.. you are amazingly talented, Katie!

    My brother is 7 yrs older than me so we never fought.. no rivalry.. I was just the annoying lil sis who tried to hang out with him every single second of the day. lol

  19. Melinda says:

    nice looking cake.

  20. Whit says:

    Happy birthday to your sister! 😀 You are right, she is gorgeous.

  21. Amanda says:

    Happy birthday Michelle!!
    You happen to have the same name as my wonderful little sis!

  22. Aw, your sister is adorable…just like you! Too cute! And so is that princess cake. Honestly, your never too old for a princess cake.

    As for siblings, I’ve got none. Yep, I’m the one and only. And I’m totally okay with that. I like having to not share (especially at Christmas time…getting all the presents for myself!). I know that seems selfish, but I have no one to share with … so it’s natural, right? :-)

  23. Jenny says:

    you and your sister definitely got hooked up with some beautiful genes :) you two are just gorgeous – and those smiles, radiant!

    give me cakeeeeeeeeeeee! 😉

  24. Shelby says:

    I do not get along with my siblings at all! They are all boys and their ages are 20, 8, 4, 3, and 1. Currently the 4 year old is outside screaming at the top of his lungs at the 3 year old. I like to pretend I don’t know these people and that I’m being kept here against my will 😉

  25. Katie says:

    How sweet!! The cake is so beautiful, I love pink!!!!! Your sis is so pretty like you! Happy Birthday to her!!!

    I have 4 sisters, we did fight alot, stole eachothers clothes, used eachother stuff without asking, ahhhhh the good old days, lol!! We get along better now that were older for sure!!!!

    Have a great day!!!! xoxoxo

  26. Michal says:

    Happy birthday michelle!
    I honestly wish that i wasnt an only child sometimes, it gets so boring! Ive always wanted a little sister since i was really young.

    Cute cake too :)

  27. t says:

    Gorgeous cake! So professional looking!

    I get along great with one of my siblings now, the other not so much… with 3 kids i think its always two against one and switching alliances…

  28. Niki says:

    It’s also much better than ‘The Princess and the Frog’. :) The cake looks great! Hope she had a great birthday!

  29. You are the best cake decorator ever! I’m calling you up when I start planning a wedding. :) Happy birthday to your sister! I get along really well with all my 4 siblings, but there’s a big age difference between me and all of them (due to multiple marriages involved) so we don’t have the most conventional relationship in the first place.

    PS Amazing news about your Vitamix giveaway!! My chance is coming!

  30. Christy says:

    Awe! Happy birthday to your sister. Your two are so beautiful. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I am working on becoming a vegetarian (possibly vegan) myself. Your writing is so inspirational!

  31. susan says:

    happy birthday to the chocolate covered sister!

    i just had to comment on this b/c i have 4 siblings, and my much older sister (i’m 29 and she’s 50) is the most important person in the world to me!

    she is wonderful! she has been through SO much in her life (including near death car wreck, lupus, brain tumor ETC) yet she only ever thinks of others.
    the true meaning of the word selfLESS…

    i adore her and i think i’m the luckiest little sister in the world to have her =)

  32. chrysta says:

    aawww….very cute picture of you and your sister!! Happy Birthday to her!!
    I have one sister and one brother, both younger. Im super close to them both. Well Im close to my whole family actually. But I absolutely love them. I feel so lucky to have such a great family.
    Fabulous looking cake too girl!!

  33. Shannon says:

    no siblings… but i wanted to wish you a wonderful christmas katie :)

  34. wow you and ur sister look like twins!

  35. glidingcalm says:

    happy birthday Michelle!

  36. girlonraw says:

    Happy birthday to your sista! You are a very clever cake decorator. And I have a younger sister and I love her dearly, despite being half a world apart we speak almost every day. Get us in the same room though and we are arguing in minutes hehe. That’s what familia are for right?

  37. Ameena says:

    Such a gorgeous cake! You are very talented!

    I love my brother to death and can’t live without him – even though I’d never tell him that to his face. :)

  38. Maria says:

    Your sister is so lucky to have a talented cake maker like you Katie! I would love to have a cake like that on my birthday 😀

    I used to fight with my sister all the time too (think 24/7) because we’re close in age. Now, we’re super close and really good friends!

  39. candice says:

    I don’t think I’ve had enough posts to feel “attachment” to old ones? But I do link back, too—I think I was inspired to do that because of you. 😉 That princess illustration is SO CUTE!

    My sister gets on my nerves sometimes (not uncommon, i know), but overall, we get along pretty well. I can’t deny that I’ve made her cry though. 😕

  40. Happy Birthday to Chocolate Covered Cake Eating Michelle! I definitely see the resemblance which is actually a compliment to both of you :-)

  41. Emily says:

    What a beautiful cake, Katie! You are so talented. Happy Birthday to Michelle, too! You are both gorgeous girls.

    I get along really well with my siblings, too. My twin is my best friend, and my brother and I are pretty close, too. :-)

  42. Cindy says:

    you and your sis look so much alike! You are both beautiful!
    and your cake is DARLING.

    I couldn’t agree more about the getting attached to older posts. Some just make me smile and I miss them too. haha


    I have a lot..4 brothers and a sis. I love them all but we are all struggling with a lot of childhood family bonding issues and it’s a lot of painful work some days. We all love each other though so it’s good to work on it.

    I am so happy you and your sis are close! warms my heart.

  43. quix says:

    Ok, that is ADORABLE!! Happy birthday to your sis! And I’m a bit embarassed but sometimes I read through my blog archives when I’m bored. So I totally feel ya there. 😉

  44. Meg says:

    Happy Birthday to your sister, Katie – you two are definitely beautiful women and I’m glad your relationship has gotten better. I adore my brother, and his wife! She’s pregnant with their first baby!

    Happy holidays!

  45. Amy says:

    Beautiful cake! I have a brother but it seems at this point in our lives we have very little in common. We talk a couple of times a year and probably see each other once a year.

  46. Jenna says:

    that cake is awesome!
    those love muffins look to die for!

  47. Trying to catch up before I leave for Arizona tomorrow, and I have so many thoughts. Here is my list:

    1. Happy Birthday Michelle! Yes, she’s beautiful, just like her sister.
    2. I would like to thank Megan as well. The muffin did look perfect.
    3. Yes, I am attached to my old posts. Not all, but some, and it makes me so sad to think that new readers missed out on so many oldies but goodies. I totally get it.
    4. CD just gave me a Magic Bullet for Christmas. When do you use that instead of the Vita?
    5. Last but not least, are you really giving away a WHOLE Vita-Mix? 😉

    P.S. One more…Did you ever do the Wild Bar giveaway?? Did I enter and just not remember. I need some Mountain Mints!

  48. BroccoliHut says:

    Happy birthday to Michelle!!
    I used to fight with my middle sister, but now all three girls get along–they’re two of my best friends these days!

  49. Patrick says:


    Your sister wasn’t flying anywhere(TX?) from Boston on Monday was she?

  50. Patrick says:

    Or maybe it was today. I don’t know. Anyway I saw this woman at the airport that I was like ‘that person looks really familiar’ and now looking at these pics I started thinking it was your sister. Highly unlikely though

  51. Two beautiful ladies and an amazing cake! I am actually heading out this week to spend Christmas with my wonderful sister and her daughters. We have always got along quite well even though we are a bit far apart in age.

  52. Marina says:

    I have a sister, she’s 7 yrs older then me. We fight all the time, and I truly believe I’m more mature then her. But of course I love her :)
    Congrats to your sis, she looks beautiful btw.

  53. Awww I want a sister like you to make me cakes on my birthday! You are lucky to have a great sister, Katie! That cake looks fabulous and I bet it was delicious.

  54. Jess says:

    My twin sis and I are the same way, we hated each other growing up and now if I don’t talk to her at least once a week I get sad and miss her.

    and you’re both lovelies!

  55. Your sister has a great name : )

    Love the cake, it looks perfect!!!!!

    You two are both beautiful!!

    Merry Christmas Katie!!

  56. Linking to old posts is smart because there are some people like me who check up every few weeks who may have missed an earlier post! I love that you do it.

  57. Vanilla says:

    I know it’s an old post but I was searching for some recipes to do with Amazing Grass (I won a giveway, can you believe it? Me neither!) and I typed ”Amazing Grass” in the search box and stumbled across this post.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that this picture of you is probably my FAVOURITE!! You are stunning with the pink cheeks and so are your sister :) (Weird that you have brown eyes and she has blue eyes…)