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Raw Buckeyes

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Raw buckeyes! Little bombs of deliciousness that literally burst in your mouth.


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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Samantha says:

    In Ohio, the ‘sex-bomb babies’ are called buckeyes. My family has been making them for generations. I tried making them vegan a few years ago, but they didn’t turn out so well. If your friend has some hints, I’d love it if you could share the recipe.

  2. Samantha,
    I actually wrote a post about real buckeyes awhile ago. Here’s the link:


  3. Ohmigosh I remember a few years ago my husband and I were dying over Pilot Inspecktor. What the heck?!!?

  4. Pam says:

    ha ha!….you never disappoint me girl!….lol!!! I believe I am going to make your Fudge Babies today along with Almond Cranberry Bites, homemade gluten free bread, and Coconut Protein Bites…yum! Come on over and we can get busy in the kitchen!

    Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

  5. seekmyself says:

    Lol I love how celebrities pick the goofiest names for their kids… apparently, lavish lifestyles are not enough excitement for them… they gotta get creative with the baby names too :)

  6. Scott in Ohio says:

    First, being from Ohio, I have to say GO BUCKS!

    “Sex-bomb babies” are a much more exciting name than “buckeyes”. :-)

    Worst celeb baby name: Nicholas Cage’s son “Kal-El” who is named after Clark Kent.

  7. Danielle says:

    I was watching a VH1 show about wacky baby names and I think the #1 spot was a child named “Moon Unit” haha evil parents 😉

  8. Love the sex bomb babies! They look delicious! I would not like to be alone with that whole plate of them!

    Another strange celeb name – Tom and Katie’s baby Suri.

  9. candice says:

    Hahaha, this post cracked me up. Why do sex bomb babies look so delicious?! 😯 I’m thinking of making more fudge babies today, so maybe I’ll shoot you an email for a feature! 😉

    OMG. Tu Morrow. You can’t be serious… D: I don’t really keep up with the celebs, so I don’t know any crazy baby names, but honestly, what drives them to do this to their poor kids?! And to think I wanted to be a celeb kid when I was 5—oh, the innocent days…

  10. This post is too funny!

    I think Sparrow tops the list of strange names!

  11. This post is way too adorable, and delicious!

  12. Katie says:

    Oooh, what a good addition to the “baby family” – can’t wait to try them out!

  13. Jenny says:

    I cry a little bit on the inside when I think of Gwyneth Paltrow’s more daughter having to go through life as “Apple”. Poor thing! that’s just torture.

  14. I can’t believe those are actually real baby names!!!

    Poor kids!

  15. Pam says:

    Katie Girl…..those fudge babies are SO good! Hubby really liked them too! They taste just like fudge cake and smell like it too! Betcha can’t just eat one!

    Thank YOU!


    P.S. I am doing a post today about them!

  16. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce says:

    As great of a movie as the jungle book is, naming your kid mowgli anything is such a cruel life sentence!

  17. Jenny says:

    Buckeyes are one of our main favorite sugar-y treats so I’m definitely anxious to try making this healthier version. And I LOVE all of these celebrity names. Seriously! I don’t like how people all have the same names. I think the only reason these kids would have a hard time in life is if people are being close-minded! :) Let’s be fun and original with this life we’re given! I think it’s great that we all have different ideas about it, though. Because then there might be too many “Memphis Eve”s and “Audio Science”s! :) Fun post.

  18. Vegyogini says:

    Hands down, it’s Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette, the daughter of Penn Jillette from Penn & Teller.

  19. ilanalala says:

    there are so many possibilities! i don’t know what to try first! these look insaaaane.

  20. Oh the Sex Bomb babies look phenomenal!!!!!!
    As a mother of a uniquely named daughter, I say to each his or her own! But yeah, you dont wanna torture your kid with a totally out there name either! People always saying, what?? can you repeat that please??!! That would be awful!

    Thx for the brownie batter grams to Tbsp conversion! I had a feeling/instinct about the measurements and I was close but I sooo need a scale! That’s my next item!

  21. Brilliant to dip the PB babies in chocolate. They are like semi-raw Buckeyes.

    Agreed, I always thought Apple & Moses Martin (sorry Gwyneth – you know I love you) were pretty bad until I heard about Pilot Inspeckor. However, Fifi Trixibell is awful – I don’t even know who that is.

  22. Katie says:

    Those are my favorite christmas treats! I didn’t have any this year, and may have to make some soon.

    It seems like a “normal” name like Katie (:)) is not so normal anymore, huh? Fifi Trixbell???

  23. psychoj1 says:

    Wow, CRAZY names!!! Hilarious baby names 😀

    <3 jess

  24. Chef Aimee says:

    Not only can you cook well, but what an amazing sense of humor you have! :)

  25. Oh wow! these babies looks so good!!! I love them 😀

  26. Veggiesmack says:

    Those sex bomb babies look absolutely amazing!

  27. Jena says:

    Wow those babies look delishh!

  28. Emily says:

    Love the sex bomb babies. :-) They remind me a lot of Buckeyes (after all I am an OSU alum). :-) I just looked up your recipe for the Buckeyes you made a while ago. It’s been far too long since I’ve made them, and it’s perfect because the Bucks play in the Nat’l championship soon!

  29. LOL! love your comment about Bronx Mowgli the baby name lol reminds me of the jungle book meets Bronx new york haha

  30. I think I can honestly say that I love buckeyes – being from Ohio it’s hard not to, though I’m not an OSU alum. And I can honestly say that I was relieved and happy when I learned that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr had named their daughter Charlotte.

    And the weirdest celebrity baby name I’ve heard was Pilot Inspektor. Yeah.

  31. chrysta says:

    Wow!! I was so craving chocolate and PB too and those look AMESOME. You never cease to amaze me girl=) Im going to have to make those soon for sure.

  32. Those Sex Bomb Babies look Yowza good!

  33. Trail says:

    Wow, the sex bomb babies look amazing! Love that there’s a special tab now for all your bebe’s! Before our last trip to the grocery, I let hubby pick which fudge baby version sounded the best to him so we could buy what we needed and make them. As soon as we wade through all the accumulated holiday treats, we’ll whip up a batch. I can’t wait!

    I remember when Demi Moore’s kids had strange names (Rumer & Scout)… now I think they’re pretty mainstream in comparison!

  34. Mmm, buckeyes! I like your name better though.

    I think the all-time weirdest is Shannyn Sossamon’s baby name (she’s the chick from A Knight’s Tale) — Audio Science Clayton Sossamon.

  35. I can’t think of any celebrity baby names right now because my brain is too obsessed with those AMAZING chocolate covered peanut butter babies! Pure genius…I must go to my kitchen now.

  36. Lexi says:

    Those sex bomb babies look amazing! They remind me of Buckeyes! (In ohio, the buckeyes are really popular because of our football team)

  37. holly says:

    those sex-bomb babies look sexxxayyyyyy! mmmmm!

  38. Marianne says:

    I’m pretty sure I need those sex-bomb babies in my life like, right now.

    Worst celeb child name? Moon Unit Zappa (Frank Zappa’s daughter).

  39. angie says:

    all of the babies you make look awesome .
    will be trying this one soon .
    robin williams named his daughter zelda after the video game .
    I own a dvd of one of his stand ups with him talking about it .

    1. Oh no, after the video game?! Forget “some people shouldn’t be allowed to name children.” Some shouldn’t be allowed to have them lol!

  40. Marcee says:

    PBB are ….. food!!! Acceptable. Who names a human after fruits & veggies???? Duh.

    Yeeegads ….. all those horrid names that keep popping up in HOLLYWEIRD. For years and years. A given name for a new bebe ….. that’s (h-e-l-l-o) a human …. deserves a decent beginning. Icky-yucky-poo-poo names do not seem fair, right or normal. At all. Ever.

    In the 60’s …. 70’s, and beyond …. “film-stars” were always comin up with weirdo names. Remember Susan St. James? She named her kids Sunshine (girl) and I forgot what her son wound up with. She had other children too. Those times, with “normal” names. Whew. If my memory serves me correctly, the daughter changed her name. Thank goodness.

    Mariah C. infants have awful names. Cruel. They will call her son “Moron” instead of Morroco. Why couldn’t she just go with Rocco? I think Madonna gave her birth-son that name. As for “Monroe” …. Mariah’s twin daughter’s name …. totally dumb. That wasn’t even Norma Jean’s (MM the actress) authentic name. BOO.

    Then, on top of the above …. you have someone like Alicia Silverstone who looks and acts fairly normal. Right?? Surprise!! Not really (completely) normal if she named her infant son “BEAR BLU.”

    Nicole Ritchie’s children have strange names along with the countless others. “Harlow??” Not sure that was even the name of Jean Harlow the actress. Even so …. not good.

    Sunday Rose???? Please.

    At least Sarah Jessica Parker realizes her children must live with their names. Forever. Not too shabby. All the names she (wisely) choose for them are fine. They were all names after family members. Make for good common sense!!

    Christina Applegate gave her daughter a gorgeous name! I love it!!

    Another famous lady/face is Jerri Jager …. Mick’s ex. All their kids have great old-fashioned names! Same goes for Stella McCartney. Lovely + simple names they can (properly) live with.

    That’s all folks. Enjoy your week!

    1. Bear Blu? That’s what she named her kid? Oh no! I agree with you; that’s awful! Don’t they care about how much these kids are going to be picked on? If you want to name your kid a funny name, get a dog! :(

  41. Trajayjay says:

    Well, I think I hear some celebrity kid’s name was reignbeau. That’s like naming your kid sonrey (sun ray). Ah, I’ve heard worse non-celebrity names. There’s someone named Murquesha in my school, pretty awful. And I heard someone named her kid Le-ah. (Not pronounced Leah, Le DASH ah. That’s like pronouncing Ke$ha like Ke dollar sign ha). But that’s pretty much it. I think some people try to be too unique with baby names. Watch Top 60 Ghetto Names on youtube. It parodies a bunch of names that the stereotypical ratchet ass ghetto queen has.