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Vegan Thursdays

I’ve never really taken seriously the tradition of making new year’s resolutions.  However, I have a friend who is serious about her Resolutions. And this year she called me, all excited, to tell me about her idea: After reading my post, Help for Omnivores interested in Veganism, she decided that one day a week, she’s […]

Make your own Liquid Crack

(Oh boy will I probably regret this title when I see the resulting Google searches it may get.). A few years ago, I ventured into a little, unknown cafe in NYC called Bonobos. Although the cafe was quaint, it was also very quiet.  My mom and I were the only ones in the joint for […]

Running In The Cold Weather

Upon seeing the title of this post, the following may have crossed your mind: “What on earth is a girl from Texas doing writing a post about cold-weather running?” Admittedly, I’m not forced to deal with below-zero temperatures, ice storms, or blizzards like those of you in locations such as Canada. But Texas winters can be […]

Hats off to the Christmas Season of 2009

You prepare for the Christmas season all year (the stores do, anyway!), and then just like that, it’s over… and you have to prepare again the next year! But even with all the rushing, the stress, and the mess, it’s hard to not love that time of year. So, until next December, hats off to the Christmas season. Hats such as… A hot […]

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