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Oscars Food And Fashion

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Sometimes, the Oscars can be a bit dull. That’s why, if you’re going to watch them, it’s best to track down a few friends to watch with you. I think my friends like finding any excuse for a party.

The snack I brought with me to the Oscars party:

Raw Mounds Bars Hearts

raw mounds bars

I *think* everyone loved them. After all, there were none left. And I only got one.

Does anyone else ever feel sorry for the men, who don’t wear fancy, colorful Oscar outfits?

Oh wait, this guy certainly did!


Who do you think was the Best Dressed at the Oscars? Not including Ben Stiller… because he obviously takes that prize!

Was it: A. Cameron Diaz


(Loved her dress!!)

B. Zoe Saldana


(Not a fan)

C. Sarah Jessica Parker


(Really not a fan)

Or could it have been…

Molly and Henry!

They get my vote.

Well, except for the fact that they technically didn’t go to the Oscars, so I guess they don’t qualify.

Too bad.

znyc 817

znyc 818

(Above showing off their winter coats)

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  1. jcd says:

    I don’t have TV at home (no channels, just a BD/DVD player) so we didn’t get to see the Oscars. Molly and Henry definitely win the prize for best dressed. They are even on the red carpet! Too cute.

    And hurrah to Sandra Bullock – she deserves the award.

  2. Ooh I didn’t notice the red carpet! How funny!! Maybe they could qualify for “best dressed” after all!

  3. I think they are a little on the boring side … I prefer to look at the dresses in US Weekly. :)

  4. You are too cute, Katie! Adding your pooches to the Oscar finery line-up! I love it! I needed a good laugh!

    Love ya! 😀

  5. Love the new blog layout. :)

    Also loved Cameron’s dress, and I really liked Demi Moore’s, but the color was all wrong. I watched all the red carpet stuff and then fell asleep after the 2nd award. :)

  6. Kate says:

    Haha! I stopped on your blog right after checking out the Oscar dresses on! (not that I NORMALLY go to that site….usually Wall St. Journal or similar…hehehe).

    The doggies are adorable! Can’t wait to hear how the raw Key Lime Pie turns out!

  7. Sarahishealthy says:

    Oh entirely too much cuteness for one post!

  8. Aimee says:

    Katie, your pups are precious.
    Do they like wearing their coats? mine hate it!

  9. Aimee,
    Haha they don’t like it either! But if it means they get to go outside for a walk… then they don’t mind. Excitement from getting to go for a walk trumps annoyance at wearing clothes :)

  10. I agree about the Oscars… ummm i’ll just look at the dresses afterwards ha
    I think that Cameron’s dress was gorgeous but Miley Cirus’s was my favorite (though i’m not a fan of HER).

  11. Kara says:

    I completely agree about SJP. Who was her stylist, letting the poor girl go out looking like an oompa loompa?

  12. vegangal says:

    i loved sandra bullock’s dress. did you see it? well i guess of course you did. she is just so amazing, and i’m glad she won just like you are!

  13. Mary says:

    I wish I could have been at that party with you, just fr the Raw Mounds bars alone!

  14. Mary says:

    Oh and to get to see Molly and Henry of course :)

  15. I don’t like to watch award shows – yawn – but your treats look pretty good! I just like to look at the dresses later – especially the really outrageous ones! They are pretty much the only interesting thing about it.

  16. hahah I think the doggies take the cake! I also thought demi moore looked amazing! she is just stunning! same with maggie gyllenhall :)

  17. Erin says:

    I loved Demi Moore. Judging by the other comments, it looks like I’m in good company!
    And yeah, what was with that purple dress? Way too frou frou for me. But I bet it’s a lot of pressure to try and pick a dress for the Oscars that everyone will love, you know?

  18. Jessica says:

    Molly and Henry would get my vote for sure! Does my vote count for anything though? Haha they could give some style tips to Ben Stiller, poor guy!

  19. Susan says:

    I loved Maggie Gyllenhaal’s dress and Sandra’s. I’m so happy Sandra won too! Let’s be real: everyone still know that Meryl is bossy.

  20. *Andrea* says:

    i hate the awards shows but love the pics of dresses in magazines and blogs after haha. i happened to love sjp’s dress, but i am a hugeeeeeee fan of hers so i’m sure i’d like it even if it was/is hideous. not a fan of zoe’s though. cameron always looks glowing imo.

  21. Andrea:
    You sound just like my sister (another SJP fan)! Oh you Boston girls!! :)

  22. Bekka says:

    I never watch the Oscars. They are just so long and drawn out. Just tell us the best actress already! That’s what everyone wants to know, right? 😉

  23. Jennifer says:

    Katie you are such a sweetheart to offer to bring such yummy food for all your friends. If it was me, I’d keep it all to myself!
    Do you still make/decoraate cupcakes?

  24. Just Audrey says:

    Of the three pictured, Cameron’s dress is definitely my fave. :) There were a lot of pretty ones, though, (and some really crazy ones). Fashion = definitely the best part of the evening for me. I was pretty happy that Sandra one, too, though. And Up…which was cute and clever. 😀

  25. Kiersten says:

    Molly and Henry are better dressed than several of the people I saw on the Oscars. I watched the Oscars for a while, but got so bored that I decided to go to bed.

  26. Katie says:

    I love the new blog layout, Katie. Bigger pictures is always a good thing when they’re as awesome looking as yours are ;)Makes me hungry!

  27. Katie says:

    Sorry, I meant “are always a good thing”

  28. Danielle says:

    Molly & Henry definitely look better than SJP’s dress 😕 I loved Cameron Diaz’s!

    I really admire you for bringing raw snacks to a party! I’m always too nervous that people will think I’m odd (except I am odd…) Ok, one day I’ll do it 😀

    p.s. I like the new layout!

  29. I watched the Oscars all by myself :-(. But I made vegan buttermilk biscuits and brown-sugar baked tofu ham for Monday’s breakfast while I watched…so I wasn’t lonely! I hated Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress, but that Carey Mulligan was ADORABLE!

  30. ilanalala says:

    When I was little I used to love watching the awards ceremonies! Now I don’t have a TV and I just scope the styles online. Much better :)

  31. Little Bookworm says:

    Love the new layout, and Molly and Henry look really cute!

  32. todayslady says:

    I didn’t watch the Oscars but I would have if I had seen more of the movies that were nominated. Next year I want to make sure to watch all of the films that are nominated for best picture so I can actually form an opinion on which one should win! I loved Cameron Diaz’s dress!! Molly and Henry look far better though!

  33. I didn’t watch the Oscars, but my vote is definitely for Molly and Henry – they’re too cute! :)

  34. Ahhh the puppies are too cute!

    I really disliked SJP’s dress. I just didn’t get it!

  35. I didn’t watch the Oscars, but looked at all the dresses online yesterday. I really liked Cameron’s dress and I also thought Anna Kendrick from Up in the Air looked gorgeous!

  36. Didn’t watch the Oscars… but Henry is just too cute in his too-big winter coat! Molly, now she knows how to work it! 😉

  37. Inspired says:

    Molly and Henry get my vote! And I just have to tell you that you crack me up with every one of your posts!

  38. Jess says:

    Too cute!

  39. Yep, my votes are with Molly and Henry. Runner-up, Cameron. What is that purple thing? I giant dust ruffle?!

  40. Sarah Jessica Parker looked like an alien in that dress!

  41. Haha, this post made me laugh! I’m with you; I’d rather see the pictures later and not watch the whole thing, which can be terribly boring at times. I’m glad everyone liked your raw Mounds bars; they’re adorable!

    Oh, and P.S. I definitely like Cameron’s dress the best.

  42. @ Alisa and Teri:
    Oh goodness, you guys crack me up :)

  43. Valerie says:

    And now that I’ve done the cheesecake thing, Mounds bars might just have to be next.
    Can you stop with all the amazing recipes that I HAVE to make already? There’s not enough time in the day for them all 😉

  44. caronae says:

    I totally just watched for the dresses too :)

  45. Laura says:

    Definitely Molly and Henry! They have my vote, not just for the red carpet, but for Commanders in Chiefs. Co-commanders, of course ;).
    What do you think?

  46. CCV says:

    Haha Laura, do you even need to ask? Of course I’d vote for them! But methinks they’re too lazy to run 😕

  47. scott gramke says:


    I love the scotty dog, so cute!!


  48. ew not feeling SJP’s dress. carrie would be appalled. your pups are sooo cute! and i’m strictly a new york times girl myself….wait, how did In Touch somehow get in my car?

  49. Catherine says:

    Aww I love the pics of the puppers! They definitely get top marks in my book. Who knows – they might be showing up in “who wore it best” sometime soon. :)

  50. Jess says:

    I really loved the first dress shown! (on this post)

    So many pretty dresses!
    <3 jess

  51. Simply T says:

    Um. Drool. I can’t visit your blog when I’m hungry :)

    Also, I’m super excited to make a Whole Foods run for the mounds pancake recipe. I tried a vegan french toast today with bananas instead of eggs – decent, but kinda soggy if you let it absorb too much batter. I saw some other vegan french toast recipes with nutritional yeast – any chocolate covered katie brand french toast recipes?

  52. Gaby says:

    Aw, those coats are so cute! We put a sweater on my dog once and he forgot about it after a while, but he’s so shaggy he doesn’t need it anyways.
    I had the Oscars on and sort of watched the beginning to see the dresses but after a while it became background noise while I wasted time online, then finally the channel was changed lol. Woops.

    I also have a special email coming your way as soon as I figure out some camera issues. I had a bit of a dry spell for a while but finally remembered the joys of baby making tonight teehee :X I’m so mature. But really, they were divine!

  53. GirlonRaw says:

    Definitely Molly & Henry!

    I was only just thinking the same thing myself re the Oscars. I always look forward to them then realise how boring they really are. I much prefer the red carpet show before hand and you are right, it would be most fun with a group of friends!!

  54. I didn’t watch Oscars because of the time difference and didn’t have time for reruns, but I don’t actually need to because I can see pics of the evening all over blog world 😀 so cool!

  55. Marianne says:

    Oh God, I never saw the back of SJP’s dress…which just makes it fuglier. Oh yes, I brought out the fugly. And it is.

    I think my fave dress was Sandra Bullocks. Understated, but so beautiful.