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Do not Pinch Me! I’m wearing my Green!

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Have you eaten anything green today?

(Does my mom have the coolest St. Patrick’s Day vest or what??)


Many of the best foods are green:

Kale, kabocha, spinach, chard, mache, broccoli, asparagus, kiwi, brussels sprouts, zucchini…

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite green food?  Mine’s broccoli!!

Power Song of the Day:

Come on Eileen

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Kara says:

    I love how you included wild bars in the things that are green list. Too funny!

  2. Mary says:

    Such a pretty photo!
    Oh and the one of your mom and you aint bad either 😉

  3. eatandrun says:

    You know how people turn yellow when they eat too much squash? I wonder if the same thing could happen from eating too much green. Maybe I’ll find out today!

  4. Sarah says:

    bring on the brussel sprouts!

  5. Honeydew ice cream!? Yum!!

    I’m going with avocados. :)

  6. Jenny says:

    Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Haha… which isn’t as good for you as the breakfast I had this morning, a green monster!

  7. anonymous says:

    I’m so excited you’re posting more photos of yourself, because I just think you are gorgeous and glowing! I don’t mean to sound creepy, which is why I’m leaving this comment anonymously. I promise I’m not a stalker, just someone who thinks you’re amazing!
    Have a great day, girlie!

  8. Always love St. Patty’s day! Nice greens : )

  9. I LOVE Come on Eileen! I’m such a dork! It’s one of those songs that just get me moving!

  10. Anonymous,
    Wow, thank you so much for lifting my spirits higher than a St. Patrick’s Day rainbow!
    Ok cheesy… but seriously, thank you!!!

  11. vegangal says:

    i’ve already had my green oatmeal (thanks to kiwi and a bit of spinach blended in)!
    and i second what anonymous said :)

  12. Valerie says:

    I planned on making some of those key lime pie pancakes you posted the other day (Rachel’s recipe) but my grocery store wouldn’t cooperate. They were out of key lime soy yogurt :(

  13. First of all, you are absolutely gorgeous girl!!!!!

    I’m not sure what i’ll eat that is green… but I have spinach, kale, broccoli, … and probably much more green stuff on hand. Plenty of options :)

    Favorite green? Broccoli!!! I love it too… which others thing is STRANGE. I also love Brussel Sprouts!

  14. Love broccoli too! In fact eating it right now…..

  15. Tiffany says:

    spinach, of course! in EVERYthing! haha

    oh, and i think my comment on your last post went into spam because it had a link in it. :( i was just saying we have the same dress, and it’s on my Weight Journey page!

  16. angela k. says:

    I had a green tea latte for breakfast!
    I’ll be adding more matcha to my protein shake later on… so all will be green today 😛

  17. You and your mom are so beautiful!!
    Hmm.. favorite green food… probably broccoli, asparagus, or kale. But I love Naked’s Green Machine juice!

  18. I’m wearing green today too! :)

    My favorite green food is Brussels sprouts, for sure!

  19. Killian says:

    Happy Saint Patricks Day from an ACTUAL Irishman :)

    Best green foods? Cabbage, mint, spinach, cucumber, GRANNY SMITH APPLES :O and, of course, Mojitos :)

    Love your Mums vest, tastfully tacky I say 😀

  20. Betherann says:

    Mmm I love honeydew ice cream!

    As for my favorite green thing…avocado! Particularly in guacamole form, mixed up with spaghetti squash. Nom nom.

  21. Sarahishealthy says:

    Yeah, I think everyone’s already said how gorgeous you are. But I’m going to add my name to the long list of people who think you’re stunning!
    Must be all those green foods you eat!

  22. Marina says:

    My favorite green food is spinach, definitely. Amazing in everything! :)
    My green food for today is cabbage salad and kale patties. Not sooo green, but tasty :)

  23. Anonymous says:

    happy st patricks day katie!

  24. gina (fitnessista) says:

    i LOVE come on eileen. it’s one of my favorite songs of all time- especially the save ferris version.
    love that pic with your madre and i have to try that honeydew ice cream! it looks amazing
    happy st patty’s day, friend! <3

  25. Inspired says:

    Woah, honeydew ice cream! Clicking on that link NOW!!!

  26. Green monsters are my fav! or maybe swiss chard…yum :-)

  27. Oh gosh, favorite green food? Avocado!

  28. Jessica says:

    Cute cute post. Love the pancakes. I still need to get me some coconut butter. It’s so expensive, but if I love it 1/2 as much as you do, it’ll be worth it, right?

  29. Aimee says:

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day, little leprechaun (however ya spell that!)

  30. radioactivegan says:

    Sophomore year of high school, my boyfriend dyed his arm green for st patty’s day with green koolaid. He couldn’t get it off for a few days … which makes me wonder why I was ever allowed to drink the stuff!

  31. Evan Thomas says:

    Mint is the best! It’s not incredibly green when it’s in foods, but it’s the flavor not presentation that matters with me :-)

  32. molly says:

    I loooove green foods: Green Monster smoothies, kale chips, green beans (best veggie ever!), jalapeno peppers, tomatillo salsa

  33. McKella says:

    Oh man, too many amazing green foods to name! I’m going to have to go with avocado, zucchini, and green grapes. Also love kiwi and spinach!
    Later, I’m making a green smoothie to celebrate!

  34. Baby pancakes! Too cute! My fave green food is probably kale. Or maybe collards. Or asparagus. Broccoli is good too. I really can’t choose one.

  35. Edamame! And fresh lettuce from the garden!

  36. Mama Pea says:

    I knew you’d have something cute up today! My favorite green food has to be a tie between spinach and broccoli. Oh, and who could forget PEAS!!!

  37. deisegirl says:

    zOMG that vest is er…intriguing!

    I love kale when it’s made into kale chips and slathered in ketchup *drool*. Have never actually eaten kale any other way come to think of it….

    I love green monsters too :)

  38. Katharina says:

    Oh my goodness honey dew ice cream!!! That sounds amazing 😀 You and your mother are gorgeous!!!


  39. christina says:

    such a cute pic of you and your mom!! you look so pretty! my favorite green food is PEAS!!

  40. isladeangela says:

    Boy, you sure do look like Rachel McAdams in that picture! Maybe her brunette younger sister? You’re both adorable!

  41. ilanalala says:

    Um, I’m ROFLing at Come On Eileen, because it’s such a drunken bar song. I like my pancakes on the burnt-ish side, too. Honey dew sorbet looks amazing. And YOU look amazing! That green jacket is the bomb!

    Favorite green food? Um………. Honey dew, avocado, limes, green papaya salad, bok choy, kale, cucumber, kiwi, grapes..all of the best foods are green ( SuperBad but with colors instead of phalluses).

  42. Jess says:

    You are so pretty! And your mom too :)

  43. Kristie says:

    The best things in life are green!

  44. Jessica,
    It’s DEFINITELY worth it!! :) :)

  45. maggie says:

    Wow honeydew…havent had that in ages! Love your coat!


  46. Leah says:

    I loveee overcooked brussels sprouts, roasted broccoli, baby greens, avocado, oh i love everything green! except cilantro! I hate cilantro haha

  47. KEY LIME PIE! that is maybe mty favorite dessert EVER I crave it love it, and I love that you made it into pancakes! i want some!!

    I had salad for lunch, that counts as me eating green, right?! I am a huge fan of kale chips and brocolli rabe MMMMMM happy st pattys day love!

  48. My green favourite must be lettuce in all forms. I had a salad and cucumber today, very greeny 😉

    Have a great (green!) day!:)

  49. oh! and I also had a lime sorbet 😀

  50. yayyy broc! wow that sorbet looks amazing! you and yo mama are so cute

  51. Katie says:

    Brussels sprouts and avocado are my favorite green foods. I started the day with a gigantic green smoothie and then a fat salad for lunch (iwth a side of kabocha fries). It’s been a very green-food day for me so far!

  52. BroccoliHut says:

    I’ve been eating green all day–details to come in tonight’s post:)
    We seem to share a favorite green veggie…but avocado comes in a close second.

  53. todayslady says:

    Right now my fave green food is zucchini. I can’t get enough of it!! I haven’t had any today though but I did have some honeydew :)

  54. Allison says:

    Pistachios and honeydew and broccoli and avocado… Man I wish I had some honeydew… And I really want to try to make something with key limes.

  55. So hard to chose but Brussels are really good!

  56. Catherine says:

    Haha I love that song!! I had a green smoothie for brekkie with spinach, rice milk and honeydew melon in honor of St Patty’s. :)

  57. Michal says:

    Oh gosh I love that song!

    My favorite green food is my new green pudding creation its delicious! :)

  58. McKella says:

    That coat you’re wearing is adorable!

  59. Sarah says:

    I’m definitely a broccoli girl as well. My boyfriend and I are not out celebrating for St. Patty’s day as we have too much homework to do and both agree it’s way too overhyped. However, he’s upstairs roasting us some broc as I type this so we’ll have a tasty green snack before bed. :) Yum!

  60. monica says:

    must get melons…..all veg of course!

  61. Adam says:

    Your posts are always so fun… Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are anything but creative, extremely healthy, and incredibly inspiring! I love seeing people like you who seem like they live to the best of every day… Great pic, it’s makes my week when i see people as happy as you look and sound!

  62. Tiffany says:

    Hmm I love so many green foods: grapes, avocado, leafy greens (spinach and chard and kale–yum), honeydew, pistachios, fresh herbs…it’s so hard to choose a favorite!

    I agree, “Come On Eileen” really is a great workout song.

  63. Effie says:

    I found Agar agar!
    Totally irrelevant but I found out about it from your blog so I wanted to share it :)

  64. Kate says:

    Soooo many favorite green foods! Kale probably tops the list – my green smoothie today was pretty awesome though….spinach, honeydew, kiwi & banana – yum!

  65. Katie says:

    You look GORGEOUS!!! Simply stunning :-)

    Favorite green foods…hmm…I feel like I like EVERYTHING that’s green (except avocado…I know; i’m a freak of nature)….spinach, asparagus, sugarsnaps, broccoli, roasted-until-almost-all-black brussel sprouts, bok choy, crunchy iceberg, GREEN JUICE, mint ice cream, fresh pears…and I ONLY like bananas when they’re still underripe and green!

  66. Marianne says:

    My favourite green food is avocado. Yum!