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Pea Soup And The Prom

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Not together, though. Oh goodness no.

Lunch Munch:


Magic Mushrooms (I didn’t know it was 4/20; I promise!), mache, toast with vegan butter and smashberry jam, and homemade pea soup. Below, more photos, because I have issues with making decisions, and therefore couldn’t decide which to post:



After lunch, my friend and I took her younger sister prom dress-shopping! Considering the prom is this Saturday, it’s really last-minute! But my friend’s sister wasn’t originally planning to go. We had to convince her that she’d regret it later if she skipped out, and that she could have so much fun if she went!

Do you remember your prom?

Did you go? Did you have a good time, or was it a let-down? I went to prom as a freshman and had a lot of fun. But Senior Prom was amazing; one of the best nights of my life! I think what helped me was that I’d heard so many people say their prom didn’t live up to expectations. Therefore, I tried not to build up prom in my head as this magical event. But it turned out to be just that! I had the prettiest dress, a super-sweet date, and fun friends. What more could a girl want?

Oh yeah, really cool prom hair. Haha because that’s what’s important in life, right?

prom hair

If any of you have your old prom photos, you should totally post them!

I’d love to see!

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  1. Awww…prom! That was a long time ago for me, lol. As a sophomore, I went to the senior prom with a really popular jock! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Of course, he’s my husband now so I look back and laugh at myself. I still have the dress I wore because it was sooo gorgeous. My own proms were fun too, and I’m really glad I went. I have 10-year reunion coming up soon…eek!!

  2. Prom was about 10 yrs ago for me, and I still get sad this time of year when girls are dress shopping! I want to go to prom!

  3. Sarahishealthy says:

    You are GORGEOUS, girl! And your chocolate-covered meal too 😉

  4. Aww, prom. I went to prom sophomore, junior, and senior year. I think my sophomore year was the best- it was on a cruise ship. I guess the others weren’t that memorable because I don’t remember much other than the dresses… and it wasn’t *that* long ago… haha.

    You and your dress are gorgeous!!

  5. vegangal says:

    katie you are so pretty! i hope that when i go to my prom i can look as pretty too and have a pretty dress like that too i love the sparkles. well i cant post pics of mine because i havent gone yet but soon!

  6. Valerie says:

    Does your date know how lucky he is to be standing next to such a beautiful girl? 🙂
    I never went to my prom, and I DO regret it.

  7. Mary says:

    Haha 4/20. Are you sure those Magic Mushrooms aren’t REALLY magical?
    And I agree with everyone else: you and your dress and your date could just be something out of a princess fairytale!

  8. eatandrun says:

    I didn’t go to prom, and I’m ok with that. I had a fun night with friends watching movies and eating popcorn instead. No boy drama!

  9. Simply T says:

    Oh my god, your dress is SO pretty! It reminds me of like Miss America. I don’t know if that many people could pull that off.

    My Junior prom was pretty good – I wore a yellow dress – pictured below… not the best picture, but the only one I could find on my computer, hahaha.

    My Senior prom was HORRIBLE. I had Mono and my date was kind of a jerk. He got a speeding ticket for driving 100 mph on the highway. People kept congratulating us because they thought we’d just gotten married (I wore a white poofy dress with orange butterflies on the bodice) and when we got to the after party I fell asleep within 5 minutes. Oh well. I made up for it with lots of fun sorority/fraternity formals in college.

    Check out the young me at Jr. Prom:

  10. Simply T says:

    Oops, I’m not sure if my picture posted…

    Oh well, here’s the link:

  11. abby says:

    oh my goodness katie you are so pretty! i bet everyone tells you that though! 🙂

  12. Jess says:

    Hope your friend has a lot of fun!

  13. VEGirl says:

    Hi, I’ve been a lurker for a week or so and am really inspired. I’m planning to send you an email soon with all the details :).

    Well, I’m fourteen and homeschooling so I don’t think I’ll be going to the prom.

    Also- pretty dress! Do you still have it?

  14. I may post my prom pictures…I loooooooooved prom. I went to 3, and 1/3 wasn’t such a great time, but 2/3 were absolutely incredible!

  15. jcd says:

    Wow! That’s about all I can say.

    Your lunch. You. That dress. Wow.

    I didn’t like our grad dinner/dance/party event. I didn’t have any expectations, but I didn’t enjoy it one bit. Such a downer, I know.

    However, the best part of my grad was coming home (early), changing into sweatpants, going for a walk with my then-boyfriend (now husband), and laying in the park on the grass staring up at the stars and talking until 3 AM. Now THAT, was incredibly memorable.

  16. Inspired says:

    I hope you were voted prom queen, because if not they were seriously mistaken! You look amazing!!!

  17. Inspired says:

    Oh, and my prom was ok. But like you said, I built it up too much in my head 🙁

  18. katie says:

    oh my you are gorgeous in that picture wow! i went to 3 proms and 1 was AMAZING. i think everything else during our “senior week” was better than the actual prom though (probably because it included a 4 day trip to disney!).

  19. Your prom dress was so pretty! I never went to prom but I do love those gorgeous dressed 🙂

  20. Marina says:

    you look amazing, and your dress is beautiful!
    We have some kind of prom, when we graduate, so it’s only once. I had the most perfect dress, I remember I never felt so pretty in my life

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