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Treadmill Envy

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Things I love about running outside:

  • It really wakes me up
  • Two words: second breakfast
  • I get a chance to play my favorite “Running and Imagination” game :)
  • It affords me the chance to clear my mind
  • It’s a great way to take in the scenery
  • I feel like a warrior (especially when passing other runners)
  • Jumping in the pool or taking a hot shower afterwards (depending on the season)
  • Doing something good for a body that does so much for me

But treadmill-running?


Not so much.

I’ve written before about my battle with the Treadmill. This past winter, I resorted to treadmill-running only once, braving single-digit temperatures instead of a meeting with the machine.

But—shock of shocks—I recently found out about a treadmill I would LOVE to try: The NordicTrack X7i.


Why is the NordicTrack X7i so intriguing?

It uses a Wi-Fi connection, along with Google Maps, to give you an infinite number of running routes all over the world. So you don’t have to imagine running with, say, penguins in Antarctica. You can actually see the passing scenery as you run. And it even adjusts for elevation!

I sound like an infomercial for the thing, don’t I?

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. abby says:


  2. Jennifer - jcd says:

    I’m not a treadmill fan either, even if I can hook up my iPod and watch movies on the ones they have at the gym here. Blah. The indoor running track is pretty blah too. Don’t get me wrong, they’re really nice facilities, but running outside is so much better.

    Favourite form of exercise, that’s a tough one. I recently joined a bootcamp fitness class. It’s really difficult but heaps fun. They include lots of running (yay!), push ups and dips (not so yay), obstacle courses, stairs, etc. I love it! But I also love running on my days off from bootcamp class and I really enjoy ballet class too. Oh, and swimming. Don’t make me pick just one.

  3. That treadmill does sound fun. The penguin cupcake looks really cute as well – wish I could decorate cakes like that!

  4. Jessica Lee says:

    Oh Katie, you are too cute. Treadmill running, its a love/hate thing. I like it cuz I can run a lot longer/faster on it and I don’t let myself stop. On the other hand, yes it is quite boring.

    Weights though, it is fun to me because I can literally SEE my muscles working when I lift. I love it. Plus its a challenge like running where you can go father/faster. With weights, it’s how many reps and how heavy!

  5. Beth says:

    Wow that treadmill sounds so cool! My favorite forms of exercise are running outside and Bikram yoga lately. I also looove to bike ride but I feel like it doesn’t give me as good of a workout as running does.

  6. Mo says:

    I actually prefer running on the treadmill. I have a hard time pacing myself, so outside I tend to go SUPER fast for only a couple minutes and then I need to stop and walk for a while before trying to run… again, way faster than I should be.

    The treadmill sounds really fun, though! And I love the cupcake. :)

    PS: I ran in 3+ feet of snow this winter. Beat that. 😉 Okay, so it was only for a couple minutes ’cause it’s quite easy to fall down in snow that high, but still!

  7. Leslie says:

    I’m with you on the weight lifting, so I’m anxious to see what everyone else has to offer in terms of tips!
    :) :)

  8. Mo,

    Wow, hats off to you. I definitely can’t beat that! I’ve only SEEN that much snow once in my life. I was in 3rd grade, and it was pretty much up to my shoulders!

  9. JCD,
    I wish ours could enable us to watch movies! All we get is (Fox) news :(

  10. MsAlex says:

    That is a brilliant treadmill!

    I do love the treadmills at my gym though, usually because I’m in there early in the morning so I can just watch BBC Breakfast and absorb a whole days worth of news in 25 minutes.

    My absolute favourite all-time form of exercise is my Zumba classes. LOVE THEM. I love anything which is dance-based (as it never feels like exercise when you’re creating art!) but Zumba is so energetic that when you’re done with the class you’re exhausted and know you’ve been thoroughly worked out.

  11. Wow! I want that treadmill! :)

    Favorite workout? I’d say any sports. With people. Seems less like a work out and its fun!

  12. Jess says:

    Cute cupcake! And awesome treadmill!

  13. Jess says:

    Adorable cupcake!! TOO CUTE. Love it :)

    My favorite exercise is strength training or yoga. The results are incredible!
    <3 jess

  14. Valerie says:

    How cute are you with your cupcake making skills?
    My favorite form of exercise these days is walking with a baby stroller. You’d be amazed at the high-quality workout it gives :).

  15. Meg says:

    I hate the treadmill…so much. I refuse it, haha. Elliptical or spinning sounds fantastic to me 😉 strength training is my main focus, but I LOVE the rush of a spin class – takes you to another planet! Kinda like your chocolate-covered runs :)

    Happy Wednesday Katie!!

    1. Meg,
      Chocolate-covered running… I love how you worded it! Hehe that might make even someone like my mom take up running :). She hates running, but loves chocolate!

  16. Gina G says:

    that sounds so cool! i have never heard about that!

    my favorite form of exercise is kickboxing, martial arts, dancing, and basketball :)

  17. Jenny says:

    I love Body Pump and Body Combat… I wish I could use that treadmill, though! I would run through Africa:)

    1. Jenny,
      Ohmigosh, Safari!!! Now I want one of those things even more!

  18. Jo says:

    I’m with you on running.. I rarely run on the treadmill but love to run outside instead. Mostly I run early in the mornings and I run all along the coast right beside the sea which is lovely (when its sunny, not so great when its windy and rainy). nothing helps more to get rid of stress and work things through in my mind.

    1. Jo,
      Wow, that sounds absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately for me, I live in suburbia… but when I go on vacation, running by the sea is so much fun (although I haven’t mastered the “running on sand” thing).

  19. Jo says:

    Also meant to say its good to mix things up – while i like running (and I only run alone) I also play netball and tennis and these are fun ways of getting exercise.

  20. Sydney says:

    I feel the EXACT same way about treadmills! Just can’t do it. I get ADD and it drives me insane and I quit after about 2 miles. Maybe I should move to Florida so it never gets cold and I can always run outside?

    1. Sydney,
      Or San Diego! Perfect weather year-round. Why oh why does it hafta be so expensive to live there? LOL oh wait, probably because EVERYone wants to live there!

  21. dmcgirl37 says:

    Cupcake is so cute! I love the new layout too :) Looks great, that is such a beautiful picture of you..

    Hmm.. favorite form of exercise. I love to exercise with others. When I lived upstate New York I loved going on Trail Runs with my friends. We could chat and look at nature at the same time. I get bored easily when im exercising so if im on the treadmill I either need music, a movie, or a magazine. Usually all three! lol.. Seriously I’ve been getting SO bored at the gym lately. I wish I had more work out buddies but it doesnt seem to be a hobby for most of my friends :( oh well..

    Enjoy your day Katie!

    Dana <3

    1. Dana,
      Thank you SO MUCH!
      I wish we lived near each other so we could be workout buddies :)

  22. I love running and hate treadmills too! I prefer being outside, but I don’t mind indoor tracks either. My gym has one and it’s kinda nice to run around in the air conditioning. Sadly, I only get to run for two more weeks…then I have to give it up for a year or more! Eek :(

  23. I love running… it just makes me feel so strong and free. I also enjoy biking, walking, and i LOVE dancing

  24. Veggirl says:

    If I had that, I might actually take up running! :)

  25. Katie says:

    I pretty much am an elliptical junkie, I do like the treadmill for a good incline speedwalk!

    I LOVE the header, your pic is so beautiful and love the piggy cupcake pic too! Just love u miss!

    Have a great day! xoxo

  26. danielle_veg says:

    I hope that the company sends you a treadmill! I love doing yoga and walking my dog. Even though I have to pick up her… droppings. I guess that’s part of the exercise, too!

  27. Kate says:

    You know, I just realized that the reason my motivation for running is so low these days (besides my knee trouble) is that I’m just soooooo bored on the treadmill.

    I think my favorite exercise is the Kenpo karate on P90x. It’s super fun!

  28. I love yoga AND if I had to, I would rather run on a treadmill than outside, I’m so weird 😀

  29. I don’t mind running on the treadmill because running outside isn’t always the best for me (too early in the morning and dark, too hot or cold outside). I actually look forward to the treadmill most of the time. That one is really cool! I would definitely love running on that bad boy :)

  30. megan says:

    My favorite form of exercising is definately running. It is my way of escape from everything but I also like doing weight liftin. I so weights through my school and it’s a lot of fun because my coach is the instructor for the session so he really motivates the team that does weights. Plus we jam out to really loud music to drain away our negative thoughts.

  31. Weight training’s my absolute favorite!! One way I make it fun is by thinking of the gym as a “playground” and all the weights are the toys. Lame, I know..but it works. Plus I don’t leave enough time in between moves to get distracted. Get in, go intense, get out. It’s like a personal iron man race lol

    1. Mary,
      That doesn’t sound lame at ALL! I love the idea!!! And especially being someone who likes to use her imagination, I’m going to try your idea ASAP! :)

  32. Caroline says:

    That treadmill sounds really cool! It does, however, sound like they can really jack up the price promoting that one feature. I don’t expect to be entertained when using the treadmill, but what I do expect and like is a way to control my pace for certain training goals…I have to stay at the pace I set, or else I’ll fall off! Further, when it’s waaay too hot outside, I can work out faster at the same heart rate using the treadmill.

    Oh, and I can totally relate to you on the weightlifting front. I’m a cardio-holic and I think…why waste an hour weight training when that’s an extra hour you could run instead. HOWEVER, I have realized strength training will allow you to keep running strong because I have seen a correlation between slacking off on my weight training and getting injured. I suppose that’s my motivation for it now :).

    Oh, and I just saw the new header. I don’t think your diet is weird! Hmm, does that mean I’m weird?

    1. Caroline,
      Hahaha no! In my “about” page, I explain that I don’t think it’s weird either. But sadly, society does (at least in Texas, anyway lol!)

  33. Katie says:

    I am all about lifting weights. It makes me feel so powerful and strong. Seriously, try adding lifting weights to your routine, and you will love it!! My only tip to get into it is to have a plan written down when you start, otherwise it is easy to get overwhelmed. And wear an ipod. That way you don’t hear all the meatheads grunting! :)

    1. Katie,
      Oh, I do already lift weights… I just don’t like it :(

  34. Marianne says:

    Weight lifting is fun! I love how it makes me feel strong…there’s just something about it. Plus I love the feeling the next day when you can feel those exact muscles you worked. I’m off to the gym today for some fun with the weights!

  35. Kristie says:

    Ooo… that treadmill may be the only one I would happily run on ;). I just don’t think anything beats outdoor running, and for more “casual” exercise I LOVE biking. Not speed biking or training on hills or anything, but just taking my bike out on paths around the lake… so nice and relaxing and you get the breeze and everything :).

  36. Jennifer - jcd says:

    Completely random, but I remember going to Walt Disney World EPCOT way back when (1997) and they had bicycles that were hooked up to a similar system as this treadmill. You would ride and the screen would show a popular route such as Tour de France, along the sea, whatever. If you slowed down, the video slowed down as well. I remember thinking it was pretty cool.

    1. JCD,
      You should’ve marketed it. You would have been rich!! :)

  37. I actually love running on the treadmill. I like the even surface, and I like to watch TV at the same time. Plus, I’ve noticed that it’s too hot to run these days. I did a little outdoors running in my neighborhood in the early spring when it was still cool outside, and that was nice.

  38. Anonymous says:

    i feel you on the weight training…I am a triathlete and sometimes get so bored with weights…so I found that buying strength training dvds such as pilates, power yoga, toning or just basic strength training help keep me more motivated! especially if its entertaining

  39. Leslie says:

    I’m a runner and can’t get into the weight training…so I went and bought a set of weights… and some dvd’s like strength training, toning, power yoga, and pilates, and definitely enjoy it a lot better when it involves someone telling me what to do!

    1. Leslie and Anonymous,
      Thanks so much for the dvd idea; I love it! Maybe one of my problems is that my routine is so repetitive. I’m definitely going to look for a dvd now :).

  40. meg says:

    wow! I have a feeling I’d become a much better runner if I owned one of those- I love running but hate treadmills too! I want it!!!

  41. Katharina says:

    I also prefer to run outside! But that treadmill sounds amazing. Seriously, it can show you the scenery? That’s pretty wild! Next time I go on a run I’m going to play the imagination game 😀 I also love dancing and yoga. All of these remind me of what I can do and that I should be proud and honor myself :)


    p.s. I thought you’d be interested in this!

    1. Katharina,
      Thanks for the fun link! It had me at the first slide: peanut butter! :)

  42. ruby red says:

    What an awesome treadmill! I wish they made an exercise bike like that so I could still cycle in this stanky-sweaty-hot Georgia weather! I would like NordicTrack to know they are welcome to contact me about reviewing any such product in the future. :) Thank you ever so much for altering me and everyone else about this wondrous invention! I sure hope you’ll get to test the treadmill version out one day.

    1. Ruby Red,
      Ooh now I’m imagining a bike that mists you as you ride. That would be so cool (literally hehe).

  43. ruby red says:

    *alerting I mean (not altering!). Ahhh, I hate when I make typos!

  44. Kelsey says:

    um how amazing is ur new site header!!!!! omg!!! ive been trying out some new stuff on my blog too… but nothing as cute and adorable and COLORFUL as this :)

    ok that treadmill is beyond what i can comprehend. i mean honestly, this is like mtv’s Pimp My Treadmill. lol the Hummer of treadmills… WOW

    actually who knows…. maybe they will see this and think of sending u one. but if they do make sure u tell me first so i can book my plain ticket.. im sure that machine is big enuff for the both of us.. if not ,then im sure theres some ‘expand me’ gadget amongst the GPS


  45. shesarunner says:

    I’m a treadmill runner. I know, shame on me. I try running outside, but Canadian winters are brutal and I’m a wimp. I do run outside in the warmer months and I enjoy it for some of the same reasons as you. I really like the fresh air and the change of scenery- I don’t get bored and I don’t even need a TV or music. But the treadmill is easier on my joints. There aren’t a lot of trails near where I live, so I run on pavement and concrete and it’s awful for my bad knees. That treadmill looks amazing…I know I couldn’t afford it in a million years, but I’ll probably dream about it tonight.
    My fave form of exercise- running! I also enjoy spinning and yoga. I’m not big on strength training either but I make myself do it. Kettlebells give you a killer strength (and cardio) workout in a short amount of time, so I like doing that to get it over and done with.

  46. BroccoliHut says:

    Sweet treadmill! I’d take that over single digit temps any day! Running is my favorite form of exercise, followed by swimming. I could also use a few tips on making weight training fun…

  47. Alex says:

    Oh that really is the cutest cupcake ever! Running used to be my favourite form of exercise, but (this is going to sound like an infomercial) then I discovered zumba! I love it! My gym has 3 classes a week and i’m usually the first person there. The atmosphere in the room is always uplifting and it’s fun! I don’t think I would enjoy the dvd version though.. (I’m in Australia, so forgive me if the zumba hype has passed there!) I still run and do other forms of cardio/exercise. I don’t mind the treadmill myself.. Maybe because it’s winter here at the moment haha

    1. Alex,
      Zumba’s been around for a while here, BUT… I’ve never tried it! :(
      I really want to, especially after people like you keep saying how great it is. Why haven’t I tried it yet? Everyone seems to love it!
      P.S. I think it’s so cool you’re in Australia. I’ve always wanted to go! :)

  48. Jessica says:

    Sadly, I do most of my running on a treadmill. I have one in my house, and I’m not familiar enough with “safe” running trails around my neighborhood, so the treadmill usually wins out over no running. But I would love to try running on that NordicTrack!! How awesome would that be… maybe they could send it to you and all your readers??

    Is it difficult running outside in Texas? Aside from not knowing where to run outside, it’s so hot and humid here, I’m not sure I could run the same way I do inside in the A/C…

    I’m not a lover of weight lifting, but I do like Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred dvd. It almost makes weight lifting fun :)

    1. Jessica,
      Oh to be Oprah, right? But then again, she doesn’t bother with “little” things like treadmills; she gives everyone in her audience a car!

      It’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to run around here if you don’t get up and do it in the morning (which is ok for me, since I like running in the morning anyway). After around ten o’clock, it’s just way too hot. In the mornings, though, there’s usually a slight breeze, and it’s in the 70s-80s.
      Well, I guess it’s not impossible to run in the afternoons (if you’re a masochist!)… I do see a few people running in the 100-degree heat, but I don’t know how they do it! I’m soaked by the time I get back even if it’s just in the 80s!

  49. Grace says:

    I have never commented on your blog before Katie but I really enjoy reading it…I am a vegetarian who tries to eat healthily (though not always as successfully as you!) I have toyed with the idea of becoming a vegan because I’m not the biggest fan of dairy anyway but I think my beef farming grandfather might have a fit!

    If you don’t like weightlifting i would say try a body pump class…they are great because you have someone qualified showing you how to lift weights etc and it’s done to music so it’s fun and makes you feel strong and powerful!! That is the way I like doing weights because if i do it on my own i just feel stupid like im taking it all too seriously. My favourite way to exercise is classes at the gym…i especially like step aerobics. I also really like the elliptical trainer.

    Keep writing your amazing blog!:)

  50. Grace,
    Wow, I cannot even begin to thank you enough for such a sweet comment!

    (And LOL about your grandfather… my grandma was the same way: completely up in arms that I stopped eating meat. But she came around and now loves the challenge of making me vegan dishes)

  51. Anonymous says:

    hey katie – do you have an email address? I wanted to email you and couldn’t find an email address on your blog! Thanks!

  52. Anonymous,
    I emailed you, but here’s my address, just in case:

  53. Anna says:

    Im not a big running fan but I really like weight lifting, mostly because I always do it with someone and i’m really competitive, so being able to lift like twice as much as them and having them comment on it in disbelief make all the work it takes to get there worth it haha

  54. That treadmill gadget is cool.