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Wanna see an Ugly meal?

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The ugly truth

I was recently asked: How do your meals always look so perfect?!

Answer: Ha! They don’t! Why do you think I don’t photograph everything I eat? (Well, besides the fact that I’d go crazy from boredom) I don’t always bother to use matching dishes, and I definitely do not normally worry about the color scheme of my meals (i.e. if I want beige bulgur for breakfast with a Cashew Cookie baby bar, I’ll have that!).

Yesterday’s lunch exuded ugliness: Monster salad + Newman’s Own sesame-ginger dressing, zesty zucchini fries + tomato sauce (grilled this time, not raw), Chee-fu (recipe below), and a dish of Artisana coconut butter, which I ate last as a perfect ending to a perfect (but not-so-perfect-looking) meal. It’s like eating a blob of raw coconut FUDGE!


(With 15 g protein it can go on Robert’s list of high-protein foods)

Basically, you take almost a whole block of tofu (220-ish grams or so, for you measurers), mash it up with a little salt, onion powder, and vegan butter (such as Smart Balance Light), and eat! It’s got a lot of protein and can be made in like 10-seconds flat. I called it “Chee-fu” because it kinda reminds me of savory cottage cheese. Plus, Chee-fu also reminds me of this guy:


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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Mo says:

    90% of the stuff I make/eat looks hideous/disgusting to me. But if it tastes good, I don’t care. It is a little embarrassing to photograph, however. 😉

  2. Eatandrun says:

    Green smoothies!

  3. Leslie says:

    I think your meal looks quite pretty! and that is my favorite salad dressing.

  4. Well, I don’t think it’s ugly AT ALL, but people seem to be repulsed at the sight of green juice. And when they witness my 2 year old drinking his favorite blended green juice, they *really* think we’re crazy.

  5. I’m a big mixer .. 🙂 So most of the time my meals are cute when put in my dishes, but I mix it to a big “gibelotte” as my momma was calling it before eating 🙂 Often covered in ketchup hehe

  6. Sarah says:

    Girl, you are TEENY TINY!
    I could just fit you in my pocket! A pocket sized CCK. So cute 🙂 :).

  7. jenny says:

    It’s often all about the name for my kids. They will adore “chee-fu.” Our leftovers meals are not necessarily pretty.

  8. Valerie says:

    I am always looking for new ways to use those Moro nu tofus!

  9. Oh gosh- ALL my food is ugly! I don’t give a damn about presentation 😛 my dinners are just a splat on a plate 😛

  10. Sarahishealthy says:

    Agh the cheefu is so cute. I love the name. Love mulan too!

  11. cindy says:

    My husband and I have veg and grain a lot which is basically steamed veggies with a cooked grain covered in lecithin granules, nooch, and chopped nuts. Not pretty, but so good! On another note…. kale and chard in a bag!!!!!! That’s been my dream forever!!! What brand is it, please? I want to see if I can find it out here in san diego. Thanks!

  12. haha i love that u said “thats why i dont take a picture of everything i eat” … lol yea theres a few times i dont picture some of my meals because i make them extra sloppy and swampy.. and i only think posting them will make people lose their appetites which is not the idea of food porn is it…. lol.

    get ur grill on girl! <3


  13. mapledreams says:

    Most of my meals are ugly..espescially my mashed up Weetabix with apple sauce! xx

  14. I rarely worry about presentation when I make something just for myself (although sometimes I spend extra time making my meals look fancy.) I still think yours looks pretty good though! 🙂

  15. vegirl says:

    My salads WOULD be pretty (just bean, lettuce, and vinegar) but then I cover them in nutritional yeast and paprika, so all the prettiness disappears in a shower of powder! Yesterday’s chocolate banana oatmeal pudding wasn’t very appetizing looking, but once I tasted it, the sludge looked kinda pretty to me 🙂

  16. I don’t have a signature ugly dish. . . 🙁 . Most of my food is pretty.

  17. Jess says:

    Love the ugly meal!

  18. Danielle says:

    haha I know *exactly* where that cartoon pic is from 🙂

    Ummmm, do I like ugly foods?

    ^(not the nutella, obv.)

  19. Little Bookworm says:

    I think some of the bowls of porridge I make for breakfast aren’t very pretty sometimes – but they taste good. 🙂 (And I think that chocolate sludge is quite pretty!)

  20. maxinthegym says:

    All my unpictured goodies are ugly, messy, and totally delicious 🙂 But I thought my hummus-tuna salad looked a bit like vomit 😛 still lovely though!

    You don’t cook the tofu in the chee-fu?

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