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Easy Homemade Ice Cream Trick

Every chef has a few tricks up her sleeve apron. One of mine is the Voluminous Oatmeal Trick. Or the plump-up raisins trick, the melted-banana trick, and now: the “Sir Mix A Lot” ice cream trick. It might seem like making Vita-Mix ice cream is simple. Just throw a bunch of frozen fruit in the blender and […]

Treadmill Envy

Things I love about running outside: It really wakes me up Two words: second breakfast I get a chance to play my favorite “Running and Imagination” game 🙂 It affords me the chance to clear my mind It’s a great way to take in the scenery I feel like a warrior (especially when passing other […]

Just Like Carnation Instant Breakfast

Only better. In middle and high school, it was always difficult for me to fathom when one of my friends would say, “Oh I never eat breakfast.” Wha?? How on earth did they find the energy to churn out essays, listen to interminable lectures, and just function in general? I ate breakfast every day, yet […]

Can I hug a What?

Voting for the next Hug-a-_____ Month is still going on. As of right now, it looks like Hug-a-Fruit is winning. But even if the one you want doesn’t win this month, we’ll probably get around to all of them at some point. Chocolate Fruit Covered Meal of the Day: Fruit-licious post-run b: icy-cold almond milk, […]

I want your Vote!

Time to Vote Don’t worry; there are no pregnant chads (or hanging chads, for that matter). . Should the next month be… …1. “Hug a Vegetable” (to promote/celebrate eating the recommended 5-9 servings per day) . …2. “Hug a Veg Protein” (Robert’s list of vegetarian high-protein foods would come in handy here/to show it’s easy […]

Bones, Bones, Bones

Henry says hello. He wants to wish all of you a happy Saturday filled with lots of naps in comfy chairs. Now, Henry bids you adieu. He is off to catch some more sleep (and try to convince CCK that worms do constitute a food group).

Your Perfect Diet Plan

Yesterday morning, failed me again. About twenty minutes into my run, the skies opened for an unpredicted rainstorm. It actually felt glorious; a nice way to cool off from the horrible Texas summer heat.  Of course, the coolness didn’t last long. Soon, Mr. Sun resurfaced, and the temperature soared back up to the 90s, […]

“Hug a Fat” Photo Shoot

It’s time for “Support Your Local Sheriff Fat” Featuring… Charlie the vegetarian (Eating a Raw Macaroon) silly friend of CCK Jennifer   Bobbie (the fat guinea pig) Carbs are done and fats are done… What should we hug next????

Girls Gone Wild (Bars)

Question from a reader: How do you budget your groceries? All this organic stuff can get to be expensive! And the nut butters too! Stay away from the following: Steep price tag alert! (Those bars cost a lot of Henry Dollars!) Henry Dollar-saving tip: Add cacao nibs and a mint extract to the PMS Chocolate […]

The Magic of PMS

Isn’t PMS wonderful? If you didn’t answer right away with an exuberant “YES!” then read on to learn how you can love PMS … well, one form of PMS, anyway! A few weeks ago, y’all left great suggestions for healthy dessert makeovers. One of your suggestions was so interesting I had to try it out right […]

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