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It’s all Greek Yogurt to Me

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As my mom was sitting there, yesterday morning, eating her breakfast of Fage with blueberries and granola, I wondered… I’ve never actually eaten Greek yogurt, and sometimes I’m kinda curious as to what it tastes like. For a second, I contemplated taking a tiny bite today, just to see. It’s not like any animal would have been harmed from one tiny taste of something that was being consumed anyway.

But then, I felt a little grossed out, remembering the reasons I don’t eat dairy in the first place.

I decided that even if I did decide to take a tiny spoonful, my opinion of the stuff would already be biased towards the negative. So there was really no point. (I’ll publish a “deeper” post about vegans and non-vegan cravings soon.) Instead, I decided to make my own vegan Greek yogurt. And I am going to ask: Anyone want to tell me what Greek yogurt tastes like?


Not sure if, when unsweetened, my “whipped cream in a bowl” would fit the bill for vegan Greek yogurt.

It’s a bit hard to recreate something when you don’t know what you’re going for! But this tastes so good, I don’t care if it replicates the real thing or not.


Snack yesterday: the cream, with frozen blueberries and a PMS Chocolate :).

Question of the Day:

Have you ever had Greek yogurt? Or a good vegan substitute? What’s your favorite use for the stuff? Also: Is there a food (or maybe a blogger’s recipe) that everyone else seems to be eating, which you’ve yet to try?

Not sure if, when unsweetened, my “whipped cream in a bowl would fit the bill for vegan Greek yogurt.

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  1. Greek yogurt doesn’t taste like regular yogurt… it’s much more “tangy” instead of sweet. Back when I ate dairy, I had to put a little stevia in it, or else it was too tart for me! It’s also a little thicker than regular yogurt… I hope that helps! I would LOVE to find some vegan greek-like yogurt!

  2. I have had greek yogurt! I’m a big fan, but my mother is a HUGE fan. She’s addicted and eats is every morning for breakfast. It tastes like a very thick, creamy, rich, custardy, protein-y, smooth, and slightly whipped (Fage) treat! It’s very filling as well. Some brands aren’t as thick as Fage, like Chobain and Okios. I like to put coco powder into mine for a chocolate-covered delight. 😛

  3. Greek yogurt just started to appear in supermarket here in Quebec, but at almost 5$ the tiny container, my wallet doesn’t want me to try it just yet 🙂

    So yeah, there’s that … and also Banana Soft-serve. Everywhere I look, people are dying for it, so it’s definitely on my to-try list 😉

  4. Ilana says:

    greek yogurt is good if youre into tangy things *which i am* – but not worth the dairy, yo! i like to make banana soft serve and add some lemon juice, and it tastes pretty comparable. every now and then i consider, well what if i just have a bite of that cheesecake, or whatver, but then i remember all the reasons i don’t eat dairy and it always deters me!

    blogger food i haven’t tried? kabocha. EVERYONE is eating it, i never have!

    1. Ilana,
      You MUST try kabocha. NOW!!

      P.S. I’m sending you an email (unrelated to kabocha lol).

  5. Before I was vegan I used to live off Greek yogurt! It’s thick and quite tart, and I did like it…vegan ygurt lacks the thickness, which is a shame 🙁

  6. Katharina says:

    Yes, I LOVE Greek yogurt. It has this great thick consistency, yet it’s not overwhelming. It has a fluffiness to it.. like it’s been whipped. Definitely tangy as well. I haven’t had any good vegan substitute because usually the textures of the vegan yogurts I’ve tried are goopy like regular yogurt. I like to use it for a variety of things. Mainly with granola.. simply with honey… fresh fruits.. to make some muesli or overnight oats. Actually, it tastes really good with a baked sweet potato + cinnamon + maple syrup.

    I feel like there are so many things out there in blogland that I have yet to try. Like your fudge babies!!! Oh my goodness where have I been?


    p.s. I wish I could meet-up with you in New York! How long are you there for? I’m in Florida now, and I feel so far away lol

    1. Katharina,
      I’m emailing you :).

  7. Mj says:

    greek yogurt is amazing~ staple in my diet 😛 as for a vegan version I believe Mama Pea made a version of it a while back – with strained soy yogurt!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I loveee Greek yogurt because I know it’s really good for protein. It’s really thick like a cheesecake texture..well Fage is anyway, and quite tart so I prefer to mix it with a sweetener and fruit. Yum yum 🙂 I don’t know a vegan sub though that’s similar…

  9. Wayne says:

    Greek yogurt is the love child of regular yogurt and sour cream.

  10. Jessica says:

    Fudge Babies!!!
    Why haven’t I tried them yet?
    😕 😕

  11. Devyn says:

    I have had those same temptations before, but now I barely ever want anything that is non vegan!

  12. Devyn says:

    Oh and I have never had greek yogurt but silk soy plain yogurt is a very tart, sour cream like yogurt?

  13. I’ve never had Greek yogurt but I have strained soy and coconut milk yogurt overnight to make it extra thick. I opt for the “plain” variety since many of the flavored ones are super sweet. You can use the strained stuff like sour cream, or mix in fresh fruit or whatever you like! 🙂

    I keep seeing people blog about Nuttzo (nut butter) and I really want to try it. Only problem is the shipping price, hmm…

  14. *Andrea* says:

    i used to eat greek yogurt a ton. first saw it on blogs actually too! definitely is plain and thick and a bit sour maybe. i love adding dried or fresh fruit and nuts to it. lately i have been cutting back on dairy though because it can upset my stomach and leave me a bit lethargic or dependent on tums 😉

    i’ve been wanting to try vegan overnight oats! and the raw chocolate cake from the yes, i wante cake blog

  15. bridetobefit says:

    I eat Greek yogurt almost daily, it’s sort of bitter tasting (almost sour cream-like), but I usually add some stevia and blueberries to sweeten it up! One thing I really want to try is making kale chips! They always look so yummy!

  16. todayslady says:

    I have had greek yogurt before and to me some of them are way too tangy and then some dont really have a taste at all…… its just really thick. I think I’d rather have whipped cream in a bowl 🙂

  17. Katie says:

    I like Greek yogurt because of how much protein it has in it! I think it tastes a lot more like sour cream sometimes than yogurt but I have started to buy plain yogurt instead of flavored kinds because they tend to have so much sugar and I am trying to reduce my sugar intake.

    After traveling for almost 3 weeks straight and staying in various homes of relatives and friends, I am ready to get back to healthy eating! It’s nice to be off from teaching during the summer because I enjoy taking the time to workout more and eat better!


  18. The first time I ever tried Greek yogurt I thought it was the most disgusting thing ever because it just tasted like yogurt gone BAD. Later I developed a taste for it if I put berries in it. It’s like other people have described – thick, tangy. I bet you could make some vegan yogurt, put in a little lemon juice, and strain it. Also Wildwood vegan yogurt brand is a lot thicker than the other ones I’ve tried.

    But really, you’re not missing out on a lot and I am very happy to never, ever eat it again. I bet your whipped cream in a bowl was tastier, anyway.

  19. Marina says:

    I never had greek yogurt, but I would love to try it.
    I eat a thick yogurt, I consider it to be greek-alike 😀
    It’s so go with cold banana and pb!

  20. Erika says:

    On so many blogs I see people eating Overnight Oats or Green Monsters. They look pretty good but I haven’t gotten the chance to make them yet…Hopefully soon! 🙂

    I guess this doesn’t help you since you’re vegan and all, but you could probably concoct a vegan version! 🙂

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