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I am not Sour Cream

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Who knew there was such a high demand for vegan Greek yogurt?

(WholeSoyCo, are you listening?) But wait a sec. Greek yogurt tastes like sour cream?! And you eat it by the spoonful??? (*I’m having flashbacks to one time at IHOP when I ordered crepes and shoveled the whipped cream into my mouth… only to discover that it wasn’t whipped cream at all, but sour cream. It ought to have come with a label. “Warning: I am not whipped cream.” Blech.)

vegan crepes

Maybe if I’d expected sour cream, it wouldn’t have tasted so awful.

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Maggie says:

    I love shoveling vegan whipped cream 🙂

    I am always so shocked at how reliant we are on technology. It feels weird to read osmething… on paper! I spend so much time online for work and blogging and news and whatever.

    Thanks for the tipoff about the vegan Greek-ish yogurt 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  2. When we moved we were without Internet and Cable for more than a week … YIK! I was so clueless .. I had to TALK to my bf .. YUK hahahahha!

  3. Haha! I’d really be in trouble because even my book is electronic. I have a Nook and if the power went out forever, I’d never be able to finish my book!!

  4. Jvegegirl says:

    Easy vegan greek yogurt recipe:
    Soak 2 cups of macadamia nuts in enough water to cover. Drain and rinse the water and add about 1-1.5 cups of water (depending on your desired texture) with the nuts in the blender along with 4 probiotic capsules. Ferment in a mason jar covered with a cloth overnight until the taste is as sour as you like it. Add some salt if it’s gone too sour for you. There you go! Simple, cruelty-free, raw greek yogurt.

  5. Jenny says:

    As a society, we’re sooooo dependent on electricity- wish it was different, but that’s the way it is! And I have to try greek yogurt as a sour cream replacement- heard so much about it!

  6. No, nooo. 🙁 Don’t get the wrong idea! I just tastes slightly tangy because of the millions of healthy probiotic bacteria – that make me tummy feel better! No hating on Greek Yogurt allowed.

  7. Ilana says:

    it really freaks me out how reliant i am on my technology. as you know my fridge went out and i’ve been in a literal state of PANIC!! over it (and omg the guy DID NOT COME yesterday and he didnt even call me until 5 oclock to tell me he couldnt come! i was so upset! i could have gone to meet you but nooooo … anyway I digress) … when I was in Nicaragua two years ago I was staying in a rural community that had very little electricity and running water – only a few homes had lightbulbs and NO home had a refrigerator. I’ve been trying to think of that when I get overwhelmed about not having refrigerator access .. But our reliance on technology is part of the beast that is our hyper modern society and I always wonder/kind of worry that it’s all going to break down one day and we’re going to have to reforge society from the ashes, in a post-technological era. Hm. Sounds like a good premise for a sci-fi novel.

  8. Jessica says:

    NO KIDDING! I used to play with barbies, dolls, play House, and use my imagination all the time. Now, kids don’t have to, as all the video games, movies, and even the talking dolls do it for you.

  9. Krystina says:

    The Wildwood doesn’t taste like Greek yogurt to me. It’s definitely good and has the sour yogurt-y taste, but the texture is off. The biggest thing with Greek yogurt is the texture – it’s thick and creamy. You could try straining Wildwood through cheesecloth to make it thicker, which would give it more of the Greek yogurt consistency.

  10. I’ve consumed food that wasn’t what I expected and it’s horrible. One of the grossest times was when I saw some light brown liquid in a cup near my bf. I thought it was apple juice because he likes to drink it a lot. I swiped it and chugged some down only to realize it was veggie broth. Disgusting. (He was cooking something at the time and was using the cup as a holding container for the broth)

    He laughed so hard… 🙂

  11. Justine says:

    Getting cozy in bed with my favorite book during a blizzard (without power) is one of my favorite memories. Sure I ditched the bed for the fireplace at my parents house later, but the story still applies. 🙂

  12. Faith says:

    I hate when you expect one thing from a food and get another – the very first time I ate sushi, I smeared a whole spoonful of wasabi on top assuming it was a guacamole…my tongue pretty much spontaneously combusted and my sinuses are still recovering years later!

    We get lots of power outages here in Central FL, and they suck! Usually, they happen in the evening when reading is out of the question from no light, so I have to sit and twiddle my thumbs and pray my laptop battery lasts!

  13. Marina says:

    I hate when I’m powerless. or without an internet connection. It’s so frustrating :/
    yummy looking pancakes, as always 🙂

  14. I was once without power for 5 days….in the winter time….during a huge storm…that proceeded to dump 5 feet of snow. It. was. miserable. The only source of heat was our fireplace, we lived off of pb & j sandwhiches and cans of beans (oh yeah-that was a highlight), and the only source of entertainment was our single game of chutes and ladders. Needless to say I’ve never played that game and will never take our heater or steady supply of food for granted again!

  15. I MUST make those Mounds pancakes now that I have coconut butter! This morning, I had raw almond butter oats in a jar with a tablespoon of coconut butter, some brown rice syrup, and fresh blueberries. Yum!!!

    I hate it when the power goes out! I totally about my food in the freezer and fridge, like panic mode. Luckily, I have a gas stove so I can still cook without power.

  16. Kittie says:

    huh….I don’t think Greek yogurt tastes like sour cream…that’s a little extreme. That would be gross. It’s thicker and tangy but not….sour cream….

  17. Little Bookworm says:

    Those mound bar pancakes look amazing! 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

  18. this looks so good! when I was little I’d always eat as much whip cream as possible!

  19. kaila says:

    when are we gonna get that super personalkpost you promised!?!?!?! i have been waiting for it lol! maybe i missed it and if thats true, my bad, but if not, were waiting!!!!! 🙂

    love your blog!!

    1. Kaila,
      I know, I know… I’m sorry!!! I just decided that I want to wait until I have a lot of free time to respond to comments and perhaps write a follow-up post about it, so it’ll probably be up sometime in mid-August when I get back from vacation. There’s just too much to post, too little time lol.

  20. Nona says:

    Hey now, video games can be stimulating to the imagination, and even the body with the new ones. It really depends on which kind you’re playing. Besides the more violent/fighting-type ones, there are plenty of fantasy games, adventure games, music games, strategy games, and other genres available that serve to cause players to think and create. Of course, as with food, everything in moderation – but I don’t think video games can be brushed off as mind-numbing. In many ways, it’s just another story-telling medium, and oftentimes what sparks the creation of imaginary stories is other stories!

    1. Nona,
      Touché! You’re right; I shouldn’t have knocked video games. In fact, I definitely owned (and loved) a Super Nintendo set growing up! 🙂
      It’s just when kids do nothing else EXCEPT play video games that it becomes a problem.

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