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Breakfast Sundae School

Did you go to Sunday School when you were a kid? I only went twice, as I missed my mom and cried the whole time. Hey, I was only in pre-school! Later, I did attend CCD classes. But the following is a Sundae School I probably would have loved: The “Breakfast Sundae” School! 🙂 The way I […]

I am not Sour Cream

Wowie! Who knew there was such a high demand for vegan Greek yogurt? (WholeSoyCo, are you listening?) But wait a sec. Greek yogurt tastes like sour cream?! And you eat it by the spoonful??? (*I’m having flashbacks to one time at IHOP when I ordered crepes and shoveled the whipped cream into my mouth… only […]

It’s all Greek Yogurt to Me

As my mom was sitting there, yesterday morning, eating her breakfast of Fage with blueberries and granola, I wondered… I’ve never actually eaten Greek yogurt, and sometimes I’m kinda curious as to what it tastes like. For a second, I contemplated taking a tiny bite today, just to see. It’s not like any animal would […]

Running in the Rain

The smashing sequel to Singing in the Rain. Murphy’s Law: If you are out running, and a rainstorm hits, it will hit when you are far away from home. Sad to say, Murphy doesn’t like me much. I checked the weather forecast very carefully, and it clearly stated “scattered showers beginning at 10AM.” Beginning at […]

Day Trip to NYC

One Lucky Duck Two Lucky Girls The other day, I took a quick trip to NYC to meet with Jessica, a real-life friend. Jess and her family just so happened to be in the city this week, and I was so close that I couldn’t not meet up with her. We decided to try “One […]

Vegan Black Forest ice cream

The Vita-Mix hugs a fruit May I present:Vegan Black Forest ice cream, in honor of Hug a Fruit Month.  It’s a pretty similar recipe to my Chocolate-Strawberry Ice Cream. Look, I made chocolate-cherry art: Black Forest Ice Cream (Makes about 2 cups) Ingredients: 8 grams (about 1 and 1/2 T) Hershey’s Special Dark (For most […]

She’s not Wearing Make-up

As if once weren’t enough? I felt like a huge cop-out when I posted the last ugly no-makeup photo. It wasn’t a particularly hot morning that day, and therefore I was not a complete red mess like I normally am after a summer run. But never fear; yesterday provided me the opportunity to show you […]

Oatmeal Sundae with Pumpkin Whipped Cream

The “Breakfast Sundae” I first cooked up a serving of oatmeal, using the “Voluminous Oatmeal” trick. Then it was time to add cinnamon and walnuts sprinkles. Oh yeah, and Pumpkin Mousse whip cream. Twas almost too pretty to eat. But somehow, I managed. To make the mousse look like whip cream: I made a quick […]

Beach Babies

No, the post title isn’t a reference to the newest fudge babies. Beachy Babies? What would they look like? Perhaps a date-almond base, then rolled in maple sugar, for a “sand-y” effect? What are your favorite things to do at the beach? My sister likes to fall asleep at the beach. Molly likes to collect […]

High-Protein 4th of July

This morning I made a wrong turn on my run. Have you ever made a wrong turn—either on a run or in the car—and just kept going, thinking: “Maybe this is right, even though it doesn’t look familiar” or “If I just keep going a little further, maybe I’ll end up in the right place”? […]

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