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Speaking of guys…

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There’s another guy in my life, and his name is: Dad! Because our family was apart for my dad’s birthday in June, we waited to have a big celebration. Said celebration finally took place yesterday.

And it began with a stack of vegan German Chocolate Pancakes.


(The above photo is from last year’s Father’s Day breakfast.)

Later, it was time for presents. I gave Dad a new Nike outfit. Perhaps I can someday convince him to take up running. Goodness knows I’ve tried! But the one time I got him out there, he tired pretty quickly and retreated home, leaving Henry and yours truly to finish the run alone.


Along with the outfit, a birthday homemade Afri-card.

They say it’s your birthday… The Beatles and soccer are tied for dad’s love. Remember the soccer bear cake?



Dad, in his new shirt! We both have a long way to go to look like Robert!

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  1. Katharina says:

    Aw happy birthday to your dad 😀 That’s so sweet of you to do those things for him. And I love that picture of you two lol.

    Hm.. I haven’t had anyone say I’m hard to shop for. I think I pretty much “wear my interests on my sleeve”. As for my birthday wish-list… Kitchen-aid stand mixer, ice cream maker, projector (not the old-fashioned kind though because I’d like to hook it up to my computer), hmm.. clothes! lol

    XOXO enjoy your day!

  2. Jessica says:

    I love birthdays! I usually ask for every day things (like food stuff) but my mom doesn’t allow that! My birthday is on Saturday and I”m getting 2 things I’ve been needing (slash wanting lol) for forever: a vita mix and a garmin forerunner! yay for healthy birthday presents :)

  3. Meg says:

    This post made me SMILE SO MUCH! Because of your gorgeous face, and the love you have for your Dad. I feel the same way, and I’ll be celebrating my Father’s birthday this week! Maybe I’ll make him some pancakes too 😉 Also – girl I wanna get you a present!! That’s so exciting – want a pony?! 😀

    1. Oh Meg, every comment you write is sweeter than the last… if that’s even possible!
      Yes, I would love a pony! A rainbow one. But you must get one too. Then we can ride together!

  4. Amanda says:

    Are you going to have a celebration dinner or party for your birthday! Happy early Birthday, mine is in September too! I’ll be 25. What age are you going to be?? Your pancakes look great!

    1. I’ll definitely do SOMEthing… but I just realized it’s coming up! Turning 25, does part of you not want your birthday to come? Like Peter Pan? hehehe

  5. I’m always easy to shop for because I never buy anything for myself so by the time Christmas/my birthday come around (they’re within 5 days of each other) there’s a lot of stuff I need! Except I have gotten a couple gifts made of leather that I returned to the gifter. It makes me feel bad but everyone’s been very understanding so far – they just didn’t think about it.

  6. You share a birthday with my daughter! My birthday is 4 days later, so we’re both working on a birthday wish list. She wants barbies, I want a VitaMix. Oh the difference 30 years makes!

    1. Awww lol I remember when I wanted Barbies for my birthday!! Those were the days :).

  7. Britta says:

    Those pancake look awesome! And they are vegan?! whaaaat?! Amazing.

    1. Yup! 100% vegan!! Hehehe who says vegans just eat salads?

  8. Happy birthday to your dad. Lovely photo of you and him together. :) The pancakes look great!

  9. Carbzilla says:

    Yay, you’re a Virgo too!!!!!

    You are your dad are too cute!

  10. Kiersten says:

    I think I’m pretty easy to buy gifts for. If someone buys me a book or a gift card to Barnes & Noble I am the happiest person in the world. Cookbooks and other kitchen-related things are always a good bet too.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Happy almost-Birthday! Mine is the day after!

  12. Ilana says:

    You’re Sept 6th and I’m July 6th!! Love it!!
    This year I literally did not know what to ask for – there was nothing I really wanted or needed! I got a blender and some yoga clothes and a yoga mat – I told my family if they wanted to give me money towards my Pilates certification I would love that too. I’m not difficult.

    LOVE the pictures of you and your dad, you’re adorably beautiful and Daddy is cute too!

  13. The same thing is on my list every year — PONY! And in 27 years … no pony. But there’s always next year!

  14. Jennifer - jcd says:

    Your dad is very lucky to have you as a daughter!

    Birthdays are so much fun. Its the one day of the year everyone celebrates YOU, so I hope it will be an awesome day.

    I cannot help you with the wish list. My wish lists usually include practical things like minutes for my mobile phone and Disney Princess shaped dried pasta from a local store. My family and friends always come up with better things, fun things, that are perfect. Some of the best presents I ever get are time – a movie night at someone’s house with popcorn; a games night at my parents’ place; a baking frenzy with friends. I love giving the gift of time too.

    1. Disney pasta? Ooh cute! Here, they sell pasta in the shape of Texas :).

  15. BroccoliHut says:

    My, we DO share a mind–crazy! Anyway happy birthday to your dad! My birthday is not until December, but I already have a few things in mind: iPod adapter for my car, perhaps a Garmin, and new running shoes (Air Pegasus, of course!).

    1. Our shared favorite shoe :).

  16. Run Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday Chocolate Covered Dad! 😉 Funny, I bought my dad an athletic top for his bday this year as well. I am easy to shop for – I love clothing, shoes, bags, athletic gear and food 😉

  17. Gloria says:

    This year I asked for a Vita-Mix, gift certificates to Lululemon, Michaels (I’m addicted to card making and scrapbooking too!), and Whole Foods, and this necklace from PETA:

    I didn’t get the Vita *sigh* (I just sucked it up, saved my pennies, and bought my own) but I did get the necklace and Michaels gift certificates – yay! Sounds like we have the same list!!

    1. Oh goodness, that necklace is precious!
      Michaels is one of my favorite stores too :) :).

  18. Happy Birthday Chocolate Covered Dad! I wish I had a stack of those German chocolate pancakes for my birthday (hint, hint: It’s October 16th … you could maybe send some in the mail!).

    1. Hmm… maybe if I packaged the maple syrup separately… I’m going to hafta work on this ;).

  19. Katie,
    Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration with your papa. :) I think his breakfast was my favorite part, although the Afri-card was super cute. :)

    Oh gosh, I am so easy to shop for because I’m always wanting new stuff, whether it be some kind of exotic new almond butter I read about or something new for our house. Right now, I have my eyes on a new couch! CD dreads my Christmas list every year. Hehe.

  20. ok so i’m definitely getting you a birthday present!
    btw what happened to a hug a fruit month recap? hope it’s coming soon, i can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures!
    <3 :)

    1. Oh Lauren, I love your avatar picture thing. Too funny!
      And speaking of funny photos… yes, I’ve definitely not forgotten the hug a fruit post :). I have it *tentatively* scheduled for this Friday, but I also had it tentatively scheduled for last Sunday, so with my unorganized mind, anything goes!!

  21. Happy (belated) Birthday to your daddy-o! But i would want a vita mix on my bday!!! And maybe a Madoline slicer to make homemade veggie chips!

  22. Laura says:

    My birthday list is always non existant!!! I can never think of anything i want…christmas time is even worse! I think my relatives get aggrivated! i am definitely not an easy person to shop for, that’s for sure xx

  23. I NEED those pancakes!! Really, I DO!!

    Happy belated B-day to your dad :)

  24. Runner girl says:

    Yum! Can I be your dad? :)

  25. Happy almost birthday!

    I can’t remember ever asking for birthday stuff. I guess I just figure I get what I get…

    It usually involves dinner of some sort. This year I got some Cacao Bliss! WOOHOO!

  26. Robin says:

    I’m one of those strange women that actually likes appliances for my birthday! As long as I ask for them. My husband happily obliges and got me a great food processor and a tofu press for my birthday this year!

    1. Haha my mom was SO mad one year when my dad got her appliances for Christmas. He knows not to make that mistake again. But I’m like you: I LIKE appliances as presents! :)

  27. Happy super-duper-practically-1-month-early birthday!!! 😀 And happy belated birthday to your dad :)

    I’ve been told I’m easy to shope for but honestly..I’m not. I guess I could be for somebody who doesn’t know me too well, but that’s the case for anybody. Buy me any kitchen supply or nutrition book and I’ll love you forever :)

  28. Rachael says:

    A happy birthday to your dad.
    My only request with birthday gifts is that they be used or homemade…I’m trying to de-accumulate stuff these days, and I don’t like having extra cargo around. The best birthday gift I’ve gotten in awhile, however, did not fit either category, but a 48 pack of Mason jars, when you do a lot of canning and food preservation, is enough to make a girl giddy. Who needs jewelry?

  29. My birthday is next week… I want sneakers, gift cards, and a new camera case! Random!

  30. Wow Katie! You outdid yourself with today’s recipe! I love it! My mom’s annual bday cake is German Chocolate! I’ll have to make these for her! :)

  31. Meghan says:

    Those pancakes look yummy. I might have to make some this weekend. Don’t worry too much about turning 25…I actually found the second half of my 20’s was way better than the first. Maybe getting older does mean getting wiser. I hope you get everything you wish for on your birthday. I am getting married a little more than a month before my bday….so I think I will still be so happy from all the awesome kitchen stuff I registered for that I won’t have a very long list.

    1. I’m actually not turning 25 *quite yet*! But you’re right that we get wiser as we get older. Oh my gosh, I would not want to go back to my middle school years!

  32. Eleanor says:

    You’d be disgusted but I tried a Wild Bar recently and (sorry!) wasn’t impressed at all… the sad thing is, it was fairly pricey and so “healthy” I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw it away so there’s still half a sad-looking bar in my kitchen drawer! (My hatred of waste inspired a “it’ll be someone’s birthday soon who really likes them” almost-thought just then but somehow, I think a half-eaten Air-mailed Wild Bar might just fail to hit the mark…! :) )

    On a different note, I finally got round to trying your melted banana trick and what can I say? Best porridge ever! Thank you so much; I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast :)

    1. LOL I’ll take it!!! 😉
      No really! Haha the bars *are* quite strong-tasting, so I can see why you might not like them. I really didn’t like the orange ones; they were even too strong for me.
      I’m so excited you tried the mb trick!! :)

  33. I like the sound of German chocolate pancakes! :)