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A Gift from the Boy

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I told you all, the other day, about my retail therapy… but I forgot to show you what I bought: a new hat!


Just kidding; I restrained myself… what on earth would I do with something so atrocious? Actually, I didn’t end up purchasing anything the other day. After all, not everyone can be as rich as Paris Hilton (who—as it turns out—isn’t so lucky. She was arrested for Cocaine possession this week. Money can’t buy happiness). Maybe I should have bought the hat, though. I know a certain friend who’d like it ;).

Yesterday presented me with a diversion in a different form: a visit from the postman (who, noticing all the packages that arrive for “Chocolate-Covered Katie, one day asked: “What company is Chocolate-Covered Katie?” hehehe).



This delivery wasn’t for CCK; it was simply for Katie. And it was from… Sports Store Hottie!!

The edible birthday surprise was incredibly sweet, especially since it meant he’d paid attention to me (a good trait in guys). I’d told him I hated getting flowers because it always made me sad that they died after a few days. So in his card, he said, “I figured out how to get you flowers that won’t go to waste!”

Oh, did they ever not go to waste. My friends and I had a field day with this thing. Give me sweet fruit over droopy roses any day. I invited two girl friends over after dinner for a *cough cough* “study” session and instead of studying, we ended up attacking my birthday flowers.

Death by 1,000 forks!

Eh, it’s only the second week of school; what’s there to study anyway?

Question of the Day:

What’s the nicest gift you’ve ever gotten from a romantic interest?


Anywho, the nicest gift I ever got from a boy was probably my ex-boyfriend’s chocolate pie.

But SSH’s edible birthday flowers are pretty high up there, too.  Also: Have you ever had a secret admirer? I remember I had two different ones in middle school, one of whom we made fun of because he kept signing his notes “from your secret admiror.” And back in elementary school, I got a rose on Valentine’s Day from a secret admirer… but then I discovered that a bunch of my friends did too, so I’m sure they were really from one of our moms!

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  1. The edible birthday flowers look amazing! Can’t wait to see the recipe post. :)

  2. Oh that is the best present ever!! I wish a guy would get me that :p

  3. That is so cute! I’ve never gotten a fruit bouquet but have always wanted one.

  4. todayslady says:

    I love the edible flowers!!! Thats so thoughtful! He’s definitely a keeper :)

    I can’t wait for the recipe. Oats always make the ingredient list ultra appealing!!!

  5. Demelza says:

    OMG how cute!! 😀 (pardon my enthusiasm, haha)

    The nicest present I got was also from a guy I liked who was really far away. :/

    He drew me a bouquet of roses and scanned it in to send it to me.
    “They’re not as good as yours, but…even so, these are for you.”
    Haha, the flowers in the picture even had a little namecard attached (drawn on) to them. xD
    It really meant a lot because typically I’m the one drawing things for other people
    (I was an art major before I switched to psychology), so I always love it when other people
    draw things for me.

    1. Awww that’s so sweet!! And I understand your love of having others draw for you… I am always so excited when someone takes the time to cook for me! Or once, my sister made me a scrapbook, even though I’m the scrapper inn the family. It meant so much to me!

  6. Eric Jaffa says:

    Regarding the fruit, did he have a local store ship it? Or was it shipped from NY in ice?

    1. It’s from a company called “Edible Arrangements.” They have locations all over, so I’m sure it wasn’t shipped from NY.

  7. Anonymous says:

    That is so sweet!!! Ohh I wish someone would send me a fruit bouquet. Those always look so neat and TASTY!!! I’ve had some secret admirers, and I’ve been a secret admirer as well :p

    The nicest gift I got from a romantic interest… well I didn’t want a Valentine’s Day present and my boyfriend at the time knew that. But he just really wanted to get me something so he came to school with a big Tweety bird balloon, a card, and just the most adorable smile on his face. He was so sweet and really didn’t do it to annoy me. His smile was too cute and innocent to suspect that lol. And he held his arms out when he saw me and was just so excited to give me these things :)


  8. Katharina says:

    Aww that is so sweet of SSH to send that to you 😀 I think the sweetest thing though is that he remembered what you had said! I wish someone would send me one of those fruit bouquets–they look so neat and TASTY!!

    My boyfriend at the time surprised me on Valentines Day. I had told him I didn’t want anything, but instead he showed up at school (I was in high school at the time) with a big Tweety bird balloon, a card, and the most adorable smile and wide eyes. I know he definitely didn’t even think of being annoying because his smile was too cute and innocent to even suspect such a thing.


  9. Danielle says:

    That was so sweet!! (Heh, no pun intended)
    And that’s one of my favorite traits for a guy to have- the fact that he LISTENS! lol
    I think the nicest give I’ve recieved were flowers (which aren’t too original…but it was still a nice gesture) :)

  10. Caitlin says:

    You are so so so pretty, Katie :).
    No wonder SSH got you such a sweet gift.

    I had a secret admirer once in elementary school too. But then in middle school, the rose thing was just like in “Mean Girls” with the popular people getting the most roses. So I dreaded that. But now I have a wonderful boyfriend, so it all works out in the end!

    1. Valerie says:

      I agree! I loathed the Valentine’s Day flower sending, because it was just another way for the popular kids to show off to the rest of us who wished we could be so lucky to get even ONE flower from someone special. Looking back, I don’t know why we cared so much! They were just flowers!

  11. Christina says:

    That looks divine and look! Chocolate covered strawberries! The boy did good =)

  12. Aww how sweet! I love edible arrangements!

  13. eatandrun says:

    Oh he’s a keeper!

  14. Hotchoc23 says:

    Wow what a lovely pressie!

    My favourite gift has to be my pink sapphire engagent ring… and then Snow Patrol tickets! x

  15. HOW CUTE! What a perfect gift :) Can’t wait for your recipe tomorrow!

  16. Angela says:

    How nice! I love edible arrangements.

    The best gift I’ve been given wasn’t really a thing – it was an act. My current BF realized after a month of dating that we had no pictures together, so he hired a photographer to follow up around (unbeknownst to me) and to take candid photos. The pictures turned out great, but it was the thought that went into it that meant so much. He put so much time and effort into that gift I couldn’t have been more moved. It’s been two years and I still talk about it. He also hired a violinist to serenade me at work with 90s R&B. That was also really sweet but mildly embarassing. 😉

  17. mckella says:

    That is so cute! If I had a giant fruit bouquet, I’d dip it in a pot of chocolate fondue.
    Presents are nice, but I think caring gestures are better. When I was dating my now-husband, he once drove an hour to my house in the middle of a cold night on his motorcycle to cheer me up after a really stressful week. We had hot chocolate and watched a movie at two in the morning. That was one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever done for me.

  18. 40apples says:

    Super super sweet of him!! I love edible bouquets :)

    Best gift from a romantic interest: a hand drawn card (the effort behind it was pretty mind-boggling) and a pair of awesome sneaks – yes, sneakers! I loved these totally baller shoes for so long but always thought it would be such a waste of money to actually buy them (more a novelty item than practical, if you get my drift). Anyway, he totally surprised me with them, and it was just the most whimsical, fun, *wow-he-paid-attention* kind of unexpected present! I loved it. I’ve worn them, like, twice, but I’m so proud of them :)

  19. Emily says:

    what a sweet gift, katie! this one sounds like he may be a keeper! hope things work out. :-)

  20. Carbzilla says:

    *Jumping up and down* How cute a present from the boy!!!! He so likes you!

    I have to say I did get a Vermont Teddy Bear one time and was in a place where I really appreciated it. Now I would think it was dumb but this was a lonngggg time ago, and it came with a dozen roses. I was a sucker for that kind of thing.

    Big hugs!

  21. KeepItSweet says:

    When my husband and I were dating long distance, he sent me a box with a bag of hershey kisses and a ton of caramel soy crisps. I loved it!

  22. Aww, what a thoughtful gift! I once had a guy (who lived 1000 miles away), spend a day with a tape recorder (yes, I’m old) recording his friends giving birthday greetings, him saying different things throughout the day and ending with his favorite song. It was thoughtful and took effort – two things that I think make a great gift.

  23. wow that is one nice guy!! and it definitely says a lot about him that he a) remembered ur bday and b) gave some thought to the gift!

    hes a keeperrrr…the distance thing is only a tiny hindrance that im sure u can find a way around hehe 😉

    i love receiving gifts that show a person really knows who u r…i hate getting gifts that are like Visa Cards or something- i love the $$ dont get me wrong but sometimes a little personal touch is more rewarding

    My favorite gift from my birthday in August was from bella Christina when she got me a Michigan shaped cutting board…so cute hehe


  24. Marina says:

    What a great present :)
    I wish I could find something like that over here.
    Best present I ever got was…I don’t know actually. My boy gave me so much, from a huge bouquet of roses for our 6 month-anniversary, room filled with balloons, a 8 your drive just to say Happy 18th birthday, and making cupcakes for the first time in his life…
    I guess all of his presents are amazing :)

  25. chasingcasey says:

    OMG how freakin’ cute is that! He really gets you 😉

  26. VEGirl says:

    That is the sweetest thing ever! And so original of him! Now, I just want to double check, your birthday IS next Monday (the 6th) right??? Oh god I hope so, that’s what I’ve been gathering from reading old posts….

    Let me know,


      1. VEGirl says:

        Phew! Thank you for confirming!

  27. how sweet of SSH! love the shower cap LOL!

  28. Anonymous says:

    You have such a beautiful smile. Did you ever wear braces?

  29. Alexis says:

    That is such a cute idea! What a kind guy… wish more were like him 😉

    I love it when guys remember little hints that girls give out. And SSH totally had the best gift idea!

  30. Kiki says:

    Man, I’ve always wanted an edible bouquet! How nice of Sports Store Hottie!

    I had my secret admirers in elementary school too! Well actually, I don’t know if you could call him that. He basically threw conversation hearts at the back of my head and then blamed it on the guy next to him, haha.

    1. LOL my mom always said that the guys who bullied you were the ones that secretly liked you :).

  31. Judy says:

    My DH & I spent over a yr living apart due to his job (with frequent visits). Not long after he left, he had me look for something for “him” – he’d hidden a diamond bracelet before he left!

    He’s not often that romantic, but every now & again does the big romantic gesture — & totally surprises me!

  32. Laura says:

    OMGosh!!!!!! best present ever! xx

  33. Stefanie says:

    Edible arrangements are awesome. They are expensive but worth it. The fruit is always fresh. It is nice when someone listens to your likes and dislikes.

  34. Awwwwe how sweet!!! 😀 He’s thinking of you. Awww. Sorry, i just can’t stop thinking that. So I’ll say it again..Awwwe!! 😀

  35. MoniMeals says:

    Katie, Sports Hottie- is a smart, smart man! He gets a big thumbs up.:)

  36. Vanilla says:

    Does he have a twin? You can introduce me to him.

  37. Emma says:

    My boyfriend once brought me an apple pie after a long day away at a crew regatta. I thought it was such a sweet gesture and the pie was tasty, too!

  38. BroccoliHut says:

    I love Edible Arrangements! You’re a nice friend to share–I like all that fruit for myself:)

  39. Marie says:

    Aw, that’s so sweet! I love edible arrangements. I’ve had several secret admirers, one of whom hacked into a friend’s email account so he could confess his undying love. Anonymously, of course. I attract the weird ones.

  40. Meghan says:

    Such a sweet gift, moreso because he was a good listener! I don’t know about secret admirers but the WORST gift I ever got was a pet hamster as a valentines day gift from an ex boyfriend. He said it was because I mentioned I missed having a pet and it was the only one we could get away with in college….so romantic. haha.

  41. Marianne says:

    Oooooh, lucky girl! SSH sounds like he might just be a keeper…ya know, if he didn’t live across the country from you 😉

    I can’t really think of any great gifts I’ve received from a significant other. And ya know, that’s kinda sad. I obviously need to date better people – guess that’s why I’m not longer together with any of them, eh?

  42. Edible Arrangements are the best!

  43. GabyE says:

    Love love love your hat. And the flowers- Delish! I’ve previously been commenting as The Vegan!, (I don’t know if you recall or not) but I’ve decided to start my own blog – so I’ve given myself a real name. Want to visit my blog and be my blogging buddy? I just posted my first post today, it was skimpy, but hopefully it’ll get off the ground and I’ll posts some recipes soon.

  44. Katie that is soooo ccccuuuuttee!! Merhh!! You know doing the distance thing isnt that bad. I have been dating Cali to Texas for 2 years and we goin’ strong!

    1. Thank goodness for internet, right?!

  45. Caitlin says:

    Cute picture, and cute present! Thoughtful gifts are far and beyond the best thing to receive. You must have great taste in men!

    My boyfriend has given me soooo many wonderful gifts. He handcrafts all my cards, and they are always really intricate (woven, layered, glittery) and artsy.

    As far as the actual gifts go, he made me a video collage for my 19th birthday, and I loved it so so so much that he made me the most perfect video of all our best times for our 3rd anniversary (like two and a half years later). He has a film degree and is very talented, so the videos were beyond anything I could have ever hoped for.

    Thanks for this post! It is so important to remember all the nice things that others do for us.