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"Peanut Butter and Honey" is sooo over

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It’s all about peanut butter and maple now.


I’m so so happy that you all liked the “Liquid Oatmeal” recipe.

D’ya know what goes well with oatmilk (or any milk)? Peanut butter! Yesterday, I made a sandwich that I’m now planning to recreate many times in the future.


For the sandwich:

I first warmed up some of my favorite peanut butter and spread it onto half of an Ezekiel 7-grain pita*. Then I added just a touch of pure maple syrup (Maybe a teaspoon? That stuff is strong!) before closing the baby up with the other 1/2 of the pita. True, I haven’t eaten a pb-honey sammie in years, but I’m telling you: pb-maple > pb-honey any day. The maple flavor took the peanut butter to a whole new level. Above: Bottoms up! (i.e. a close-up shot of the pita “bottoms”… scandalous!)

*Side note: If you haven’t tried Ezekiel 7-grain pitas, I highly recommend them. They’re 100% whole-grain, high in fiber and protein, and–most importantly–they taste yummy. But I’m not going to lie: ya gotta like the whole-grain taste to like these. My mom thinks they are abominable (her word hehe).  I, however, think they taste like heaven on a plate when paired with peanut butter and maple. But then again, what doesn’t taste good slathered in peanut butter?!


Peek-a-boo pee-enn-bee


Next time, perhaps I ought to invite my friend, Buddy, to lunch.

Below, my lunchtime spread:


With a broccoli bowl and almond milk.

Are you tired, yet, of seeing the famous BBBs, or buttery broccoli bowls?

Oh, but I’m not tired of eating them. :)



Sharing time!

What’s your fave sandwich or the most-creative sandwich you’ve ever seen/eaten?

Sandwiches, in general, aren’t the love of my life: All that bread standing in the way of me getting to the yummy fillings! But I do have a few favorite sammies; when you’re pressed for time (or needing to eat on-the-go), they can’t be beat for their convenience or portability.

One of my favorite creative sandwiches is my “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” sandwich.

But I’ve also blogged before about my love for carrot cake sandwiches, strawberry shortcake sandwiches, and pb-banana sandwiches. And as far as the bread goes, Ezekiel pitas rock my vegan world.


Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. GabyE says:

    My favorite sandwich is a sprout sandwich. I invented after my last trip to the farmers market when I got a HUGE bag of clover sprouts. So here it is: Fresh baked hard sourdough(from the most amazing french baker in Hollywood) baba ganoush from the Greek guys and CRAZY amounts of clover sprouts. Fold it over, and eat. Its sooo fresh and delicious, and the sprouts get all squished up next to eacother and crunch in the most perfect way :)

    Another sammi I like is an ab & r. almond butter and raisin! its my less sugary version of pb&j.

  2. Sherri says:

    Mmmmm, maple syrup, I love that stuff. I could drink it out of the bottle, oh, I think I have . :) I am going to have to try it with pb.
    Thanks for the great idea.
    Have a nice long weekend!


  3. Stefanie says:

    I like nut butter sandwiches on toasted sprouted grain bread. Also, hummus sandwiches/wraps with tomato, sprouts, and cucumber are really good. I have been on a hummus and peanut butter kick lately.

  4. abby says:

    i love justin’s maple almond butter, but i love peanut butter even more than almond butter, so why did i never think to make my own pb-maple butter? it will certainly be cheaper! :)

    1. abby says:

      oh and i don’t know how anyone could ever tire of seeing broccoli. who doesn’t love broccoli?!? 😉 your bbbs always look delish, and i love the new acronym.

      1. Y’know, you’re right: why DOESN’T Justin’s make maple-pb? Get on that, Justin’s! Or don’t… ’cause I can make my own :).

  5. VEGirl says:

    Yum– I must try that for breakfast this morning! (I’ll report back in a bit)

    As for your question, sandwiches never get old for me. Mostly because I can never HAVE THEM!! I love bread, but it’s very time consuming to make the good GF stuff (especially when your busy!). Brown rice tortillas are basically the gluten-free “bread” for my GF mother and I, but it’s not the same. I am polishing off this raisin pecan whole grain fruit-sweetened freezer bread that I’ve been obsessed with lately. I bought it months ago but have hardly eaten much, until now! But it is really expensive and plasticky to always live on that stuff. It’s food for life brand though, and it’s really yummy :)


    1. I love the ffl raisin bread! I like the Ezekiel cinnamon-raisin one, but I didn’t know about a pecan one. I’ll have to keep my eye out!

      1. VEGirl says:

        Yeah, it’s super yum. I just checked the package, to make sure it WAS raisin pecan (it is) and saw that there is only ONE SLICE LEFT! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

        K, I’ll stop whining now.

  6. 40apples says:

    I do love me some nut butter sandwiches – all variations included. But I agree with you on the bread thing – sure, sometimes the bread is amazing, but usually for me it’s all about what’s inside. Therefore, I’ve been known to eliminate the bread altogether from my AB & J’s and just enjoy the good stuff mixed together on a spoon :)

    One of the best sandwiches I’ve had lately was a vegan “tuna” (a.k.a. chickpea) melt (… absolutely delicious!!

    1. Oooh that DOES sound good! Haha and probably less smelly! 😉

    2. GabyE says:

      I do that too! I call in my almond butter “mess”. Just swirl that stuff up on a saucer, YUM.

  7. Stylish1 says:

    I was always a sandwich lover! Growing up in Jersey we were all about the disco fries and hoagie sandwiches (not together unless it was 4am on a Saturday after a loooong night out). I used to always get a turkey hoagie with the fixings on it. Of course now there’s no meat on my dish so I max out on the veggies but every so often I crave a hoagie. Not necessarily the meat but just the satisfaction of a good hoagie.

    Oh and btw, that broccoli bowl looks slamming!! I LOVE broccoli!

  8. Helen Kopp says:

    I think my very favorite sandwich is a falafel pita. I love the contrast of warm, crispy falafal; cold, crunchy cucumbers; creamy, tangy tahini sauce; and soft, warm pita – YUM! I had my first one in a tiny shack of a Morrocan cafe in Granada, Spain.

  9. Buttery broccoli sounds like the perfect comfort food on rainy Friday night! too bad I read this AFTER I already had eaten a veggie pizza 😀

    ps. your nails are super cute!

  10. Gastón says:

    Hi, Katie! Great blog and nice lunch! The sandwich I’m obessed with right now is: whole wheat bread, pb, sliced dates, crushed Brasilian nuts and cashews, oats and a little cacao to sprinkle. Love it.

    1. VEGirl says:

      Whoa. That sandwich sounds intense. Gotta try that someday.

    2. Woah, I want to try that! Brazil nuts are so healthy, but I never think to eat them!

      1. Gastón says:

        I just love them. You’ll love this too for sure!

  11. Love the broccoli bowls! Favourite sandwich is a tie between: Falafel (with kale and salsa/hummus) and roasted vegetables and pesto.

  12. Yum! I also love PB and agave….but my most favoritest is PB and Ricemallow Cream…..I die of happiness every time I eat one of those sammies. BTW, your nails are adorable.

  13. fmzk says:

    When I was working on a farm up in Maine in 2006, I used to have a big salad at lunch with tahini for dressing…but that’s nowhere NEAR enough food for someone putting in 14-16 hours a day in the field, so I’d usually punctuate my salads with one or two peanut butter and arugula rollups. My coworkers were really into burrito-style flatbreads, so I’d take a tortilla, spread it with peanut butter, and fill it with arugula (my favorite vegetable) before rolling it up and eating it (usually on the way out the door) before heading out for more work :)

  14. Kelsey says:

    my fav sandwich is one with chocolate butter and bananas smushed inside.. simple but lovely! i love tortilla nut butter sanwiches like this too <3 especially when im on the go..kind of reminds me of those bagel-ful commercials..except with a tortilla wrap :)

    ps. umm HELLO GORGEOUS NAILS hehe


  15. Tasty looking sandwich!
    I looove Savory Tofu Sandwiches :) They make my heart siiiing!

  16. Danielle says:

    I loveee maple syrup! I think I remember you saying that you occasionally eat honey- does that still hold true?? (I’m “one of those vegans” that eats honey lol) If so, I *highly* recommend raw honey! It tastes soooo much better in my opinion

    1. I don’t go out of my way to eat honey, but I don’t freak out or feel grossed out if I happen to accidentally consume it. LOL I didn’t know honey wasn’t raw to begin with; I really don’t know much about it, other than the one my family gets comes in a cute bear jar :).

  17. Gina says:

    Oh that sandwich does look so good! I love your idea- a new spin on an old classic of pb-j. And I second the motion for a Justin’s maple peanut butter.

    P.S. Did you get the birthday package I sent? Filled with chocolate, for my favorite chocolate friend :). I hope it managed to survive the post ok and didn’t melt all over the box!

  18. Alexis says:

    I love PB&J, PB and honey, and PB and agave, so I might give this a go next time!

    I love sandwiches, especially on good bread. One of my favorites is hummus, olive, spring greens and pine nuts on bakery bread. Delicious!

  19. Sarahishealthy says:

    Why did I never think to combine peanut butter and honey? Really, I eat pb-agave like every freakin day! Tomorrow I’m switching it up! Cannot believe I haven’t tried this. The idea should’ve been right under my nose! :)

  20. Eleanor says:

    Well I can’t eat bread but I always mix almond butter with an equal amount of milk and some maple syrup; it’s a-mazing! My favourite pudding has to be that with some Brazil/cashew/walnut chocolate fudge babies… food porn at its best! :)

  21. My favorite sandwich (and I talk about it alll the time) is two slices of bread (usually multi-grain or ezekiel, and sometimes cinnamon raisin! I swear, it works) with hummus, cheddar, and cucumber… all toasted.

    So. Freaking. Good.

  22. Laura says:

    Oohhhhhhh your nails are so cool and pretty!!!!
    Mmm that sammy looks gorgeous! i don’t think i’ve ever combined maple and pb before…but it certainly looks like it’s worth a try!! yumm!
    I, being from scotland, still find the whole pb&jelly combo a CRAZY idea…it’s so normal for people in the usa, but in the uk it’s not such an in thing!!! xx

    1. hehhe wait, are you one of those vegemite eaters?? My best friend from Australia tried to get me hooked on vegemite (or marmite) sammies once. Didn’t work out too well. I guess it’s a UK and Australia thing. 😕

  23. Bridget says:

    I’m not a big sandwich eater, but when I do have one it’s gotta be a turkey, avocado, lettuce, mustard and mayo with a slice of aged white cheddar. A good hearty grain bread lightly toasted is a must! Soooo delicious :)

  24. Erika says:

    My most interesting sandwich combo isn’t vegan in any way, but soooo good! Its a peanut butter, apple, and bacon sandwich. I also am a fan of peanut butter and banana sandwiches and the almond butter and honey combo. :-)

  25. Caitlin says:

    Maple is SO strong that I can barely stand the flavor. I grew up on fake maple syrup, so the real stuff packs quite the punch to my tastebuds!

    I’m with ya on the bread thing, though I do enjoy a good wrap. I feel like I can stuff more into a wrap, and it stays in place more easily because the filling is completely surrounded. My favorite fillers are black beans, avocado, and vegetables. Pretty much if we have it in our house, I throw it in.

    1. You sound exactly like my sister! She and my mom actually buy the low-sugar Aunt Jemima’s because they can’t even stand regular Aunt Jemima’s, let alone the *real* stuff!

  26. I’m not a big fan of sandwiches either, but an occasional peanut butter and banana is heavenly! I like to use just one piece of bread, and go extremely heavy on the peanut butter. When the bread is slightly toasted, the peanut butter drools off the edges….oh man!

    I really like wraps, though! The “bread” is nice and thin, and I can spread some hummus on it! Then add a good assortment of veggies. I also like spreading guacamole on my wraps :) Quick and Easy!

  27. MoniMeals says:

    I love your style with that pita! I love making a whole-wheat quesadilla with a ww tortilla, pb and banana with Vanilla agave and cinnamon, toasted! That is hits the spot everytime.
    When I was a kid I would make pb sandwiches but put Fritos in the middle and squish with my hands. I thought it was the best thing ever, almost fried tasting! Is that too weird? Please say no!, lol.

    1. Hahahahaha!
      My dad was very close to taking a job with FritoLay before I was born… if he had, I might’ve grown up eating lots of fritos :).

  28. BroccoliHut says:

    So I really love experimenting with PB–I’ve tried PB & pickles (good!), spicy PB & pineapple, and today I just had a PB-banana-tempeh bacon sandwich. Amazing.

  29. ecogrrl says:

    back in my 20’s a sandwich chain up called briazz used to sell this serrano ham, brie, and yellow pepper sandwich that made me happy as a clam :) these days there’s a pear/gorgonzola panini at the cafe near my work that i lovvvvve.

  30. PB and maple is da bomb! DA BOMB! haha 😉 well, maple and anything works..but throw peanut butter into the mix and you have yourself a lethal combo.

  31. tdats says:

    its like mighty maple pb!! MMMMMMMMMMMM :)

    1. Oh my goodness, you’re right! Y’know, I’d totally forgotten about MM pb! Can you believe that? I used to love that stuff, but then I got hooked on Justin’s almond butter, and then plain pb and banana butter, and poor MM was forgotten. Thanks for reminding me of its existence! :)

  32. I love sandwiches that are piled high with all the veggies I can find, stuck together with either avocado or hummus, then smushed down and grilled. Yummy, especially with pesto smeared on the outside of the bread!

    I ate broccoli bowls in college all the time. That’s how I avoided the Freshman Fifteen!

  33. Namaste Gurl says:

    LOVE Pb on absoulutely, postively everything :)!

    Never tried PB and maple combo, however I HAVE tried PB and agave which is not bad… i don’t have a super sweet tooth, so plain ole’ pb, banana and lots of cinnamon works great for me.

  34. Marianne says:

    Oh, I love me a sandwich. So portable and versatile! It can be sweet or savoury, warm or cold. I don’t know if I could pick an absolute favourite…but it would probably involve cheese of some sort, and my beloved Silver Hills sprouted grain breads. Yum!

    PS – maple & peanut butter is a new obsession of mine.

  35. emma says:

    Before going vegan my favorite sandwich would be peanut butter and fluff (vegetarian mashmallow spread), and then a veggie ‘meat ball’ sandwich with ketchup and soy cheese, but I never use bread rather, make them wraps in whole grain tortillas. :)

  36. Damjana says:

    i used to love pb&nutella on wholegrain bread (consists of whole grains and it’s super dark – like pumpernickel) for a while before i discovered food blogs. With a glass of cold milk, yum

  37. I totally agree. Maple syrup owns honey 1000x over!

  38. Heather says:

    Hi Katie!

    I was just wondering… when you eat your broccoli bowls, is that fresh broccoli or frozen? Do you eat frozen vegetables?

    Happy weekend :)

    1. Hey Heather!


      I pretty much always use fresh broccoli (except one time when I was at my aunt’s house and she only had frozen). It’s not that I’m against frozen broccoli; I just like the taste of fresh better. Usually I eat fresh veggies, but I do like frozen okra and brussels sprouts.

  39. Peanut butter & butter . . . I’m not kidding. It’s amazing. Really, really amazing! Try it with SmartBalance Katie. 😉

  40. I love maple syrup, I lived in VT for a couple of years…VT syrup is spectacular! I especially like it on vanilla ice cream…it’s sooo good! I think I’ll have some tomorrow with PB…that sounds really good right now for some reason 😉

  41. Lisa says:

    One of my fav sandwiches is from a coffee shop that no longer makes them: granny smith apples with brie and pine nuts on a baguette. I like to make my own open face version with just baguette slices with a slice of brie on top, granny smith apple slice on top of that with a sprinkle of cinnamon, warmed in the oven for a few minutes. It’s a fall party favorite!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Peanut butter and hummus is where it’s at!

  43. Tanner says:

    Katie, I will NEVER get tired of BBB’s! I eat them nearly every day!
    Hmmm, let’s just say that the most creative sandwich I’ve ever made was also on of the worst. Peanut Butter and kiwi! Yuck!!! I was on a major PB kick, and was combining it with everything! Bananas (duh), strawberries, raisins, honey, jam, ice cream… pretty much everything. But I also LOVED kiwi, so I got that bright idea. It’s gross, don’t do it. Please, for the love of all that is peanut butter, DON’T DO IT!
    My favorite sandwiches (I have many) include: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cream cheese sandwiches, CLT’s (cheese lettuce tomato), grilled cheese with raisins, yes raisins, and macaroni and cheese with mashed potatoes sandwiches! I’m a freak, I know :)
    By the way, what kind of cheese do you use, if any? My favorite is Daiya, but I’m always on the lookout for new ones.

    1. If any, I sometimes use Daiya. Haven’t really found one that’s exactly like real cheese, so I just don’t usually bother. There are so many other foods to eat, I don’t miss it!