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Kisses you DON’T want!

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Happy Friday, chocolate chips!



What was the best birthday present you ever received?

The best birthday present I ever received came from this guy.

And since our fateful first meeting, he’s continued to shower me with gifts every single day! (Sadly, some of these gifts are wet and slobbery and I wish I could send them back.)

I won’t bore you with details  of the gifts I received from family and “real-world” friends this year. But I do feel compelled to give a shout-out to two sweet blog friends. It’s the least I can do to show my thanks for their thoughtfulness.

momcard  znyc 1597

First, a thank-you to Gina for some delicious chocolate Jocalat bars (my favorites!). And then, there are no words for the kindness of Vegirl, who even remembered my mom and Molly and Henry . She not only sent me a handmade (gorgeously-drawn) card and chocolate bar, she also sent a card to my poor mother! And she included some homemade puppy treats for M&H. (By the way, M&H could not get enough of these quinoa-peanut-butter treats!)

Your thoughts on puppy kisses: pro or con?

I am definitely con. Puppy tongues encounter all sorts of gross things (worms, dirt, their paws…). Keep that tongue away from my face! But my dad (and some of my friends, as well) has no problem putting his head right there for Henry to practically lick it off. Ewww!

And now, I promise, no more birthday posts! Well, for a while anyways.


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  1. Ahh! How cute! I actually love puppy kisses, though! My dog doesn’t give kisses out freely, so it is a special moment when he does :)

    1. LOL you should meet Henry! That guy will not STOP giving out kisses… to everyone he meets. He’s a terrible guard dog!

  2. I love puppy kisses! Even if it is gross. 😉

  3. Caitlin says:

    Hahaha I am with everyone else so far! I will put my face right up to my pup’s nose. As long as I don’t think about where his nose has been, I’m ok.

    Hey, didn’t they once say that a puppy’s nose is cleaner than your cell phone???


    1. I heard that too! And money!
      But apparently money and cell phones are dirtier than your toilet seat as well… doesn’t mean I’m going to go kiss a toilet seat lol!

  4. I am anti-puppy kisses but pro-kitten kisses :)
    The best birthday gift I ever received was 2 years ago when my Dad gave me a framed picture of us from when I was 6months old. I started crying at the dinner table :)

  5. Valerie says:

    That’s a great picture of you!

  6. Meg says:

    I love puppy kisses 😀

    Enjoy your Friday gorgeous lady!

  7. Sarahishealthy says:

    I have to vote “pro” as well! But maybe that’s just because I am not able to have a dog right now (due to living in a small space) so I try to take advantage of as much love from them as I can get when I encounter one! :)

  8. Marina says:

    I’m glad you got so many presents, you deserve them :)
    As a future veterinarian, I know what animals can transfer to people, so no, no pup kisses for me.

    1. *Phew* Glad I’m not the only one. I was startin’ to get worried, there ;).

  9. VEGirl says:

    I DO NOT like dob slobber. Cats are okay, probably cause I grew up with them. But dogs?? I think it’s so gross! I don’t have any, but we will in the future (landlord’s orders).

    Thank you so much for the shout out, and I am so happy M&H actually liked the cookies! As I said, I don’t have a dog so I just had to hope for the best! LOL


    1. Like them? Are you kidding? They would’ve eaten the whole box in one gulp if I’d let ’em!

      P.S. expect an email this weekend :).

  10. I’m all for puppy kisses, as long as they’re little, but I’m not so into the slobber. I used to be very wary of dogs, but once I met my boyfriend’s dog, I immediately fell in love and now can’t get enough of any dog in general. I’m always so jealous when I go on climbing trips of all the people who have brought their super cute dogs with them. They better be careful, or I’ll end up taking one home with me!

  11. Puppy kisses are the best!! And they say dog’s mouths are cleaner than human mouths anyway….but who knows if that’s true. I totally let my dog lick all over my face with his big ole sloppy tongue. Sometimes we even share food! As for puppy puppies (like baby ones), there is no greater scent than that of fresh puppy breath!

  12. mckella says:

    I usually don’t like puppy kisses, but one time I went over to my parent’s house after an awful day and I was crying, and their shitzu puppy, Maya ran up to me, so picked her up and she licked all my tears off. It was so sweet and made me feel so much better.

  13. DEFINITELY con! I completely agree with you about the germs… eww. I am okay with letting a dog lick my hands, just not my face… but I always wash my hands well afterwards!

  14. Justine says:

    I prefer puppy hugs. :)

    My dog will get a kiss in where ever she can, so I have to be ontop of my game with her! A few years ago my mother got me season tickets to the ballet. She has done it every year since, and it was the best thing I could have asked for. You see, we don’t just go to the ballet 4 times a year, we go to dinner before hand and spend time together after. It is kind of like a whole Mother/Daughter evening and SO much fun. :)

  15. 40apples says:

    I love pups but I’m with ya on the kisses. I’d rather hug 😉

    A stellar bday present: a guitar, from someone I had just met (and am now roommates with!). I couldn’t believe the generosity. Or: my parents flying me home for my bday this year – I hadn’t celebrated it w/ family in years and years, and it was really special!! Got a weekend of love and pampering :)

  16. Eric Jaffa says:

    Are those birthday presents from your parents?

  17. Kiki says:

    Ew, I’m definitely against doggy kisses! Cuddling yes, slobbering no.

    And hm, my best birthday present ever was a really really nice watch from my mom three years ago. I still wear it today!

  18. Alexis says:

    I am totally anti-puppy kisses!!!! I thought that I was the only one out there who felt that way!

    I don’t have a favorite gift, because… I am not a fan of recieving them. Money (from the grandparents) and food (from anyone!) are always very appreciated, but anything else makes me feel kind of guilty because I really don’t need anymore “stuff!”

    Giving gifts is another story. I love finding the perfect present for a friend, or thinking of some way to present it creatively.

  19. Stefanie says:

    I do not like puppy kisses (or kitty kisses). It grosses me out. It looks like you had a great birthday. The best present I got for my birthday (last year) was just spending time with my family. My parents only give out money for birthdays because it is hard to figure out what to buy for my brothers and me.

  20. I agree with the puppy kisses! I love my Biscuit, but I don’t want her near my face licking. It’s enough she licks my legs…like when I get out of the shower! I’m always like, get off of me! I’m clean! LMAO!

    Happy belated birthday Katie! I hope your day was fantastic and marvelous and everything you hoped it would be. :)

  21. BroccoliHut says:

    I’m gonna say con on the puppy kisses too–I mean, I’ve seen my dogs, ahem, “cleaning themselves,” way too often to think those licks are sanitary. Nonetheless, I do love to cuddle with all pooches:)

  22. Caitlin says:

    I’d probably prefer kitten kisses. I did not grow up with any pets, so I’m not used to slobbery spit all over me. Or dog hair. Or a dog scented house. Yeah definitely kitties.

  23. Rachael says:

    I’m pretty much pro-puppy anything. And there’s the old adage about a dog’s mouth being one of the cleanest places possible, because of all the salivary enzymes. Maybe not after they lick their rear, though – I’ll concede those kisses are not as welcome!

  24. Puppy kisses are gross. I know some people that practically french there dogs. No, not practically..they DO french their dogs. It’s disgusting. I’m cool with a tiny cheek kiss, but I’ll go wash my face right after.
    I’m cool with cat kisses, though. I remember a science expirement that proved their mouths were cleaner than ours. :) Chloe gives me kisses all the time.

  25. MoniMeals says:

    Great Pics Sweet one! What a great bday you had!
    Since I have English Bulldogs, (the most slobbery breed) I don’t mind the puppy kisses and licks and I would let Henry say hi for sure:) Happy weekend to you.

  26. Katharina says:

    First off, you are so radiant in that first picture!! And secondly, everyone is so sweet for celebrating your birthday with you 😀 You are truly a special person with such a big heart, and I think you make it easy to just love you!!


  27. Hey Katie! I love your hair! May I ask if you get your highlights done professionally or if you color it yourself, what do you use? It’s so pretty!:)

    Heather McClees

    1. Oh Heather, you are entirely too sweet. Really. :)
      I actually don’t color my hair at all. But it gets lighter in the summer. Or maybe it’s the lighting in the photo.

  28. Albizia says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while but have never commented. Anyway, it’s never too late to start :)

    Henry is a great birthday present and I wouldn’t mind a kiss or two. I like being loved by my dog. So I’m obviously pro but only if I can wash my face after that 😛

    My best birthday present was a secret birthday party. One year I was in a really bad mood and decided not to celebrate my birthday because I still had bad memories from party failures two years in a row. I can’t even describe how amazing it felt to open the door of my dorm room and see all my closest friends there.

    Wish you a great weekend!


  29. Sherri says:

    Looks like you had a great birthday!
    I don’t like dog kisses but love cat kisses, they are the best. :)

    I left comments on your giveaway blog but they have seeme to disappear. :(

    Have a great weekend!

  30. Vanilla says:

    I swear, once I’ll hit 18 and get a job, I will definately send you a birthday present(s)!!!
    *My mom doesn’t like strangers…It’s quite hard to get her permission to send a package, lol*

    Did you dye your hair? The colour is lighter!

    I like puppies but not their wet kisses…I like kitty kisses, though. Their tongue are funny feeling, lol, and not as wet :)

    1. Hahaha your mom sounds like mine. Actually, when I was in high school, she wouldn’t even let me use my real name when I posted on a discussion board or anything! Better to be safe than sorry; at least it shows they love us and are worried about us, right? 😉
      As for the hair, I think it’s either the lighting or being out in the summer sun.

  31. doggie kisses gross me out and i almost barf when i see people letting their pups slobber on their mouth in public. i have to look away!

  32. Aw, that is so sweet!!! How kind of Gina and Vegirl. She is awesome. :)

    Oh man, I just realized I never posted to your Facebook/comments on your birthday!! What kind of friend am I? It’s ironic too, because I was thinking about you all day! lol. I was like “Oh, today is Katie’s birthday! Yay!” I read your blog and was on your Facebook page to write on your wall, and then somehow it didn’t happen.. lol. But I promise it was intended and I was excited all day. I hope your birthday was good. :) Love you! <3

  33. What nice gifts. Dog mouths are cleaner than cats which seems weird to me since my Cleo dog loves to have a cat treat now and again, if you know what I mean.
    I get the big sloppy slobbery thing though sometimes is just too much.

  34. Kelsey says:

    puppy kisses (clean puppies) are normal but makeout doggie sessions is where i draw the line. or seeing someone kiss their dog and then drink a coffee or eat something.. ughhh im sorry… but its a bit too much for me. lol


  35. Becca says:

    Happy belated!! And puppy kisses are great, and probably boosting my immune system. LOL!