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“How to eat Fried Worms” (vegan-style)

Does anyone remember the book from elementary school: How to eat Fried Worms? That’s what came to mind as I assembled today’s lunch. I started out with a monster salad (mixed greens, spinach, and lots of chard), with sesame-ginger dressing and crunchy almonds. So far so good. But then, when I cooked up some of my […]

Kisses you DON’T want!

Happy Friday, chocolate chips!   What was the best birthday present you ever received? The best birthday present I ever received came from this guy. And since our fateful first meeting, he’s continued to shower me with gifts every single day! (Sadly, some of these gifts are wet and slobbery and I wish I could […]

I didn’t eat Birthday Cake?

No. Instead, I had pie. And, shock of all shocks, it wasn’t chocolate. I wanted to change it up a bit from last year’s chocolate mousse pie. So, this year I chose velvety, homemade Raw Key Lime Pie. (For the recipe, click on the link and read the optional ingredients). Yeah, it was as good as […]

Cinnamon-Raisin Breakfast Pudding

Do you resemble a certain member of your family? But first, another shot from dinner at the Clay Pit. And a close up, because when I was looking at this photo, I saw something that made me stop short. It’s super-obvious who takes after whom in our family: I am my mom and my sister […]

My Birthday din-din

Because we had a Labor Day Barbecue to attend on Monday, my parents treated me to a birthday dinner Sunday night. Hey, I was born in England, so technically, it was my birthday at the exact time we celebrated… Not that I didn’t celebrate on Monday as well. Two birthdays are better than one. Tell […]

Heather Eats Almond Butter

Hello Chocolate Covered Katie readers, Heather from Heather Eats Almond Butter here (HEAB for short). Many thanks to Katie, one of my favorite bloggers, for allowing me to guest post on her blog. Really Katie, it’s an honor! So, we all know how much Katie likes her ice-cream. If you haven’t done so, you should […]

"Peanut Butter and Honey" is sooo over

It’s all about peanut butter and maple now. . I’m so so happy that you all liked the “Liquid Oatmeal” recipe. D’ya know what goes well with oatmilk (or any milk)? Peanut butter! Yesterday, I made a sandwich that I’m now planning to recreate many times in the future. For the sandwich: I first warmed […]

How to Milk an Oat

First, position yourself so that you’re under the oat. Next, pull really hard. Really hard. Ok, backtrack. Milking an oat is nothing like milking a cow! . So many of you were interested in the Raw Cashew Milk the other day that I figured it’s high time to post another “milk” recipe onto which I’ve […]

A Gift from the Boy

I told you all, the other day, about my retail therapy… but I forgot to show you what I bought: a new hat! Just kidding; I restrained myself… what on earth would I do with something so atrocious? Actually, I didn’t end up purchasing anything the other day. After all, not everyone can be as […]

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