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I won the Coconut Butter Lottery

Welcome to Artisana Nut Butter Week . About a month ago, the following items miraculously appeared on my doorstep. What? For me?? But I didn’t order anything… I haven’t even talked to anyone from Premier Organics in months! Perhaps it just so happens they’re aware of the fact that I’m the company’s #1 fan. It’s […]

Larabars v. Katiebars

Bar Wars, Return of the Laras What’s your favorite bar? Lately, I seem to keep striking out on the bar front. Maybe the powers that be are just trying to tell me: Stop looking; you’ve already found more than enough that you love (Wilds, Jocalats, all varieties of fudge baby bars, and on and on). […]

Gigantic Ice Cream Sundae

Hugest-ever! According to, “hugest” is a word. Rejoice! Yesterday, at around 3PM, I finally jumped on the protein-ice-cream bandwagon. Protein-licious. Yesterday, by the time I finished eating this thing, I was freezing! So I took the second part of my meal outside—two slices of Ezekiel cinnamon-raisin bread. French Toast Trick: I used to think […]

A recipe, but NOT for Peanut Butter

Fact: I love Butter. Huh? How exactly is that vegan, Miss Katie? No wait! I’m talking about the likes of Hot Chocolate Butter, not the dairy stuff. Then, there’s peanut butter, cashew butter, banana butter, almond butter, and—of course—coconut butter. Don’t forget cacao butter, which is not only an ingredient in many chocolate confections, it’s […]

My Unhealthy Habit

But first, a healthy habit: eating breakfast. PB-maple sandwich, with soy-free Vegan Greek Yogurt. Then: a quickie clean-up, ‘cause I was due outside to bask in the rays with a friend.  Errr, make that two friends. Where there’s sun, Henry follows. As I type this, in fact, he is sleeping right in front of the […]

Redefining Fast Food

Lately, I’m needing to come up with even quicker meals. Katie, your recipes are already quick and easy. How much simpler can they get? What about a meal in 5 minutes? Sorry to Rachael Ray, but 30 minutes to dinner sounds like a long time to me. Sometimes, 5 minutes is all you’ve got! The […]

“How to eat Fried Worms” (vegan-style)

Does anyone remember the book from elementary school: How to eat Fried Worms? That’s what came to mind as I assembled today’s lunch. I started out with a monster salad (mixed greens, spinach, and lots of chard), with sesame-ginger dressing and crunchy almonds. So far so good. But then, when I cooked up some of my […]

Kisses you DON’T want!

Happy Friday, chocolate chips!   What was the best birthday present you ever received? The best birthday present I ever received came from this guy. And since our fateful first meeting, he’s continued to shower me with gifts every single day! (Sadly, some of these gifts are wet and slobbery and I wish I could […]

I didn’t eat Birthday Cake?

No. Instead, I had pie. And, shock of all shocks, it wasn’t chocolate. I wanted to change it up a bit from last year’s chocolate mousse pie. So, this year I chose velvety, homemade Raw Key Lime Pie. (For the recipe, click on the link and read the optional ingredients). Yeah, it was as good as […]

Cinnamon-Raisin Breakfast Pudding

Do you resemble a certain member of your family? But first, another shot from dinner at the Clay Pit. And a close up, because when I was looking at this photo, I saw something that made me stop short. It’s super-obvious who takes after whom in our family: I am my mom and my sister […]

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