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Listen to your Body

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Lately all I’ve wanted are roasted veggies, with nary a salad craving in sight. I find it fascinating that my body automatically adjusts to the seasons. (Wow, I’m such a nerd.) Since it’s important to listen to your body, I’ve been roasting everything on which I can get my chocolate-covered hands: brussels sprouts, mushrooms, onions, cauliflower, asparagus…

Last night’s dinner included an entire forest of roasted broccoli trees. (Did your mom call them “trees” too?)

NYC2010 949

NYC2010 950

With garlic-y sautéed red peppers. I also had two slices of Rudi’s bread. I lightly toasted the bread, then poured the liquid from the sautéed peppers over the top. Ohmygosh sooooooooooo good! It made the toast all soft and soggy. Dreamy! (Can toast be dreamy?)

Summer or Winter, my body is always craving chocolate. So I engaged in some chocolate-covered nighttime snackage:


And the strawberries on the side threatened to take over the plate. But let’s go back to the chocolate for a sec: People often ask if eating chocolate at night keeps me awake, due to the caffeine. It doesn’t seem to, which is strange, considering how much coffee does affect me. If I drink coffee even around 3 or 4 pm, I’ll have a heck of a time falling asleep that night. Good thing coffee’s not really my cup of… errr coffee.

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. If I drink coffee at night, it does keep me up, but I guess that’s normal! It doesn’t seem to bother me in the afternoon though. Tea doesn’t normally bother me either! I think working out in the evening keeps me up though!

  2. Ilana says:

    I used to never have a caffeine problem. I could drink coffee every day for months and then not drink a cup for days. Usually I was a cappuccino/latte girl. Now…I need a cup of coffee in the morning or I literally won’t function all day. It’s really bad, if I miss that cup of coffee I go through withdrawl, I get nauseous and headache-y… ugh. In fact I haven’t had my coffee yet today and I feel the headache coming on…

    I don’t think I have a problem like that with chocolate!

  3. tangyh says:

    Caffeine definitely affects me. When I wake up, my body screams, “GIVE ME COFFEE!!” I have two cups every morning and I’m not pleasant to be around if I don’t get my coffee 😉 I have made coffee later in the day because of a sudden coffee craving and I always have trouble getting to sleep at night if I do that! Now I try to just have some green tea when that happens–not sure on the caffeine in there but it doesn’t keep me wired! I don’t think chocolate keeps me up, either. If anything, it just has a soothing affect because it makes me happy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi katie,
    how do you roast your broccoli? thanx!

  5. Beth says:

    I drink coffee every day, but I try to steer clear of it in the afternoons. Even if it doesn’t physically keep me awake, I think I’d be aware of it and start freaking out a bit and my mind would keep my body up!

  6. Miho says:

    Caffine affects me. In the morning when I used to have ’em, it’d keep me going, but I stopped because it didn’t really seem “right” for me.
    For chocolate-wise, if I eat ’em between 5-7, I can’t fall asleep. 🙁 But before that or a little bit in those time ranges is fine. 🙂

    That’s a cute way to call broccoli! That didn’t happen in my house 🙂 And the strawberries look yummy, too! 😀 <3

  7. Lisa says:

    Yum yum! Your dinner looks so good and healthy. I love your idea for the “soggy toast” and will be trying it for sure!

  8. Barbara says:

    Love my coffee! Need it in the morning, but caffeine, in general, never keeps me from slumber. What does provide for sleepless nights is a bolus of simple carbs/sugar at night. I’m restless, tachycardic, and cannot sleep at all. Hmmm, you would think I would learn my lesson.

  9. I love caffeine. Well, I should say I love coffee. So every time any study comes out supporting its consumption I do a little happy dance.

    But I tend not to pay much attention to studies…they contradict each other too much. 🙂

    1. LOL I agree! One day, it’s “caffeine causes Alzheimer’s.” The next day, it’s “Caffeine wards off Alzheimer’s!” It seems to just be best to not stress about it, ’cause the stress’ll be worse for your health!

  10. Yin says:

    Dinner looks amazing!

    When I started drinking coffee I was really addicted to it, having at least one cup a day which led to two then three. I try to drink less now and most days I don’t even have any since my house only has instant and I can’t stand the taste of it anymore. Caffeine doesn’t affect me that much but I try to have it before noon so I don’t feel the effects of it at night. Caffeine in chocolate doesn’t affect me either, strange!

  11. Jennifer - jcd says:

    Oooh, roasted broccoli!! Looks great. I never thought to roast broccoli, but I’ll do so tonight. And roasted brussels sprouts are so good, aren’t they? Someone told me they taste like popcorn. Mmmm… delicious.

    No coffee here. I detest the taste. Caffeine has a huge affect on me though. Two cups of tea after 17.00 and I’ll have a terrible sleep; tossing and turning and waking up all night long. Chocolate doesn’t do that as much. If I have a cup of hot cocoa before bed it will keep me awake for an hour and that’s it, but regular chocolate doesn’t affect me at all. Odd, but I’m not complaining.

    Today’s forecast: SNOW! It looks like Christmas already up here.

    Oh, and you’ve mentioned your dislike of avocados multiple times. Have you ever tried avocado chocolate pudding? It’s so creamy and delicious and doesn’t taste like avocado!

    1. LOL snow?!? We’re going for a record 90 degrees F today! I think by this time last year, I’d put away my shorts for good. Oh wait, no I didn’t. I pulled them out the day before Christmas Eve, when it got up to 86… then the next day, it dropped to 30 and snowed four inches!

      I haven’t tried avocado pudding… it’s on my very-very-long list of things to try!

  12. Tori says:

    Neither on it’s own, but I ate some chocolate coffered coffee beans one afternoon and was up most of the night! Haha!

  13. radioactivegan says:

    I am definitely making roasted broccoli for dinner tonight. That looks SO good.

    I can drink insane amounts of coffee. My brother and I started early, so I think we’re both pretty immune to the caffeine part of it, but I love the way it tastes. Also, my office mates (seven guys) keep the room pretty cool, so I use it to not get hypothermia at work! My favorite coffee-related thing to say is: I like my coffee like I like my men — Dark and bitter. 😉

    1. Ugh I do that with hot water to get/stay warm… but then I feel even colder after I’m done drinking it :(.

  14. Haha I love this! I always think in my head “gosh I’m nerdy” because I find the body and the brain to be so interesting!

    Trying to feed yourself, say, a bowl of beans and rice when you really want cereal does not work for me. So I make sure to ask myself what it is that I want to eat at each meal. I’m really surprised how many people don’t do this!

    I live for my 2 cups of coffee in the morning. I am a cranky nasty pants without it. But I can’t drink it in the afternoon or, like you, I’m up all night!

    Oh yeah, and chocolate is TOTALLY a year round thang ; )

  15. Valerie says:

    I had to give up coffee when I first got pregnant. It was SO hard! But then I got so used to it that I didn’t even go back after I had my first child. That certainly made it easier the second time around!

  16. I have an extraordinarily high tolerance for stimulants, and it takes A LOT to get me going. Chocolate doesn’t do a thing. Well, except it tastes good! I make really, really strong coffee and I drink at least two cups every morning…sometimes more in the afternoon. I also pair that with iced green tea in the morning. But even after all that caffeine, I can lay my head on a pillow at any time and totally crash. If I don’t have my caffeine though, I cannot function…in fact, if I don’t have my caffeine, I kinda wanna die. Yep, I have a problem. But I don’t even care. It’s a habit I’m not planning to quit….like ever.

  17. MiSo says:

    I like coffee but I’don’t drink too much, only one after lunch! I’m italian so I’m going crazy for espresso 😉

  18. abby says:

    as usual, i want your meals! come be my personal chef! pleeeeaase???

  19. emma says:

    Hi Sweetie!
    Just wanted to drop by and say hi! I’m loving reading your blog. You seem like such a sweetheart 🙂 Hmmmm….kinda craving broccoli now! Hugs from the UK XOXO

    1. Emma! You are SO sweet!!! Sweeter than chocolate! hehehe 🙂

  20. Albizia says:

    I absolutely love the smell of coffee but me + caffeine = a really, really bad combination. After a cup of coffee my heart beats like crazy, my hands shake and I can’t sleep at least for a night (or 2 nights if the coffee is strong). Plus I move like cheetah on steroids 😀 . That’s why I don’t drink coffee more than once a year. But I like putting some granules of instant coffee in many of the desserts I prepare – enough to get the wonderful flavor but not to cause any side effects. Luckily, chocolate doesn’t do this.

    I like tomorrow’s forecast almost as much as I like broccoli 😛

    1. Hmmm, only “almost” as much as broccoli? Perhaps I’ll have to make some broccoli cupcakes then!
      On second thought, maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea… broccoli + nutritional yeast + muffin = good?

      1. Albizia says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out really good. Savory Muffins? Why not 🙂 . I think I would eat broccoli in any form. But I’m still waiting to see what kind of cupcakes you are going to offer.

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