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Return of the Vegan Cupcakes

Once upon a time, I decorated cupcakes. Such as the above vegan, personalized, 100%-edible Shopaholic Cupcake. But sadly, life was just so busy this past year that my cupcake-decorating hobby fell by the wayside. Time for a resurrection! I was invited to a Halloween party, and I will not miss this opportunity to make more […]

Getting Personal On The Blog

Going back to last week… The recent post led to one of my favorite blog discussions. I wanted to highlight one comment, in particular, because it sparked my motivation to write today’s post. The comment: . Katie, one of the reasons I love your blog and read it regularly (besides the healthy recipes, of course!) […]

Homemade Banana Yogurt

Yesterday started out well, with a morning run in cloudy 58-degree weather (perfect running weather). However, near the end of said run, a gnat saw me and decided my right eyeball would make a nice home. Note to Mr. Gnat: my being vegan does not stop me from hating you!! The last ten minutes of […]

Fudge Babies for $100

[Insert Jeopardy theme song here] Remember the Last Chance Bake Sale? I offered fudge babies to help raise money for charity. Well, I’m thrilled to say that the batch of fudge babies brought in $100! The pressure was certainly on to create a batch of extra-special babies for the winning bidder. She requested two kinds of babies […]

This New Product is a Hit

Have you ever been to a baseball game? What comes to mind when you think of baseball food? Hot dogs, nachos, cheese fries?  Not exactly vegan-friendly. For some reason, I always associate chili with baseball. So, in honor of my Texas Rangers, I incorporated chili into yesterday’s lunch. Normally, I don’t watch tv while I […]

Vegan Piña Colada Pie

. Can I interest you in a slice? Thumbing through Living in the Raw Desserts, by Rose Lee Calabro, I encountered a dilemma: how would I possibly choose what to make first?? Blueberry cheesecake, German Chocolate Cake, Fudge Brownies Supreme… Oh how I’d love to have 5 million sous-chefs so I could try all of […]

Vegan at a Wedding

If you have a special diet, does this sound familiar? You receive an invitation to a wedding, and the RSVP portion asks you to check off one of two things: chicken or fish. Well, obviously vegetarians do not want to be served chicken or fish. And people with allergies or special dietary needs also can’t […]

A Post About Boobs… And Chocolate!

I give, to you, the 32C cups. The 3 stands for “3 steps” and the 2C stands for “chocolate and coconut.” What’d you think I meant? 😉 Yes, the title might be a stretch, but when I thought of cups and then remembered it was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I had to tie the […]


People ask me all the time: Are you ever tempted to eat non-vegan food?     For the first month after I became a vegetarian, meat cravings definitely hit! In fact, I can remember one specific time where I had my nose right up to a hamburger, thinking “Maybe I should just give in and […]

Soup for the Italian Lover’s Soul

Happy chocolate-covered Sundae… oops, I mean Sunday. Here was my lunch yesterday: Italian Kitchen Sink Soup, an organic peach, and two slices of buttered (Earth Balance) Ezekiel toast. Just like with some of my stir fries and salads, this soup came about due to a need to “save” a bunch of veggies in the fridge. […]

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