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Big Changes for my Blog

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I’ll talk more about this in the coming week. Meanwhile, so I’d still be able to have a voice if things get wacky, I did something I swore I’d never do…


Yup. I’ve sold out and am now on Twitter: Follow me!

Changes have come to my appetite too. I finally craved a salad again. It probably has to do with the fact that we were treated to an unseasonably warm week. So, with temperatures going (edit: gone) back down, I quickly took advantage of what’ll most likely be a fleeting salad craving:


I love how the oil-and-garlic sauce from the peppers makes the toast all soggy.

Soggy, garlicy toast = love.


Tomorrow: a new Boatmeal Cake idea.

Happy Saturday!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. I can’t wait to hear/see more about the changes you’re making! Sounds exciting!
    When I saw moccasin shoes for the first time, I swore I’d never wear them, I thought they we’re the ugliest things! But this summer, I bought a really cute pair and have worn them almost everyday since :)

    1. LOL that’s how I was with the ugg trend. But then, when I saw pink vegan uggs… Had to eat my words ;).

  2. Love the twitter name. Excited to hear about the big changes! :)

  3. Aly says:

    I’ve done so many things that I swore I’d never do! Like quit horseback riding, love to run, be a vegan (in my younger days I was the complete opposite of what I am now! Crazy!), like T-Swift, listen to mainstream music (on occasion), eat dessert after every meal.. 😀 Etc. I’m not too exciting when it comes to spontaneous life decisions, but I still have not joined the Twitter crazeee. I still don’t know what it’s about… :/ Hahaha. But I’m sure that’s to come too… Yikes!!
    Also, I had a dream that I met you and we had dinner together. It was completely random! Hahaha. I just thought I’d share that with you!! Ahahahah. I found it pretty funny!
    Aly 😀

    1. Ohmigosh Ali, too funny! I think I’ve had a few dreams where bloggers have shown up, but I can’t remember off the top of my head who they were. Don’t you hate that when you have a dream and you can’t remember it? Ugh lol.
      Anyways, I hope I was eating chocolate in the dream :).

      1. Aly says:

        I think chocolate came up somewhere along the way. (All dreams should consist of chocolate, Duh! 😉 ) But yes, I do hate when I can’t remember dreams, yet it was so clear when I was in the dream. But, I love dreams!! 😀

        1. Oh thank goodness. Chocolate is a must for a dream to be a dream. Otherwise… nightmare!

  4. eatandrun says:

    So excited to see what changes you’re up to!

  5. Camille says:

    I swore that I would never be one of those people who doesn’t stay “on plan”. Now a few years later I am on the “rest of my life” college plan. But hey, it’s still a plan!

  6. abby says:

    i’m with eatandrun. i really am excited/curious/excited some more to see what you have in store for your blog :). happy saturday, katie!

  7. ecogrrl says:

    ha! i swore i’d never give in and watch the notebook. crap. i own it now. sigh….

  8. VEGirl says:

    I’m pretty sure I said I would never get facebook. In my defense, my friends made me do it (lame, I know!). One thing right now that I will never do is twitter. We’ll see how long that lasts :)

  9. Valerie says:

    I SWORE I would never have kids and be a stay-at-home mom. Never. But you know what? I still like to think I have feminist ideals. I just happen to have three lovely little kids to share them with now :).

  10. I swore I’d never get a facebook….but know I do! I also swore I’d never be homeschooled….but I was (and LOVED it!) I swore I’d never watch The Office….and now it is on of my favorite shows! I should stop swearing!!! 😉

    1. I always thought it would be so cool to be homeschooled! You could go to school in your pjs! Then I discovered that, in college, you can do that anyway :).

  11. Can’t wait to hear more about the changes on your blog! I”ll subscribe by email just in case something goes wrong….and because I should have subscribed a long time ago anyway :)
    Those peppers looks so good!

  12. bloomingbuzz says:

    hey katie! i have a quick question…I’m at college, and love roasted veggies. I used to eat them all the time at home! I was wondering how long they are good to keep refrigerated? I tend to get extra servings at the cafeteria then keep them for a day or two before tossing them…how long do you have em around? Just curious! thanks!

    1. Hmmm… they never last that long with me, so I’m not really sure. But I think you’re good for at least 4-5 days :).

      1. bloomingbuzz says:

        okay, thank you so much!

  13. I never thought I’d join twitter, either but I had to jump on the tweeting boat. I’ll follow you! :)

  14. Carbzilla says:

    I swore I’d never do Twitter and now I’m addicted! I love how fast paced it is. Makes Facebook seem so boring. Twitter saved me at FoodBuzz Fest. Can’t wait to catch your Tweets!

  15. It’s about time girly! I didn’t think I would join twitter either but caved in. I’m still not the best when updating it.

  16. So weird that you posted this! I j u s t did a post about how I swore I would NEVER join a sorority and…. I just did.

  17. Kate says:

    Looking forward to the changes. But more than that, I’m excited for the boatmeal recipe. I made your original pumpkin one yesterday for breakfast and I loved it!!! :)

  18. I swore I’d never eat half the veggies I have in the past week!

    Good luck with the tweeting… I still don’t get it. :(

  19. That red pepper toast looks delicious and I can’t wait for more salad recipes!

    My mom is a professional salader (hypothetically of course), and she makes the most delicious salad out of spinich, dried cranberries, roasted “brown sugared” pecans, and a sweet dressing. It tastes more like a dessert than a salad, but it’s delicious!

    1. Ooh wouldn’t that be the coolest job ever?!? Can I borrow your mom? 😉

  20. Iris says:

    I swore I’d never use twitter either. Boy was I wrong. :) It’s really a great way to connect with other bloggers at the time you have a question/thought, etc.

  21. I’m now a “follower”!
    I swore I’d never do FB OR Twitter. I finally caved on FB just a year ago…and I got a Twitter a couple months ago. Bah! But I admit, they can be useful. :)

  22. I look forward to hearing about your new changes! I like change… it keeps things exciting.

  23. I started my twitter acct a year ago after saying i would NEVER do it. I still have no freakin’ idea how to use it. I can tweet my own tweets, i sometimes realize when people “mention” me by using the @ but i really have no clue if i catch most/many of them.

    I have no idea what hashtags, #, or most of it all means!! ??

    I swore I’d never lift weights either and that yoga was the only way :) Then I entered my fitness show and took 2nd place. So yeah, things change.

    Oh and I said I was never having a baby back when I was your age. And i have a 4 yr old :) Best decision i ever made!!!


  24. I never thought I would join Twitter either but I did a few weeks ago! 😀

    Can’t wait to see what the changes here are!

  25. I never thought I’d use Twitter but I’ll admit, I like it!

    I probably swore at one point that I’d never be vegan…

    I swore I’d never wear leggings. But they can be very useful in the right outfit – though I still swear I’ll never wear them as pants.

  26. That looks like one slice of toast, cut in half.

    1. I think you meant to leave this comment anonymously, but didn’t realize you were signed in?
      I’m really sad (and confused) to get such a strangely-accusatory comment from someone I thought was a friend. (And just for the record, if you scrutinize the photo closely, you can tell that it’s obviously two slices of toast… but I really don’t know why anyone would care so much as to bother picking apart someone else’s photos and then accuse her of lying about them. :-?)

      1. I apologize; I didn’t mean to accuse you. The toast just looks so small. And as someone with a former eating disorder, it’s hard for me not to nice those things. I didn’t mean to post anonymously.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Honey, you said you used to have an ed, but I think you need to be honest with yourself. If you’re worrying about what other people are eating and spending your time writing comments about it, you’re still much entrenched in ed behavior, regardless of whether or not you’re at a healthy weight. I’m not trying to be mean, but I just worry that you need to be more worried about yourself and not what others around you are eating or doing.

  27. Eric Jaffa says:

    On Twitter, why not “ChocolateKatie” (no hyphen)?

    1. LOL it’s already taken too! I tried every combination I could think of!

      1. Eric Jaffa says:

        ChocCovKatie is available.

  28. Faith says:

    Ooh, looking forward to seeing more of what happens with your blog 😉

    I had twitter for about a week…loved it…then forgot all about it. Facebook is just more efficient for me!

  29. I swear I would never read those Harry Potter books and now I’m a fan ha. Or get sucked into the whole social network websites…

  30. laurak says:

    Hi Katie!

    I swore I would never get a twitter account, but then ended up setting one up, logged on once, didn’t understand it at all…and about two years later, still haven’t logged in again lol.
    I would follow you on it if I was an active user though!
    Laura :)
    PS am very excited about the changes to your blog, I look forward to reading it daily, so am sure that whatever new things you incorporate will only make it even better!

    1. Haha yeah, I doubt I’ll use it much beyond simply sending out blog updates. I don’t want to get sucked into the time drain! 😕

  31. Erika says:

    Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for CCK! I’m going to follow you on Twitter right now! 😀

  32. Claire says:

    Hey Katie, I swore I’d never find myself not playing a sport competitively … but then I started uni and laziness ensued. Just started summer so going to attempt to start running again (wish me luck – it’s been a while). Also my Facebook was made for me by a friend, it sat unused for about a year then all of a sudden it was being accessed at least once a day 😛
    And yay more Boatmeal! I shall be having some tomorrow morning after reading the new idea. 😀

    1. Ooh lol good luck. I wish it were summer here! Haha I sometimes don’t want to leave the house in the winter, not because I’m not looking forward to running, but because I’m not looking forward to going out in the cold :-?.

  33. Elizabeth Jarrard says:

    I am SOOOO excited you are on twitter now! hip hip hooray! you’ll fall in love with it i swear!

  34. Kelsey says:

    im interested in seeing how you like Twitter after awhile of using it. I have mixed feelings about it too, mainly cuz i still don’t get how/why its used. Even if its not complicated, it looks like it would be…its hard to read sometimes too with the @reply’s and links and all that jazz lol <3

  35. haha welcome to twitter my friend ; )
    I say I will not do something all the time…so now I do not believe myself, haha. It always sounds good at first (or not good) and things change…anyways we will look for you on twitter!!


  36. I said I would never do yoga, and here I am doing it every week! I love it! :) I also said I wouldn’t start a food blog, and I did that too… oops! Can’t wait to see your blog changes!

  37. monicamuses says:

    I swore that I’d never get a twitter…and now I tweet for my job! I think its sort of crazy how social media is such an influence in the professional world as well as the personal world now! Loco.

    Once you get the hang of it, twitter is actually really fun :)

  38. Wow, I love sweetpotato, I never thought about putting salsa on it! Thanks for the idea!

    Oh and thanks for following me on twitter, Katie!

    1. Right back atcha! :) Thanks for adding me :).

  39. OH, and I LOVE Harry Potter, too!

  40. I just started on Twitter which I thought I would never do! But it’s actually fun!! I’m @healthymodel