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Please Help!!

I hadn’t originally planned to post today. But I received an email from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, which sparked me to action. This sanctuary is an amazing organization: it’s given over 2,000 formerly-abused animals a second chance at finding love. Obviously, places like this cannot exist without donations. And right now, if the Catskill Animal […]

Chocolate-Covered Gift Ideas

Afraid of sounding spoiled or show-off-y, I wasn’t planning on writing a post about what presents I got for Christmas. But then Caroline had a good point: it’s fun to see what others receive, because—if you’re anything like me—you have a hard time thinking of gift ideas! My favorite part of gift-getting is seeing how […]

Candy Cane Whipped Cream

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? It always seems to take at least 2 months before I stop writing the wrong date. Although I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, I do like to have fun with New Year traditions, such as eating lucky foods. Lucky foods such as a bowl of Candy Cane Cream: I […]

Creamy Polenta For One

For all my fellow polenta-lovers. Because Christmas Eve is such a big event, we usually do something smaller for Christmas. This year, I somehow convinced my entire family to eat a vegan Christmas dinner! Mom was instantly on board, as it meant she didn’t have to cook. I cooked up a huge batch of Bread-Free […]

Zucchini Bread Oatmeal

Conversation on Christmas Eve: Me: Mom, are y’all sleeping in tomorrow? I was thinking of going out running, but if you want to open presents early, I won’t. Mom: Ooh good! You go running. Then I can make bacon for breakfast and it won’t bother you. So out I went. And upon my return, I […]

Vegan Polenta Casserole

Question for all my fashion friends: When will Christmas bows come into style? For our Christmas Eve party, I decided on a recipe that originated from a cookbook. But, par for the course when I try to follow a recipe, my impulsive hands had to do their own thing. This is how Polenta Casserole (nicknamed “Christmas […]

Healthy Cookies for Santa

Happy Christmas Eve, fellow chocolate chips! (And peppermint chips too :).) Yesterday, I highlighted a few of my Raw Christmas Cookies. Today, it’s time for the baked cookies. Some are healthy, and all are vegan: Oatmeal Crinkle Cookies Single-Lady Chocolate-Chip Cookies Chocolate-Almond Cookies Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Vegan Chocolate Pixies Sugar Cookies Other Cookies: Vegan […]

Raw and Vegan Christmas Treats

Raw Christmas cookies??? Oh poor Santa! He’s in for a surprise when he stops at my house ;). (Anyone see the movie, The Santa Clause? I love when the little girl gives Santa soymilk.) In honor of Christmas, I figured a cookie-themed post was needed. But my blog is teeming with so many cookie recipes […]

Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls

As visions of Cookie Dough Balls danced in her head… Do you ever dream about a food? And then wake up and have to make it? That’s what I did this morning: I woke up and got straight to work making Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls. They tasted just as good as I dreamed they would. […]

Going Raw for Lunch

I chickened out! I had a post all ready to go for today. It was pre-scheduled last night, which I often do with posts. But while I slept, it bugged me. I realized that the post made me sound preachy and the whole tone was just so negative. Plus, I decided that the week before […]

Raw Gingerbread Men

The return of the handsome men! It felt so weird to be listening to Christmas music and making cookies when the weather outside was 80 degrees and I was wearing shorts! Texas weather is so strange. Tomorrow, it’ll be back in the 30s. Because I have such a hard time making decisions, you get to […]

Chocolate-Covered Spaghetti Squash

Yesterday, I had the busiest morning known to man. After a long run and a short breakfast, I went down to help at a food pantry (sorting cans and boxes) for three hours. Come lunchtime, my appetite was raging! I quickly threw together some Ginger-Cashew Kale. Then I toasted up a Rudi’s spelt English muffin […]

The “Ex-Boyfriend” Cookies

Okay, I’m going to work on a single-lady cinnamon roll… and maybe a blondie or brownie too. But not today. I don’t want to look at another single-lady anything for at least the next few days! Cookie testing tired me out! Yesterday, you saw the pretty Single-Lady Cookie. But you didn’t see the half of […]

Single-Lady Cookies

Or, rather, cookie. Just in case you get bored of the Single-Lady Cupcakes. Now you can have single-serving cookies too!

Giveaway: Fudge Babies

Helloooooo chocolate chips! How’s your Sunday going so far? Mine’s been cooooold (it says “feels like 21 degrees” here in Dallas), but good. I just spent the morning making lots and lots of babies :). Of course I’m talking about Fudge Babies. I decided the babies would make perfect Christmas gifts for all my friends. […]

The Loves of my Life

Remember my raw coconut cream pie? Raw Coconut Cream Pie Last night, I made up another pie, but I was feeling super-lazy (and super-hungry). So I gave up completely on the idea of pie and instead portioned the coconut cream filling into little ramekins… Voila! Raw Coconut Cream Pudding! 🙂 Love in a bowl. Speaking […]

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