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Butter Obsessed

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I sure do love butter.

Peanut butter, coconut butter, even Chocolate Butter :).

What I don’t eat of the dairy stuff, I make up for in all the other butters that find their way into my happy tummy. My newest obsession is gingerbread butter.

gingerbread jar

After requests, I wrote specific ingredient amounts.

You can see the updated recipe here: Gingerbread Butter

Even though the Christmas season is over, I have no plans to give up my gingerbread butter any time soon. In fact, I just made a double batch yesterday:

gingerbreadgingerbread vegan

If you see a weirdo eating Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls at the beach this summer, it is me.
As I said, these things are way too good to be relegated only to Christmas.

In other “obsession” news, my dog is a pyromaniac. Take a look:

NYC2010 1740

As soon as the fire goes on, Henry plants himself in front of it and does not move a hair until it goes off. If anyone can recommend a good doggie therapist, I’d be very much obliged.

Question of the Day:
If you had to live at the grocery store, what aisle would you call home?

My best guy friend would set up an apartment on Beer Street. Daddy Dearest could does get lost in the wine/cheese section. And my grandma owns the pasta aisle. I don’t think little sister has a favorite aisle, because she hates grocery shopping. (She also hates bananas. Are we really related?)

Me, I could spend hours and hours staring at all the chocolate bars. But I love the nut-butter aisle too. Other butter recipes with which I’m obsessed:

I’d say “I’ve never met a (vegan) butter I didn’t like” but honestly almond butter and I don’t get along too well. It’s not that I hate the stuff, but if I’m going to be eating nut butter, there are others I love more. (Psst vegans: Justins now makes a chocolate-hazelnut butter that tastes like Nutella!)

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Lindsey in CO says:

    I think I would set up camp in the ethnic foods aisle. I am fascinated by all of the sauces and powders and random spices. I don’t know how to use most of them, but I’m working on it!

    On a side note, I recently started reading your blog and love it! Your recipes are fantastic and super helpful. We recently learned that my 5 year old daughter is allergic to dairy and eggs – your recipes have really saved me in the kitchen when she says she’s in the mood for something sweet!!

    1. Lindsey in CO says:

      On a side note, have you ever tried PB2? You might really like it – it is powdered peanut butter that you “reconstitute” with the liquid of your choice. It has great nutritional values (54 calories and 1/2g fat for 2T!). I have mixed it with water, honey, grape jelly, olive oil, even mashed banana. After reading your blog, I plan to try mixing it with coconut butter. That might be dangerously delicious! I buy mine at

      1. I’ve seen that stuff on so many blogs! But I just never got around to trying it. However, I think you might’ve just sold me with your coconut-butter idea. I’ll pick some up next time I see it!

        1. abby says:

          oh you should! pb2 is so yummy, i love it! it’s good as a base for your banana butter as well ;).

    2. Jennifer says:

      Hey Lindsey,

      I have a son who’s allergic to eggs and milk too. He’s three. It is actually been a good thing as it keeps certain relatives from feeding him too much junk food. :-) They still manage to sneak it in, but at least it’s modified.

      1. Lindsey in CO says:

        You are so right about that!! My mother used to feed Annika sugar CONSTANTLY! Not anymore :)

    3. I’m overwhelmed by the ethnic spices too! I love going out to Indian restaurants or Ethiopian, because then I don’t have to figure out how to use them… but I can still enjoy the yuminess! :)
      P.S. Thanks so much for the sweet comment. My little cousin, who’s also five, is allergic to dairy too. He’s in love with those So Delicious brand coconut milk yogurts.

  2. Ooooh that looks so amazing! What would you use it on? Since you like nuts AND chocolate so much, check out my homemade Nutella- all vegan and healthy ;)!

    xx sabine

    1. I like eating it straight-up. But it’s good for sandwiches too.
      P.S. I’m still in awe of your photo this morning, and am amazed it’s from an i-phone! I don’t take such good photos with my regular camera!

  3. Wow, I love grocery shopping so much that I think I’d be happy in just about any aisle. I do love browsing nut butters. And the bulk aisle at the health food store. And the beer and wine and cheese section. And the chocolate and lara bar section. And the bakery.

  4. ruby red says:

    Oh yum! That’s funny that your sister hates grocery shopping, because mine does too! Grocery shopping is one of my favorite pasttimes. If my family goes to Whole Foods to pick up a meal or a couple grocery items for me (they don’t shop there for themselves), my sister will stay in the car. She hates reading menus at restaurants too. What a weirdo, right?! But the aisle I would call my home…that’s hard! Probably the specialty section in general: you have the higher end chocolates, beer, coffee, and fun things like fig preserves (which I still have not purchased)!

    That pic of Henry is too funny!

    1. Is this a reflection on us? Are we bad sisters? I mean, we didn’t teach out siblings very well, did we? 😕


  5. Kim says:

    Henry doesn’t need a doggy therapist, you just need to curl up next to the fire with him!

    As for what aisle I’d live in, I’d choose either the baking aisle, or produce! Or maybe the ethnic foods section…or…oh heck, can I just have my own grocery store?

    1. Hahaha I would curl up next to him… but I can’t stand that close to the fire for too long. It gets too hot. I don’t know how Henry does it; his tummy gets so hot it turns bright pink, but he still stays as close as possible!

  6. Albizia says:

    Wow! It really looks like cookie dough! No wonder you are obsessed :) .

    I would feel at home anywhere in the grocery store because I often use grocery shopping as a kind of therapy when I feel bad. I just love the whole place.

  7. Camille says:

    The chocolate isle! Obviously!
    Is there really any other option?

  8. Picky Nicky says:

    I HAVE to try your gingerbread butter 😀 Ohmygoodness, I just did a post about getting enough iron and I now know molasses is a good source of it. I might as well eat it in something delicious :) My grocery store has an aisle specifically for organic/health/gluten-free foods so I think I’d gladly live there :)

  9. I’d definitely opt for the chocolate aisle as well – actually, I’d just set up camp in front of all the 80% or above chocolate…I can take/leave the rest (freak, i know)!
    That gingerbread butter is making my mouth water!

    1. If you’re a freak, then I am too. I love the darker chocolates the most. Although if it was a choice between 70% and nothing, I’d pick the 70%.

      1. Goes without saying! ANY over nothing. lol :)

  10. I’m not a big fan of almond butter either, then again, I haven’t had the opportunity to try out Justin’s chocolate almond butter

    1. It’s good… but not as creamy as chocolate pb. Ooh but I actually like his maple almond butter.

  11. Moni'sMeals says:

    Wow, gingerbread Butter, I dig it!
    I love Nut butters oh so much too. I am so excited to try Justin’s “Nutella” style spread. Yum- thanks for the heads up.

    I would be found in the cookie isle. :)

    1. Can I come visit you sometime? :)

  12. I would DEFINITELY live in the organic/natural foods section, but I don’t think I could ever pick just one aisle! maybe the nut butter aisle with all the cacao nibs…:)

  13. Wow, that question is probably one of the hardest…there are so many good aisles! I don’t know…can we throw items to others in other aisles, too, and trade with each other? Please? You can tell I’m really struggling with this :)

    1. LOL oh my gosh too funny. Ok, since this is an imaginary game, why not? Let’s say we can even special order things from other stores :).

  14. hippierunner says:

    If I had to call an aisle home, I’d want it to be near the dried fruit and nuts section!

  15. VeggieGirl says:

    I would just hop from aisle to aisle at Whole Foods if I lived there 😉

  16. Disturbed says:

    My isle is the fruit area. I could spend hours there. Either that or just the section of “health”/”organic”/”vegan” stuff.
    I love grocery shopping personally, well it is a love hate relationship.

  17. I just finally bought nutella yesterday! I’d clearly live in the candy asile. Or the bakery. DUH! 😉

  18. Lindsey says:

    You would definitely find me on the organic/specialty aisle. The big grocery store where I live is called Martins, and they have this HUGE double aisle full of neat organic, vegetarian, and vegan food. :) I could spend hours there!

    1. Sarah C. says:

      That’s where I’d make my home too. Nice to meet you, neighbor ;).

  19. I even stopped using my regular camera! 9 out of 10 times, my iPhone takes much better pictures (iPhone 4, not 3). I am saving up for a ‘real’ camera though haha because outside or when its darker it doesnt do its job good enough.

    and I cant thank you enough for that pizza breakfast idea! it’s so cool! in the pic you couldnt see I smeared it with coconut oil but we could definitelt taste it and it was perfect.


  20. Kalese says:

    Henry is too cute! My dogs (a JRT and min pin) hover by the fire too, but they also really really like to sleep under the covers. It is funny because I will come home and it looks like the bed hasn’t been made because they are burrowing under the covers! With short coats you can’t blame them here in the cold northeast.

    I like the bulk foods aisle, ya know where you can get the dried nuts, fruits, grains, candies, etc. For some reason I think I am getting a better bargain by buying like that…plus less excess packaging!

    1. Aww :). Does your JRT shed, though? I so want to cuddle with Henry on the bed, but he sheds all over :(

      1. Kalese says:

        I’ve found that if I give him a bath regularly with Furminator Shampoo and brush him with their shedding blade he doesn’t shed all that much…it works and I can get my cuddle fix!!

        1. *Writes down “Furminator shampoo” on grocery list*

  21. Namaste Gurl says:

    It’s a no- brainer that I’d get lost in the nut butter aisle! I spend hours in that aisle at Whole Foods “ooooh and ahhhing” over sales and new nut butter products :-) Yes, people look at me strangely, but me don’t care!

  22. I’d definitely set up camp in the cereal or protein bar aisle. Staples! That, and I eat too much cereal.

  23. Brandi says:

    Your sister and I could be friends. I hate grocery shopping and I HATE bananas so much. lol. Our animals all love the fire too, especially our big male cat Gigi. He always gets right up on the hearth like that.

    1. Wait, there’s more than one of you in the world? Are you sure your name isn’t Michelle? (my sister’s name) 😉

      1. Brandi says:

        Well, my middle name is actually Michelle, so perhaps there is a connection!

  24. Brandi says:

    Yummy Gingerbread butter! I think I must have to make this soon! I don’t even care it’s not Christmas. I think I’ll eat gingerbread or ginger snap anything at any time of the year. It’s just to good to ever give up!

    I don’t think I could pick an aisle. When I go into Whole Foods, I move to one thing and then to another just looking at all the neat food stuff there is! It seems there is something new every time I look.

    My youngest dog who is a cocker spaniel black lab mix, is in love with heat. When I sit on the couch in the morning eating granola and the heater at my feet she’ll jump on the couch and place her head on my lap to feel the heat. I find it funny. She’ll lay in from of the vents sometimes when the furnace is on as well. Also the other day I layered her with blankets to see if she would do anything and she fell asleep. Oh silly dog.

    1. Doggies are just the cutest things in the world. But I do not understand how they can tolerate sitting so close to the heat for so long!

  25. I would set up camp in the chocolate aisle too! Actually i do every time I go shopping! 😛
    I love looking at snack bars too- I have a minor obsession with those! 😀

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I WILL be making that gingerbread butter tomorrow! Looks AMAZING 😀

  26. i FREAKIN love your butters! any aisle? OH girl, you know this one is tricky-i’d say the bread aisle? no… the fruit aisle! screw it.. im going for the nut butter aisle- an ENTIRE aisle dedicated to nut butter.. that is what ima talkin’ bout

  27. Gloria says:

    Your pup is so adorable! I would live on the nut butter aisle. People question the 10 jars of nut butter in my fridge, but come on.. they are all different and serve a unique purpose! The Justin’s Choc Hazelnut makes the most ridiculous “nutella” ice cream. Almond milk + “Nutella”, blend, chill, churn in ice cream maker. It rocked my life!

    1. Woah. This might be the most delicious comment ever left on my blog. I do not care that they’re predicting snow for Dallas starting tomorrow. I’m getting the ice cream maker out. Is that all it is, milk and the butter? Or do you add anything else? And do you have measurements? I must make this nutella ice cream!

      1. Gloria says:

        I used 2 cups almond milk to 3/4 cup butter and it came out how I like it (not too sweet, and fairly light). Then I went all out and used 2 cups almond milk, 1 cup butter, 1/2 cup cashews, and 1/4 cup sugar. It was super decadent – I couldn’t handle it, but my family and friends devoured it!

        I live in South Florida and it’s 70 and sunny so I eat ice cream year round! When I became vegan, there was no way I was giving up my ice cream – I got a simple Cuisinart at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it rocks. Dallas?? Did you hear about the vegan movie theatre opening up in Fort Worth? So random, but awesome!

        1. Ok, must make this soon. Gosh I wish I lived in Florida right now! Is it ever cold there? Maybe I should move… I’m serious!
          I didn’t hear about the movie theater… off to google it!

  28. Fi says:

    I’d like to think I’m quite the nutbutter connosieur myself! Not in the making but definitely in the tasting department! Have you tried apricot kernel butter!? I didn’t like it, it’s too tangy! I’m not a fan of brazil nutbutter either. But I could definitely get stranded in the fruit n veg section (as long as if was next to the bread aisle!) 😉

    1. I’d never even heard of that before! I want to try! Brazil nut butter, pistachio butter, apricot, pumpkin seed… I’ve not seen any of these, but I wish I could find them!

  29. YUM! I love all butters but this sounds especially delicious. Cute dog, my cats also love laying by the fire its weird.

  30. I love the gingerbread butter action! I love ginger, molasses, cinnamon…and honestly think that just adding them to nut butter is SUCH a great idea. I have toyed with the idea of making my own nut butter from scratch but hear horror stories about it in the Vita, or a food proc, and that’s it’s time consuming and not always ideal results…I am totally just going to doctor up some PB like you did :)

    In the groc store, I’d live in the condiments aisles. Dips, spreads, sauces…that’s me!

    1. Yeah, I don’t want to waste all the nut butter stuck to the bottom of the vita, ya know? I’d feel sad. Plus, it’s just easier to doctor pre-made pb. Laziness! Hooray!

  31. Melissa says:

    I know it’s sort of lame… but I’d pick produce! At my WFM store produce has all I’d want… dates, bananas, apples, brussels, asparagus, coconuts, dried fruit, greens. I could live happily in the produce section. :)

    Also, OMG, I made a pizzart again this morning with defatted PB flour and HOLY CARP. It was amazing!!! My version is here:

    1. Hehe I’m so excited you like them, Melissa :).
      By any chance, are you allowed to link to the original recipe on spark people?

      Produce is definitely not lame! I wanna try a Buddha’s hand. Have you seen those?

      1. Melissa says:

        I can try. They always boff the hell out of links there for some reason.
        You’re not allowed to use HTML which is just insanely stupid, IMO!

        At most, it’ll be a text version of the recipe link, they never manage hyperlinks.
        For such a big site, they have awfully crapola tech for user entered stuff.

        Sorry, are you bugged that I posted it? I figured it was pretty decently altered and credit given? Can’t tell tone in text!

        1. Melissa says:

          Oh, that link is the old one, too.
          I updated it to have your URL (since long URLs are just murder on spark, I used the general blog URL rather than the recipe specific one) right after I made the first post here. For some stupid reason Spark gives you a new URL with each update, too! So obnoxious!

        2. Oh no no, sorry if I sounded rude! It’s just that sometimes, when people post my recipes to big sites, if someone is searching for the recipe it’ll actually bring up that site first. You’re awesome, Melissa :).

  32. Katie, a few things:

    1. Thanks for the exact amounts. As a gingerbread-aholic (and nut butter obsessee) I am VERY excited not to have to make up my own proportions this time…

    2. I am not a vegan, and doubt I ever will be (it’s just not for me), but I LOVE your blog and your ideas…your creativity inspires my own!

    3. I would be the whole grocery store. The grocery store is my happy place.

    1. Sarah, you are a sweetheart! That is all.

  33. Haley says:

    I could spend hours roaming the aisles of a grocery store. But if I HAD to pick an aisle…it would probably be the cereal aisle :)

    1. eatandrun says:

      Me too! Me too! Give me the cereal :).

  34. HAHA! My dog hates the fire. He is so darn big and furry that he Prefers the cold and snow…

  35. My home would be the produce island! nothing like living up life in the ‘tropics’ :)

    PS: we have the same tupperware ahah

  36. I’m thinking I’d either be in the cereal aisle, the coffee aisle, or the laundry detergent aisle. I can’t help but walk down the laundry aisle every time I pop into the grocery store…it just smells SO GOOOOOOOD!

    1. eatandrun says:

      I’m mesmerized by the cereal aisle. So many choices! So little time!

      1. Ashley Crossland says:

        im so glad to have found some other cereal lovers!! i love that sugary stuff with some nice cold almond milk! haha

  37. VEGirl says:

    Really, you don’t like almond butter much? Roasted almond butter is my favorite. Ever. But I can only go with roasted, raw almond butter taste like, well, raw almonds and I’m not the HUGEST fan of those.

    I would live in the baking/nut butter isle– I always make a bee-line for the nut butter shelves, and right next to that is all the baking supplies in my natural foods store!

    1. We must have opposite tastebuds… I love raw almonds! But then again, we both like chocolate so maybe we’re not so different after all :).

  38. Lovin the pic of your dog next to the fireplace! Soo cute!

  39. i’d say i spend the most time in the nut butter or produce section for sure! oh and also the gluten free aisle pondering what delish treat to get (i am obsessed with pamela’s biscotti)

  40. Every isle is my home! I have an obsession with grocery shopping! Seriously! It’s out of control! :-)

  41. The coolest thing is that at my grocery store, nut butters and chocolate bars are in the SAME isle!!!!!

    1. Ok, then I must move to YOUR grocery store. Otherwise, I was contemplating a winter home and a summer home :).

  42. Jenny says:

    my life has become so much better since I’ve incorporated butter in to it :) I must dabble in the chocolate variety asap!

  43. emma says:

    I got really excited in the health food store today….new product alert! We have choc-hazelnut spread too! Yay! All vegan :-) Yeah…it’s hard to find certain products here in the UK. My American friend who now lives in England says food shopping is a nightmare as we don’t have half the things you do :-( I had to order some Artisana Coconut Butter online and waited 2 weeks for it! Worth it tho :-) x x x

    1. Oh but I bet you have things we don’t have too! I loved how all the veg food is marked with a V in the UK. (Or at least, it was when I visited a few years ago. It made everything so easy!)

  44. When I first saw this, I was thinking you turned to Paula Deen’s side. And was thinking “No, Katie, NOOOO!!!”…but then I saw the nut butter and my faith as restored. :)

  45. Heather says:

    Does your pup occasionally roll to either side? Maybe he’s just pretending to be a “hot dog”! Lol!

    The gingerbread butter looks fab! And so easy! I will be making this SOON!

    Hmm, one aisle? That’s a hard one…guess I’d have to say the produce aisle in Spring when all my favorite berries are in season!

    1. Aw haha yes! Hot Dog Henry. I think I shall call him that from now on. Since I’m a vegan, perhaps I oughta call him “Veggie Dog”?

  46. I wanna curl up with your puppy next to the fire too… he’s cute AND smart! :)

    1. I dunno about smart… he eats worms and refuses to learn any tricks (Fetch? What’s that?). Hehe ok, fine, he’s still smart. And what he lacks in smartness, he makes up in cuteness :).

  47. Kat says:

    I share your love of nut butters! I tried your gingerbread butter the day after you first posted it. It was delicious! Thank you for the recipe.
    I would call the bakery aisle home. In fact I already spend a lot of time there!

    1. Thanks, Kat! I’m so excited you made it :).

  48. Valerie says:

    Oh Henry is adorable. Nothing like a warm puppy :).

  49. Inspired says:

    Hahaha at first I was like “Wait, Katie’s a vegan, right?”

  50. Claire says:

    Ohh so many aisles to chose from, I’d probably have to go with the organic/raw food aisle – it’s the same aisle which is lucky 😛 Or maybe the fruit and veg aisle … or the sorbet. Why must you make us chose, there’s too many good ones!

  51. Leslie says:

    Hey Katie, just wanted to let you know that after I saw this post today I was inspired to make your gingerbread butter. But now I have a problem and I don’t know if you can help me. You see, my problem is this: the gingerbread butter is so good that I don’t know how I will be able to stop eating it! :) :) :)
    Thank you for another deliciously creative recipe! I don’t know how you do it :).

  52. abby says:

    mmmmmmm i’m obsessed with that chocolate butter of yours! it tastes so UNhealthy, it’s unreal :). i’ve not tried the gingerbread butter, but it’s on my list. henry is sooooo cute! can i have him? 😉

  53. My sister hates grocery shopping and bananas too! I often wonder if we’re related as well. If I didn’t have the DNA results to prove that she is indeed my identical twin, I’d think we had different parents :)

    1. It’s really scary to know there’s more than one banana and shopping-hater out there. The world isn’t safe! lol

  54. bitt says:

    produce section for sure! i spend the most time there. Although lying on bags of beans sounds a little more comfy than potatoes or apples.

    1. Hmmm, good point. I didn’t think about comfort when I chose chocolate. Perhaps I ought to make my home amidst the salad greens instead? They’d make a nice blanket, no? :)

  55. Lisa says:

    I’m going with the bulk aisle. In my Whole Foods, the nut butters are actually in that aisle too! Double score!

  56. Emily K. says:

    I must must must try out this chocolate butter. Don’t know how I missed it before. Anything chocolate and I’m a happy girl. Going to click the recipe right now :).

  57. I would totally live on the olive oil aisle. I love all of the different infusions. :)

    Have you tried spicy PB? I add cayenne or red pepper flakes. It’s awesome and makes a great snack with celery and crackers!

    1. I tried the PB&Co spicy one, and I didn’t like it… but maybe that’s because I’m so biased towards their chocolate pb. How can anything hope to compare? 😉
      I’ll definitely give your version a try!

  58. I would live in the vegan milk section at Whole Foods. There, I could drink vanilla almond milk all day! :>)

  59. BroccoliHut says:

    I’m gonna say it’s a tie between the produce section and the peanut butter aisle. I could as easily on peanut butter as I could broccoli.

  60. michelle says:

    I would definitely be setting up camp in the baking isle. coconut, baking chocolate, vanilla beans, sugar, flour, baking powder and soda. I could live there happily for years!

  61. jana says:

    Ok, The dog is a gas! An I don’t mean gas fireplace. I am laughing my arse off! I love it! jana

  62. hiyamamommy says:

    PLEASE oh, PLEASE, could you, would you create & share your own APPLE BUTTER recipe??? I am very much missing my late beautiful grandmother that used to serve this to me every time I would visit her if she hadn’t baked that day… I would love to make a healthy homemade one to share with my children for their snacks! :)

  63. Jessica says:

    I think I will set up camp with you by the chocolate! :)