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Raw Coconut Kale Enchiladas

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I finally did it! Finally got to try these:


Coconut Kale Enchiladas from Bliss Raw Cafe.


Menu description:

Marinated kale with nacho cheeze, pico de gallo, salsa verde,
and cashew sour creme wrapped in coconut tortillas

It’s the coconut tortillas that really got me. Somehow, they were soft and crispy at the same time. And their sweetness made a perfect foil for the acerbic kale.

This was actually my first time ever trying enchiladas– raw or cooked, vegan or non. Somehow, even though I’ve lived in Texas for years, I’d never had them before. If other enchiladas are as good as these, I’ve been missing out! But then again, other enchiladas don’t have coconut and kale… so they couldn’t possibly be as good as these!

Other things I’ve ordered at Bliss:

raw lasagna

Raw Lasagna

Loved loved loved this! The basil pesto was especially yumlicious.


Primavera Noodle Bowl

Not so big on this one. But really, you can’t expect to love every item on a restaurant’s menu.

On this trip, I brought along the Bamboo Utensil Set I received as a Christmas present. My friend asked, “Aren’t you ever worried people will think you’re weird for bringing your own utensils to a restaurant?”

bamboo chopsticks

Well, first of all: No, I don’t care. If people want to think I’m weird, that’s their loss. My grandma always said, “If they’re laughing at me, at least they’re laughing!”

Second of all: It was a raw restaurant, for goodness sake! The guy serving us had about ten tattoos on his arms, and a lady across from me had hot-pink hair. Not exactly the kinds of people who judge you for going against mainstream society.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. These look yumlicious! I love how creative raw food gets:)

    Slash it’s TOTALLY fine, I bring my own chopsticks to Asian restaurants!

    Nut butter recipe, please! I’ve been absolutely craving my nut butters lately, and I may have snuck a few spoonfuls straight from the jar;)

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    I hope for a product review tomorrow! And then the recipe 😉

  3. YUM!!!! i want to go to that cafe and order that!!! I wish it was closer to me….I don’t think one meal justifies driving 1,000 miles….

    I vote for the nutbutter recipe!!

    1. Oh but of course it’s worth driving the 1,000 miles. Then again, I’m biased; I want to meet you ;).

      1. Haha! I want to meet you, too, Katie!!! Maybe someday….

  4. Haley says:

    New nutbutter!! =)

  5. Lisa C. says:

    Nut butter recipe? I’m intrigued. I vote for that :). And you’re adorable with those chopsticks!

    1. Valerie says:

      Ditto this. You’re adorable to the extreme! :)

  6. OH MY GOD! Those enchilladas look so good! amazing :)

    good for you that you don’t care, and your grandma was a wise lady ;). might I ask why you brought them? or no special reason?

    I love tattoos, and I love looking at people covered in tattoos. it’s like reading a book (or looking at some form of art, if you’re into art).

    1. I almost always eat with chopsticks. I learned to use them before learning to use a fork, so it feels more natural to me. I bring chopsticks everywhere! :)
      As for tattoos… lol I would never get one because I am such a baby when it comes to needles! I cried for an hour after getting my ears pierced. (Granted, I was only 5!)

  7. oops pressed enter too fast 😉

    I’m looking at getting my third tattoo this year, so excited!

    what do you think of tattoos?

    x sabine

    1. Elle says:

      ooh, do you know what your third tattoo will be? i’ve kinda wanted one for a little while now, but i don’t know what it would be of. also, i might be too scared, haha.
      i think tattoos can be really cool though!

  8. Valerie says:

    I vote for the new nut butter recipe. And then I vote for you figuring out how to recreate those enchiladas so the rest of us can partake in their yumminess ;).

  9. Stephanie says:

    Raw food can be so gorgeous! I would love to try those enchiladas!

  10. lol one of the raw foodies here that is the organizers of local raw potlucks and such is a lady with rainbow hair who wears fairy wings around town, haha i love the eccentricity of some people <3

    dang the enchiladas are insane! i bet that was really filling! im always amazed with the presentation of most raw dishes, its always plated so delicately with all the right pops of color!!

    1. I know, right?! Eccentric people are waaaay more interesting. Without them, this world would be uber-boring!

  11. Emily K. says:

    Those look so freaking tasty! I’m not a raw foodist, but if I had access to such things, I might convert!

  12. Inspired says:

    Wow, I want one… or two… or ten! And I’m voting for the nut butter recipe basically because your Hot Chocolate Butter is one of my all-time FAVORITE blogger recipes to date! :)

    1. Inspired says:

      Oh, and I love the banana butter too!

  13. Amen Sista!! Good for you for not caring :)

    Also, saw you mentioned chopsticks up above in someone’s else’s comment and that caused a lightbulb to go off in my head…

    Ya know how you said you maybe were thnking of doing a Vlog?(at least I think you said that at one point…) well, you could do a Vlog tutorial on how to use CHOPSTICKS!!!! I am always at such a loss, and end up with food on my lap.

    1. Valerie says:

      Oh I love this idea! I second it :). I’m lousy with chopsticks!
      But I’d be excited for ANY vlog topic you’d do.

  14. Camille says:

    Oh my gosh, that looks incredible! I want to find a way to duplicate that at home!

    1. If you do, you’d better share!! 😉

  15. eatandrun says:

    Yum, those look amazing!

  16. Melissa says:

    I had these mango coconut samosas at a raw food place in Jacksonville, FL and they were SO GOOD. The wraps seem similar to the ones on your enchiladas. Mine were sort of chewy and sticky and sweet. Like fruit rollups, almost, but amazing! And the filling was curried carrots and peas and that sounds like it’d be gross with sweet fruit rollupish samosa “shells” but it WASN’T, it was EPIC. So so good.

    And they made a pumpkin pie that was carrots(!) and no pumpkin at all but it was so amazing that I honestly had three ummmm reactions with each bite. First yum as it hit my tongue, then mmmmm as it really started to sink in and then YUMMMMMMMmmm when the full pie spice and creaminess hit me. I literally stopped after each bite and shut my eyes in happiness. So amazing.

    1. Yes, like fruit roll ups!! I really wish I knew how they did it!

      1. Melissa says:

        I found this recipe for mango coconut wraps that sound really similar to the ones I had.

        I’m itching to try making my own.

        Honestly, that little cheapy dehydrator I got years ago (just a Nesco American Harvest, not a fancy Excalibur) was such a great purchase! I’ve been making kale chips like a mad women and it’s so easy to make fruit rollups and dried fruit, too.

        1. Lori says:

          I had an American Harvest dehydrator for years on end!! Fruit roll ups were easy… I made them for my daughter all the time. Our favorite thing that was being made non-stop (besides jerky) was cinnamon sugar dried apple rings. They were to die for. I wouldn’t even want to BEGIN to speculate how many bags and bags of apples we went through making those over the years.

  17. Oh my gosh! You tried them! SO JEALOUS! 😀 They look every bit as amazing as I’ve heard they are! Ok, if there was ANY doubt in my mind that I’m eating these next time I come to Dallas (end of February!), it’s gone now.!

    1. We should go together… and get two orders. Although I still think the lasagna is my favorite :).

  18. That sounds sooo good!!!!!!!!
    I vote for the nut butter recipe! =D

  19. Nut Butter Recipe!!! And those enchiladas look amazing!

  20. M says:

    New nut butter recipe!

  21. Sarah says:

    I want to know what nut butter recipe you’ve made this time. I still have to make the gingerbread butter :). Happy week, Katie!

  22. Those enchiladas look great! I vote for the nut butter recipe for tomorrow’s post. :)

  23. Leslie says:

    I’ll say product reviews, just to be different 😉

  24. Kiki says:

    I love raw/vegan restaurants! Glad you enjoyed your meal… those tortillas are certainly intriguing :)

    And I’ll go with product reviews.

  25. Those look awesome! I’m always too scared/lazy to recreate raw vegan food as complicated as this, at home, but that might just tempt me.

    New nut butter recipe!!

  26. Wow! That looks great! Wish I could find a raw restaurant out here. :-(

    Oh well…I love to cook!

  27. Anonymous says:

    mmmmmmm oh how i wish i wasn’t so scared of raw foods and their high fat content :(

  28. was that gluten free? it looks amazing i want a raw cafe near me! :(

    1. I just googled it, and it IS!! :)

  29. Disturbed says:

    Hmm, I say a product review. I find them entertaining.

  30. Another nut butter recipe would be fantastic!!!!!!!!

  31. Heather says:

    Wow! Those enchiladas look delicious! I’m for new nut butter!

  32. Those are the prettiest enchiladas I’ve ever seen! I would love to try a raw meal like that :)

  33. New nut butterrrrrrrrrrr! Maybe I should get a job at a raw restaurant here. I fit the bill with the tattoos at least 😉

    1. Oh you should! Maybe I should too… it’d save me a lot of $, since raw food is so expensive :(

  34. Hela says:

    I´d prefer a review!
    And omg, that looks delicious!!
    I really need to check that vegan restaurant in my town out…

  35. i wannaaaa vegan restaurant. why do i live in a huge city full of meat eaters?

  36. Uh if you were worried about people caring, you wouldn’t bring your own utensils. That’s how I feel about bringing my water bottle in my purse to restaurants. A girl needs what she needs!

    The saucy stuff on top of the enchiladas looks so tasty. I haven’t been to a raw food restaurant in a while because last time I went to one I became ill. I guess it was heavier than my stomach expected!

    AND…nut butter!

  37. Brandie says:

    O.M.G. Katie, I want some of those enchiladas! WOW they look good!!! Lucky you :)

  38. BAH i wnna eat this page.
    UM BOTH HERRRO- recipe AND reviews altho im sure i cant get any o the products o’er hur… BOO

    1. Haha I don’t know that eating the actual page would taste very good ;). You’re so silly :).

  39. whitney says:

    Ive been wanting bamboo utensils! How neat, you crack me up!


  40. Eric Jaffa says:

    Megan Fox brings her own utensils to restaurants, too:
    Fox has an intense fear of germs. She’s extremely wary of restaurant silverware. ”Putting my mouth where a million other mouths have been, just knowing all the bacteria that you carry in your mouth? Uccch,” she says, with a shudder. Public restrooms are to avoided whenever possible, especially when the toilets don’t have lid: ”I’m never doing that again. Every time someone uses a bathroom and they flush, all the bacteria is shot into the air.”

    1. Hehe I’m in good company :).

  41. The food looks awesome! WOW!!

    Normally restaurant food does not excite me. It actually is fine but I never get “excited” but those kale wraps, the zuke noodles (even tho you said they were just ‘fine’) but they look awesome, the raw lasagna…num!!! I would love to go!

    I can’t help you with the pink hair, but I have plenty of tattoos and a half sleeve, so I’d fit right in :)

    1. As I told Kelsey, I think that people who go against the norm are what makes the world great! Imagine if we all looked the same and wore black and white… :(. Life would be SO boring!
      One of the coolest guys I know has a mohawk hehe. Sometimes he dyes it rainbow!

  42. Nut Butter :)
    And I wish I knew how to make coconut tortillas!! No you are def. not wierd for bringing your own utensils, I bring my own salad dressing if I know its a place that doesn’t have high quality dressing.

  43. Geez those look fabulous!! I wish there was a raw restaurant like that around here…but the South loves there fried chicken and BBQ..

    Even thought you’re in Texas! Guess they’re slightly more health conscious..

  44. Hannah says:

    I would loooveee a nut butter recipe!! Mainly because nut butters are my love.

  45. Meg says:

    Oh wow, do you mind having just one more table guest the next time you go? She goes by the name “Meg” and would love to try those enchiladas as well 😉

    1. Oh don’t tease about such things unless you’re prepared to make them a reality! If you ever get your butt down here, I will buy you lunch. Promise :).

  46. Ann Claire says:

    Holy moly those enchiladas looks amazing!! Next time I’m in Dallas I so want to go there!

  47. Sam says:

    On the topic of self utensil supplying, I sincerely hope you have see “As Good As It Gets” with Jack Nicholson. If he can pull it off being an OCD Meany, you can defiantly do it without question.

    1. I haven’t seen it! *Hides in shame* I need to remedy this!

  48. Elle says:

    omg, those enchiladas look so good! and coconut tortillas sound awesome, i’ve never heard of them before. but then, pretty much anything with coconut sounds awesome. :)

    and i vote for a product review, but only because i don’t have a food processor, so homemade nut butters aren’t really an option for me. i’ll get one eventually though because i LOVE nut butters.

    1. Ooh you don’t need a blender for this one :). You can fork-mash!

  49. I vote for the nut butter! (preferably almond butter because that’s all I have in my pantry at the moment).
    Katie, I wanted to say, thank you! Your blog inspired me to create my own and not give up (I’m not a good blogger YET). I enjoy reading your blog daily and making your creative treats, and I hope someday I’ll be as good of a blogger as you!

  50. Fi says:

    Nut butter recipe!!!!!!! I’ve a bit to use up! 😉 x

  51. Stefanie says:

    I vote for the nut butter recipe. I am glad you got your enchilades and they were great. They look and sound yummy.

  52. yum! I remember you talking about these and I think I was almost exited to hear about them as you were to eat them!

  53. new nut butter recipe, definitely!

  54. Love that bamboo utensil kit! I’ve got two on order for me and a pal!

    1. Aw, you’re such a sweet friend :).

  55. BroccoliHut says:

    Wow, Bliss Raw Cafe wins major points for presentation! Those enchiladas are works of art!

  56. Emily says:

    Hi Katie! This is my first comment but I have been reading your blog for a while and I hate it. Why? Well…
    1. I never get any homework done because I read one post and click on a link and read another and another and before you know it it’s time for bed and my paper still isn’t done.
    2. I’m broke. All of your food looks so good so as soon as I read a recipe I feel the need to go buy eleven dollar coconut butter and stock up on organic dark chocolate and larabars.
    3. I’m cold. I love to run as much as you but when it’s cold I hit the dreadmill. Then I see that you ran in the cold so I say “If Katie can do it, so can I.”

    So, thank you for your wonderful, distracting inspiring posts!

    1. Awww Emily, I think yours is one of the cutest comments I’ve ever received :).
      (And lol, I have a Canadian friend who serves as my cold-running motivation. I say, “If she can do it in below-zero temps, I shouldn’t complain about the 20s!”)

  57. ohmigosh that looks delicious! I wish I had those pro styling skills! :)

  58. Ive got to try that Pizzert!!

  59. Frances says:

    Katie! I have a question. I should know this already, but where in Texas do you live? I am visiting Austin next month, and I am curious to know where all of your awesome raw-restaurants are. If they’re in or near Austin, I could check them out! And…if they aren’t…do you have any recommendations for places to eat in the city?

    1. Ooh you lucky! I love Austin, but sadly I live about 4 hours away (near Dallas). When you go to Austin, you MUST check out the Whole Foods on Lamar. It’s the original :). As for restaurants… there used to be a place called Dhaba Joy, where you could get vegan soft serve. But I think it’s closed up :(. Have fun!!!

      1. Frances says:

        I went last year, and got vegan soft serve at Toy Joy on Guadalupe– and YES, that Whole Foods is AMAZING!

        I’m looking forward to the trip. Thanks for the tips!

        1. Oh score, it’s re-opened! Now I HAVE to get back down to Austin.
          (They also happen to have the best scrapbook store, called Archivers.) Seriously, love that city!

  60. Anita says:

    thank you so much. everything looks so great. my friend at Health in a Hurry makes a raw kale pesto. I never thought about kale in quite that way. Be well.

    1. Mmm kale pesto sounds incredible!

  61. Kat says:

    These look so good! (and that’s all I’m going to say)

  62. wow those enchiladas look incredible– so creative and bursting with flavors!

  63. NUT BUTTAH!!! :)

    We have a vegan cafe opening up in my town next month – I am so excited! Your meals just made me salivate!

  64. Alyssa says:

    We have NO vegan cafe’s around here… It makes me want to open one! Your meals look SO good. I am making a vegetable lasagna this week and i made pumpkin enchiladas tonight…Not exactly the same as yours but close :)

    1. Woah, pumpkin enchiladas… I might choose those over kale enchiladas, especially if they were homemade. They sound so good!

  65. VEGirl says:


  66. Namaste Gurl says:

    Raw enchiladas? Those look indeed beautiful and yummy! Raw restaurants always do so well with presentation and beauty :-)

    ….The nut butter monster in me beckons for a nut butter post :)

  67. Wow those enchiladas look SO yummy!! Mmm…

    Oooh nut butter recipe PLEASE!!! 😀

  68. WOW! That food really looks amazing! Great presentation!

  69. dragonmamma/naomi says:

    You’re going to figure out how to make coconut tortillas for us, right? Pretty please with chocolate on top?

    1. I so want to! I’m afraid it probably uses a dehydrator, though :(.

      1. dragonmamma/naomi says:

        Maybe it’s time to get one! It doesn’t have to be the expensive Excalibur. I’m happy with my $40 Nesco. (Although I also needed to shell out for extra non-stick trays.)

  70. Oh my, those enchiladas look absolutely amazing. While I have absolutely no dietary restrictions, I definitely enjoy raw food and this looks right up my alley!

  71. If I could make raw food that look like THAT, I think eating raw wouldn’t be quite so bad :) Is the Bliss Cafe in Dallas? I live in Houston but would consider a trip to Dallas for some yummy foods and a chance to try out Dance Trance!

  72. Ashlei says:

    Oh yummy! I have a pair of bamboo utensils that I love and bring with me in my lunch everyday. Just curious why you brought them to the restaurant though?

    1. I almost always eat with chopsticks. I learned to eat with them before a fork, so it feels more natural to me :).

  73. nicole says:

    Katie, I’m begging you to try to re-create the coconut tortillas. OMG! They look delicious, I have to have one!

    1. LOL I have no idea how! But maybe I can beg them for the recipe…

  74. danna says:

    thanks for the post. i am really wanting to add more raw food to my diet. i’ve been looking everywere for that raw coconut butter and can’t seem to find it, not even at my local whole foods. i’m thinking of just breaking down and ordering some but the prices seem to vary wildly. where do you get your coconut butter? any recommendations for sites you use to order yummy vegan stuff? thanks!!

    1. Hey danna!
      You could always ask your WF to do a special order… but I normally don’t buy my coconut butter there, because it’s more expensive than a store called Market Street (which has the butter for $9).
      I don’t like to order online much, because of shipping. I rarely find enough that I need from one site to qualify for free shipping.
      But something else you can do: email the artisana company and ask what stores in your area (if any) carry their products :).

  75. Mindy says:

    Hey Katie! Found you on Gina’s blog today. Do you live in DFW? I just went to Bliss for the first time this past weekend. I mentioned it on my blog – I’m a blogger newbie. :)

    1. I’m so glad you found me :). Yup, I do live in DFW. I loooove Bliss!!! Isn’t it awesome? :)

  76. Ashley says:

    I don’t think you’re weird, I think you’re awesome! You’re brave and hilarious and confident. You bring sunshine and chocolately vegan goodness into the world, thank you for existing

    1. Aw wow, thank YOU for such a sweet comment!

  77. Rachael says:

    Amazing! I used to work at Bliss and I am the one that came up with the Raw Coconut kale enchiladas. So glad you liked them. Looks like they left off the nacho cheese.

    1. Wow, you created these genius things???! So incredible!

  78. Abby says:

    So, do you happen to have the recipe?? Or, Rachael, would you be willing to share the secret to your mouth-watering creation??!!

  79. Lindsay says:

    @Rachael & CCKatie,

    I would love this recipe, if you can share!!! Many thanks! :) I really enjoy reading all these wonderful recipes and trying them out!

  80. Annie says:

    Pure Wraps sound just like what you described, and they are YUMMY.

  81. Courtney says:

    I would definitely try these! They look and sound great, and btw – I love making vegan enchiladas with cashew cream on top! The only thing is, I really like them to be hot! You can’t really have hot raw food, can you?

  82. Caroline says:

    You live in Dallas!? So do I, I contribute to the site yourzenlife and we all love your blog and that’s crazy you live here haha! I live like a minute away from Be Raw but have yet to try it because all my friends run screaming from ‘healthy’ food. I’ll have to go soon though cause those look amaazing xx

  83. Jeanne says:

    Ha! I have been to Bliss! Everything I had was fabulous…except the meatballs (walnut).
    I was told that it was an acquired taste…The enchiladas were my fav!!
    You may not remember me…I told you about the chocolate store on Oak Lawn. Can’t remember the name now…did you ever try it?

  84. Kayleigh says:

    Hi Katie! We really don’t have many raw restaurants in the UK at ALL! How do you think they made the coconut tortillas as I’d really like to try replicating this! Love the recipes btw! Kayleigh x

  85. barbara jo shirley says:

    Hi Katy,

    Just wanted you to know that I love your website, not only for your great recipes, but also for your quirky sense of humor. I have told my family and friends to check it out and they also enjoy it. Keep on keeping on!!!